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1204-61    Ring Over Net      1204-62    Ring Game At Sea
1204-63    Shuffleboard At Sea      1204-64    Boy On Deck
1204-65    Three Putters      1204-66    Putting On Deck
1204-67    Boy Putting      1204-68    Ring Tossers
1204-69    Ring Tossing      1204-70    Shuffleboard Winner
1204-71    Shuffleboard      1204-72    Shuffleboard On Deck
1204-73    Seaplane Catapult      1204-74    Sailing Yacht
1204-75    Europa      1204-76    Busy Intersection
1204-77    Street Through Trees      1204-78    Hyde Park
1204-79    Mansion      1204-80    Castle Door
1204-81    Castle Wall      1204-82    Castle
1204-83    Horseguard      1204-84    Big Ben
1204-85    Medieval Buildings      1204-86    Medieval Buildings
1204-87    Cathedral      1204-88    Village Gate
1204-89    Old Hotel      1204-90    Jaunty Man
1204-91    River Bank      1204-92    Ornate Window
1204-93    Stone Cutter      1204-94    Damaged Bridge
1204-95    Tourists Posing      1204-96    Tourists Walking
238-1    Policeman      238-10    Unloading Fish
238-11    Old Fishermen      238-12    Street Sweeper
238-13    Waitress      238-14    Feeding Pigeons
238-2    Hot Chocolate      238-3    Eiffel Tower
238-4    Laughing Men      238-5    Mother and Daughter
238-6    Mother and Daughter      238-7    Smiling Worker
238-8    Garbage Man      238-9    Garbage Man
560-1    Eiffel Tower      560-10    Rue Royale
560-100    Arc de Triomphe      560-101    Airliner
560-102    Place de la Concorde      560-103    Place de la Concorde
560-104    Place de la Concorde      560-105    Place de la Concorde
560-106    Eglise de la Madeleine      560-107    Place Vendome
560-108    Place de l'Opera      560-109    Place de l'Opera
560-11    Chateau de Versailles      560-110    Opera Garnier
560-111    Metro Entrance      560-112    Metro Entrance
560-113    Metro Entrance      560-114    Bus
560-115    Bus      560-116    Bus
560-117    Bus Ticket      560-118    Rue Rivoli
560-119    Stone Arch      560-12    Versailles
560-120    Avenue de l'Opera      560-121    Rue Rivoli
560-122    Colonne Vendome      560-123    Pedestrians
560-124    Sidewalk Cafe      560-125    Race Walkers
560-126    Police on Bike      560-127    Horse-Drawn Cart
560-128    Horse-Drawn Cart      560-129    Police
560-13    Chateau de Fontainebleau      560-130    Roller-skating
560-131    Seine River      560-132    Painting
560-133    Painting      560-134    Weight Lifter
560-135    Outdoor Book Stalls      560-136    Outdoor Books Stalls
560-137    Cathedral Notre Dame      560-138    Cathedral Notre Dame
560-139    Opera Garnier      560-14    City Street
560-140    Rue Rivoli      560-141    Parliament Building
560-145    Catheral Notre Dame      560-146    Cathedral Notre Dame
560-147    Sidewalk Vendor Stalls      560-148    Palais de Justice
560-149    Hotel de Ville      560-15    Place Vendome
560-150    Avenue des Champs-Elysees      560-151    Arc de Triomphe
560-152    Policeman      560-153    outdoor cafe
560-154    Seine River      560-155    Eiffel Tower
560-156    Eiffel Tower      560-157    Eiffel Tower
560-158    Eiffel Tower      560-159    Seine River
560-16    Busy Street      560-160    Champagne
560-161    Champagne      560-162    Champagne
560-163    Champagne      560-164    Champagne
560-165    Champagne      560-166    St. Malo
560-167    Deauville      560-168    Deauville
560-169    St. Malo      560-17    Eglise de la Madeleine
560-170    St. Malo      560-171    St. Malo
560-172    Deauville      560-173    Deauville
560-174    Deauville      560-175    Deauville
560-176    Deauville      560-177    Deauville
560-178    Trouville      560-179    Le Havre
560-18    Eglise de la Madeleine      560-180    Le Havre
560-181    Le Havre      560-182    Le Havre
560-183    Le Havre      560-184    Le Havre
560-185    Le Havre      560-186    Le Havre
560-187    Ypres      560-188    Etretat
560-189    Fishing      560-19    Pont Alexandre III
560-190    Fishermen      560-191    Washing Clothes
560-192    Washing Clothes      560-193    Washing Clothes
560-194    Washing Clothes      560-195    Washing Clothes
560-196    Washing Clothes      560-197    Washing Clothes
560-198    Traditional Hat      560-199    Traditional Hat
560-2    Traffic      560-20    Opera Garnier
560-200    Milk Cart      560-201    Woman in Hat
560-202    Circle Dance      560-203    Circle Dance
560-204    Horse-Drawn Cart      560-205    Town Crier
560-206    Mont-St.-Michel      560-207    Frying Omelette
560-208    Chateau      560-209    Chateau
560-21    Opera Garnier      560-210    Mountain Walkers
560-211    Mountain Walkers      560-212    Mountain Walkers
560-213    Mountain Climber      560-214    Mountain Climbers
560-215    Mountain Climbers      560-216    Mountain Climbers
560-217    Mountain Walkers      560-218    Mountain Climbers
560-219    Rolling Logs      560-22    Pantheon
560-220    Rolling Logs      560-221    Grapes
560-222    Grapes      560-223    Grapes
560-224    Barrels      560-225    Barrels
560-226    Pole Boat      560-227    Fishing Boats
560-228    Narrow Street      560-229    Kick Dance
560-23    Place de la Concorde      560-230    Dancing
560-231    Smiling Women      560-24    Eglise de la Madeleine
560-25    Place de l'Opera      560-26    Place de l'Opera
560-27    Colonne Vendome      560-28    Avenue des Champs-Elysees
560-29    Place de la Concorde      560-3    Rue Rivoli
560-30    Place de la Concorde      560-31    Colonne Vendome
560-32    Bourse des Valeurs      560-33    Bourse des Valeurs
560-34    People On Sidewalk      560-35    Traffic
560-36    Bus Transfers      560-37    Bus Transfers
560-38    Bus Transfers      560-39    Crowded Bus
560-4    Place de la Concorde      560-40    Bus Conductor
560-41    Sidewalk Art Show      560-42    Sidewalk Art Show
560-43    Sidewalk Market      560-44    Busy Intersection
560-45    Outdoor Market      560-46    People Carrying Crates
560-47    People Carrying Crates      560-48    Outdoor Market
560-5    La Madeleine      560-52    Chain man
560-53    Photo Book Seller      560-54    Bearded Painter
560-55    Nun + Kid      560-56    Hula Hoop
560-57    Burton Holmes      560-58    Le Figaro
560-59    Sidewalk Cafe      560-6    L'Arc de Triomphe
560-60    Sidewalk Cafe      560-61    Sidewalk Cafe
560-62    Sidewalk Cafe      560-63    Sidewalk Cafe
560-64    Sidewalk Cafe      560-65    Sidewalk Cafe
560-66    Sidewalk Cafe      560-67    Louvre
560-68    Train Crowd      560-69    Train Station
560-7    Rue de la Paix      560-70    Place du Carrousel
560-71    Rond Point des Champs-Elysees      560-72    Fishermen
560-73    Fisherman      560-74    Baguette Man
560-75    Porters      560-76    Newspaper Woman
560-77    Bread Vendor      560-78    Street Sweeper
560-79    Policeman      560-8    Avenue de l'Opera
560-80    Policeman      560-81    Arc de Triomphe
560-82    Pont Alexandre III      560-83    Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel
560-84    Moulin Rouge      560-85    Place de la Concorde
560-86    Hotel de Ville      560-87    Avenue des Champs-Elysees
560-88    Place de l'Opera      560-89    Petit Palais
560-9    L'Opera Garnier      560-90    Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel
560-91    Place de la Concorde      560-92    Eglise de la Madeleine
560-93    Eglise de la Madeleine      560-94    Place de la Concorde
560-95    Place de la Concorde      560-96    Street Scene
565-1    Rialto Bridge      565-10    Men Carrying Produce
565-100    Rossio Square      565-101    Street Scene
565-102    Tower of Belem      565-103    Hotel
565-104    White Handkerchiefs      565-105    Donkey Men
565-106    Woman Leading Donkey      565-107    Traditional Man
565-108    Fishermen      565-109    Fishermen
565-11    Outdoor Market      565-110    Cleaning Fish
565-111    Cleaning Fish      565-112    Lone Woman
565-113    Deck of Ship      565-114    Cleaning Fish
565-115    Coastal Town      565-116    City Street
565-117    Spinning Wheel      565-118    Lapland Tent
565-119    Tying Wood      565-12    Buying Fish
565-120    Cleaning Fish      565-121    Coastal Town
565-122    Street Scene      565-123    Street Scene
565-124    Trolley      565-125    Airliner Stairs
565-126    Busy Street      565-127    Busy Street
565-128    Riding Bicycles      565-129    Ferryboat
565-13    Bridge of Sighs      565-130    Ferryboat
565-131    Cable Cars      565-132    Street Scene
565-133    Busy Street      565-134    O'Connell Street
565-135    Cheering Crowd      565-136    Cheering Crowd
565-137    Sphinx + Pyramid      565-138    Ruins
565-139    Crowded Street      565-14    Grand Canal
565-140    Riding Carts      565-141    Crowded Trolley
565-142    Outdoor Market      565-143    Narrow Hilly Street
565-144    Crowded Bus      565-145    Outdoor Cafe
565-146    Street Scene      565-147    Narrow Stairway
565-148    Camel Drivers      565-149    Soldiers
565-15    Crowded Boat      565-150    Running Crowd
565-151    City Street      565-152    City Street
565-153    Dancing Girl      565-154    Dancing Girls
565-155    Workers With Sacks      565-156    Workers With Sacks
565-157    Cruise Ship      565-158    Plaza de Mayo
565-159    Cable Car Conductors      565-16    Basilica San Marco
565-160    Swimsuit Jumpers      565-161    Swimsuit Parade
565-162    Swimsuit Beachball      565-163    Swimsuit Catching
565-164    Swimsuit Circle      565-165    Swimsuits on Towels
565-166    Swimsuit Turnover      565-167    Sunbathing
565-168    Swimsuits Running      565-169    Swimsuits at Pool
565-17    Colosseum      565-170    Human Cannonball
565-171    Human Cannonball      565-18    Piazza Navona
565-19    Piazza Venezia      565-2    Canal Footbridge
565-20    St Peter's Basilica      565-21    St Peter's Basilica
565-22    Street Scene      565-23    Busy Street
565-24    Heavy Traffic      565-25    Street Scene
565-26    Street Scene      565-27    Busy Street
565-28    Santa Maria Maggiore      565-29    Busy Street
565-3    Gondola      565-30    Policeman
565-31    Policeman      565-32    Mountain Climbers
565-33    Mountain Climbers      565-34    Mountain Climbers
565-35    Danube Canal      565-36    Street Scene
565-37    Grand Hotel      565-38    Vienna Opera House
565-39    City Street      565-4    Motorboat
565-40    Busy Street      565-41    Policeman
565-42    Chimney Sweep      565-43    Chimney Sweep
565-44    Chimney Sweep      565-45    Ice Skating
565-46    Column of the Plague      565-47    Parliament Building
565-48    Vienna City Hall      565-49    Busy Street
565-5    Gondola      565-50    Vienna Opera House
565-51    Austrian Village      565-52    Accordian
565-53    Dancing Couples      565-54    Tossing Hay
565-55    Tossing Hay      565-56    Bumper Cars
565-57    stewardess      565-58    Propeller Plane
565-59    Mobile Stairway      565-6    Grand Canal
565-60    Exiting Airliner      565-61    Mountain Village
565-62    Alpenhorn      565-63    Alpenhorn
565-64    Alpenhorn      565-65    Marching Band
565-66    horse-drawn sleigh      565-67    Village Street
565-68    Swiss village      565-69    Country Road
565-7    Feeding Pigeons      565-70    Horse-drawn Wagons
565-71    Dogs Pulling Sled      565-72    Parade
565-73    Tourists      565-74    People Walking
565-75    Flag-lined Platform      565-76    Tour Boat
565-77    Tour Boat      565-78    Tree-lined Country Road
565-79    Couple on Motorcycle      565-8    Unloading Fruit
565-80    Street Scene      565-81    Winding Mountain Road
565-82    City Street      565-83    City Street
565-84    City Street      565-85    City Street
565-86    City Street      565-87    Trolley Mail Box
565-88    Cheese Balls      565-89    Raw Fish
565-9    Fruit Baskets      565-90    Head Carriers
565-91    Head Carriers      565-92    Fishing Boats
565-93    Village Street      565-94    Baskets of Produce
565-95    City Park      565-96    City Street
565-97    Crowds Crossing Street      565-98    City Street
565-99    Double Decker Buses      AD-100-1    Portugal
AD-100-2    Portugal      AD-101-1    San Francisco
AD-101-10    San Francisco      AD-101-11    San Francisco
AD-101-12    San Francisco      AD-101-13    San Francisco
AD-101-14    San Francisco      AD-101-2    San Francisco
AD-101-3    San Francisco      AD-101-4    San Francisco
AD-101-5    San Francisco      AD-101-6    San Francisco
AD-101-7    San Francisco      AD-101-8    San Francisco
AD-101-9    San Francisco      AD-102-1    Sweden
AD-102-2    Sweden      AD-102-3    Sweden
AD-102-4    Sweden      AD-102-5    Sweden
AD-102-6    Sweden      AD-103-1    Sweden
AD-103-2    Sweden      AD-103-3    Sweden
AD-103-4    Sweden      AD-103-5    Sweden
AD-103-6    Sweden      AD-104-1    Sweden
AD-104-2    Sweden      AD-104-3    Sweden
AD-104-4    Sweden      AD-104-5    Sweden
AD-104-6    Sweden      AD-104-7    Sweden
AD-105-1    Sweden      AD-105-2    Sweden
AD-106-1    Switzerland      AD-106-2    Switzerland
AD-106-3    Switzerland      AD-106-4    Switzerland
AD-106-5    Switzerland      AD-106-6    Switzerland
AD-106-7    Switzerland      AD-106-8    Switzerland
AD-106-9    Switzerland      AD-107-1    Switzerland
AD-107-2    Switzerland      AD-107-3    Switzerland
AD-107-4    Switzerland      AD-108-1    Tunisia
AD-108-10    Tunisia      AD-108-11    Tunisia
AD-108-12    Tunisia      AD-108-13    Tunisia
AD-108-14    Tunisia      AD-108-15    Tunisia
AD-108-16    Tunisia      AD-108-17    Tunisia
AD-108-18    Tunisia      AD-108-19    Tunisia
AD-108-2    Tunisia      AD-108-20    Tunisia
AD-108-21    Tunisia      AD-108-22    Tunisia
AD-108-23    Tunisia      AD-108-4    Tunisia
AD-108-5    Tunisia      AD-108-6    Tunisia
AD-108-7    Tunisia      AD-108-8    Tunisia
AD-108-9    Tunisia      AD-109-1    Usa
AD-109-10    Usa      AD-109-11    Usa
AD-109-12    Usa      AD-109-13    Usa
AD-109-14    Usa      AD-109-15    Usa
AD-109-16    Usa      AD-109-17    Usa
AD-109-18    Usa      AD-109-19    Usa
AD-109-2    Usa      AD-109-20    Usa
AD-109-21    Usa      AD-109-22    Usa
AD-109-23    Usa      AD-109-24    Usa
AD-109-25    Usa      AD-109-26    Usa
AD-109-27    Usa      AD-109-28    Usa
AD-109-29    Usa      AD-109-3    Usa
AD-109-4    Usa      AD-109-5    Usa
AD-109-6    Usa      AD-109-7    Usa
AD-109-8    Usa      AD-109-9    Usa
AD-110-1    Usa      AD-110-10    Usa
AD-110-11    Usa      AD-110-12    Usa
AD-110-13    Usa      AD-110-14    Usa
AD-110-15    Usa      AD-110-16    Usa
AD-110-17    Usa      AD-110-18    Usa
AD-110-19    Usa      AD-110-2    Usa
AD-110-20    Usa      AD-110-21    Usa
AD-110-3    Usa      AD-110-4    Usa
AD-110-5    Usa      AD-110-6    Usa
AD-110-7    Usa      AD-110-8    Usa
AD-110-9    Usa      AD-116-1    Usa
AD-116-10    Usa      AD-116-11    Usa
AD-116-12    Usa      AD-116-13    Usa
AD-116-3    Usa      AD-116-5    Usa
AD-116-7    Usa      AD-116-8    Usa
AD-117-2    Usa      AD-125-15    Usa
AD-130-1    Buenos Aires, Argentina      AD-130-10    Grenada
AD-130-11    Aboard Ship, West Indies      AD-130-12    Venezuela
AD-130-13    Havana      AD-130-2    Sumatra, Indonesia
AD-130-3    Sumatra, Indonesia      AD-130-4    Martinique
AD-130-5    Trinidad      AD-130-6    Curacao
AD-130-7    Trinidad      AD-130-8    Martinique
AD-130-9    Martinique      AD-131-1    Ocean Liner, West Indies
AD-131-10    Venezuela      AD-131-11    Caracas, Venezuela
AD-131-2    Nassau, Bahamas      AD-131-3    Havana, Cuba
AD-131-4    Nassau, Bahamas      AD-131-5    Martinique
AD-131-6    Ocean Liner Bridge      AD-131-7    Trinidad
AD-131-8    Ocean Liner, West Indies      AD-131-9    Curacao
AD-132-1    Alaska      AD-132-2    Alaska
AD-132-3    Alaska      AD-132-4    Alaska
AD-132-5    Alaska      AD-149-27    France
AD-149-28    France      AD-149-29    France
AD-150-1    Nassau, Bahamas      AD-150-2    Cypress Gardens
AD-150-3    Nassau, Bahamas      AD-150-4    Cypress Gardens
AD-150-5    Silver Springs, Florida      AD-16-1    Colonial Williamsburg
AD-16-2    Colonial Williamsburg      AD-16-3    Colonial Williamsburg
AD-16-4    Colonial Williamsburg      AD-16-5    Colonial Williamsburg
AD-16-6    Colonial Williamsburg      AD-16-7    Colonial Williamsburg
AD-20    Historic Sites And Resorts Along The Normandy Coast      AD-21A    A Journey to Normandy
AD-21B    Old Towns Of Normandy      AD-21C    Historic Sites and Resorts Along the Normandy Coast
AD-22    Precious Herbs: The Story of Tea      AD-23-2    Ceremonies In Bali
AD-24-1    Glimpses Of Netherland India      AD-24-2    Andre de la Varre in Indonesia
AD-25    Abyssinia      AD-26-1    Paris
AD-26-10    Paris      AD-26-11    Paris (r1-r3)
AD-26-12    Paris      AD-28-1    Kairouan
AD-28-2    Ruins of Timgad      AD-28-3    Across North Africa
AD-28-4    Ocean Liner      AD-28-5    Rouen Transporter Bridge
AD-28-6    Gibraltar      AD-29-2    Abyssinia
AD-30-1    Abyssinia      AD-30-2    Abyssinia
AD-30-3    Abyssinia      AD-31    Bits Of France: Brittany
AD-36    From Athens Through the Adriatic to Venice      AD-37    SS Normandie in New York
AD-38-1    Martinique      AD-38-2    SS Layfayette
AD-38-3    Spain      AD-38A    SS Normandie to Martinique
AD-38B    Spain      AD-39A    Ship To Panama
AD-39B    Ship To Curacao      AD-40    Arabian Horse Farm
AD-41A    Arabian Horse Farm      AD-41B    Indian Pottery
AD-47-2    Midnight Sun Pt 2      AD-50-1    Switzerland
AD-50-10    Piazza San Marco, Venice      AD-50-11    Piazza San Marco, Venice
AD-50-12    Venice      AD-50-13    Venice
AD-50-14    Venice      AD-50-15    Vienna, Austria
AD-50-16    Vienna, Austria      AD-50-17    Vienna, Austria
AD-50-18    Vienna, Austria      AD-50-19    Vienna, Austria
AD-50-2    Switzerland      AD-50-20    Vienna, Austria
AD-50-21    Rome, Italy      AD-50-22    Berne, Switzerland
AD-50-23    Berne, Switzerland      AD-50-24    Switzerland
AD-50-25    Geneva, Switzerland      AD-50-26    Geneva, Switzerland
AD-50-27    Geneva, Switzerland      AD-50-28    Geneva, Switzerland
AD-50-29    Vienna, Austria      AD-50-3    Switzerland
AD-50-30    Vienna, Austria      AD-50-4    Interlaken, Switzerland
AD-50-5    Interlaken, Switzerland      AD-50-6    Interlaken, Switzerland
AD-50-7    Switzerland      AD-50-8    Venice, Italy
AD-50-9    Venice      AD-55-1    From Granada South To Algiers
AD-55-2    Abyssinia      AD-55-3    Abyssinia - Roll 2
AD-64-1    Along The Life-Line of the British Empire: Suez-Malta-Gibraltar      AD-64-2    People of the Mediterranean
AD-64-3    From Gibraltar through Southern Spain to Granada      AD-64-4    From Naples To Tunis
AD-89-1    Ireland      AD-89-2    Ireland
AD-89-3    Ireland      AD-89-4    Ireland
AD-95-1    Midnight Sun Pt 1      AD-99    Portugal
BR-TFW    BRTFW      CB    TCB
GM-CM    GMCM      MF-10    Once A Marine
MF-12A    Modern Magazine Magic      MF-12B    Tuna: From Catch to Can
MF-13A    The Show Must Go On      MF-13B    The Legislative Process
MF-14A    The Go-Getter Pt 4      MF-14B-1    Model of Boulder Dam
MF-14B-10    Jimmy Mattern Arrives in Moscow      MF-14B-11    King Faisal Visits England
MF-14B-12    Drought in Nebraska      MF-14B-13    Americas Cup Trails
MF-14B-14    Flying Train      MF-14B-15    With Lindy and Anne on Air Tour
MF-14B-16    Ray Milland Against Admission Tax      MF-14B-2    Thanksgiving Turkeys
MF-14B-3    Oil Well Fire      MF-14B-4    New York Stock Exchange Plans To Move
MF-14B-5    HMS Norfolk Visits New York City      MF-14B-6    Glider Record Broken
MF-14B-7    Mass Parachute Jump in Moscow      MF-14B-8    Kidnappers Caught
MF-14B-9    Richard E Byrd Leaves on Expedition      MF-14C    Goofytone News Reel
MF-14D    God Bless America!      MF-14E-1    A Wise Choice
MF-14E-2    Grandma's Present      MF-14F    Report To USA
MF-15A    Defenders of the Law - Pt 1      MF-15B    Defenders of the Law - Pt 2
MF-15C    Suffering Husbands      MF-16A    Born To Speed - Pt 1
MF-16B    Born To Speed - Pt 2      MF-16C    Born To Speed - Pt 3
MF-17A-1    Weightlessness      MF-17A-3    The Last Place On Earth
MF-17A-4    Marines Are Made      MF-17A-6    June Week at the Academies
MF-17C-1    Dionne Quintuplets Born      MF-17C-2    Raid on Dieppe
MF-17D    All American Newsreel      MF-17E    By-Line Newsreel
MF-17F    Latin American Missions      MF-18A    Saga of a White Pine Board
MF-19A    Principles of Cooking      MF-19B    Everyday Courtesy
MF-19C    Plusses in Manufacturing      MF-1A    Grand Lodge Elks Reunion
MF-1B-1    Hunting Tigers      MF-1B-2    Hunting Elephants
MF-1B-3    Hunting Crocodiles      MF-1E    The Nation At Your Fingertips
MF-1F    New Skyways For The Telephone      MF-20A    Furniture City U.S.A.
MF-20B    Beauty on the Production Line      MF-20C    Small Milk Plant Operations
MF-21A    The Eager Beaver      MF-21B    Elections
MF-21C    New Life For Lebanon      MF-21D    Furniture For Today
MF-21E    Teaching Tooth Care      MF-21F    Mrs America Serves Again
MF-21G    Employee Surveys      MF-21H    King Cotton's Court
MF-21I    Tower Of Glass      MF-21J    American Industry
MF-21K    Radiophone Keeps 'Em Rolling!      MF-21L    Harvest of Trees
MF-21M    Freedom      MF-21N    U.S. Chinaware Into Lead
MF-21O    Highways of Rubber      MF-21P    Freight Car of the Future
MF-21Q    Industrial Expansion      MF-21R    Sinker Science
MF-21S    Rubber of Our Own      MF-21T    Teamwork
MF-21U    Power For the West      MF-21V    Handle With Care
MF-21W    Boxes of Beauty      MF-21X    Sound Dollar
MF-21Y    Dream School      MF-22A    Emergency Preparations
MF-22B    Doctor Atom!      MF-22C    Profits
MF-22D    Beneficial Bacteria      MF-22E    Boxes, Cartons and Cases
MF-22F    Large and Small Businesses      MF-22G    Proof of the Pudding
MF-22H    Canning The Corn Crop      MF-22I    Employee Suggestions
MF-22J    Shipping In The South      MF-22K    Tot-Size Tablets
MF-22L    Growing Companies      MF-22M    Diving For Buttons
MF-22N    The Popular Pickle      MF-22O    Handicapped Workers
MF-22P    Changing The Cast      MF-22Q    The Oyster and the Egg
MF-22R    Machines      MF-22S    Workmen of the Cloth
MF-23A    Forward Up Six      MF-23B    Havoc - Flood Wind and Dust Whip West
MF-23C    Austria - Europe Alarmed      MF-23D    Sky Giant - Super Plane
MF-23E    Sled Boat - Air Drive Amphibian      MF-23F    Regatta - Opening the 1938 Season
MF-23G    Defense - U.S. Navy Expanded      MF-23H    Speed: Outboards in Battle Royal
MF-23I    Rescue Tank - Mechanical Alligator      MF-23J    Pick-A-Back - Carrier Plane
MF-23K    Bob Run - Sled Racers Cheat Death      MF-23L    Poultry - A Billion Dollar Industry
MF-24A    The Story of the Star Spangled Banner      MF-24B    The LVT Story
MF-24C    Champagne - The Aristocrat of Wines      MF-24D    Piccadilly's Penthouse Pool
MF-24E    Marvels of the Microscope      MF-24F    Carson Robison's Buckaroos
MF-24G    Pathe Rooster Title      MF-25A    Oakland Bay Bridge
MF-25B    Making Dry Ice      MF-25C    Growing Abalone
MF-26A-1    Miami, Florida      MF-26A-10    Stamp Story
MF-26A-11    New Speed For Subs      MF-26A-12    Creation of a Canoe
MF-26A-13    Self Made Yachtsmen      MF-26A-14    Wooden Ships For Iron Men
MF-26A-2    Research Moves America      MF-26A-3    New Electronic Thermometer, 1950s
MF-26A-4    New Methods of Processing Metal      MF-26A-5    Handicapped Workers
MF-26A-6    Shipping Iron Ore on the Great Lakes      MF-26A-7    15,000 Years Underground
MF-26A-8    Suceeding With Saavy      MF-26A-9    Mill On A Ranch
MF-26B    The Story of Sulphur      MF-26C    Making Atlas Batteries
MF-27A    Industrial Television      MF-27B    Research Creates Jobs
MF-27C    New Methods for Making Plywood      MF-27D    Knife Factory
MF-27E    New Americans      MF-27F    American Fashion Design
MF-27G    Westinghouse Air Brakes      MF-27H    Community TV Antenna Systems
MF-27I    Semi Truck Trailer Manufacturing      MF-27J    Research
MF-27K    Storm Window Manufacturing      MF-27L    Automobile Ownership
MF-27M    Cargo Handling      MF-27N    Supplies for the Scientist
MF-27O    Research for New Products      MF-27P    Judgement Day
MF-27Q    Timer of Tools      MF-27R    Reforestation
MF-27S    Miniature Menagerie      MF-28A    Marble Quarry
MF-28B    Handicapped Workers      MF-28C    Cracking Nuts
MF-28D    Making Paper from Sugar Cane      MF-28E    Investing in Enterprise
MF-28F    Flexible Flyers Sleds      MF-28G    Clinic on Wheels
MF-28H    Investing in the Future      MF-28I    Greeneville, Tennessee
MF-28J    Thermostats      MF-28K    Distribution
MF-28L    Developing Board Games      MF-28M    Pier 57, New York City
MF-28N    Research      MF-28O    Processing Feed & Grains
MF-28P    Gold-Filled Metals      MF-28R    Theatre Network Television
MF-29A    Scientists of Tomorrow      MF-29B    Land of Opportunity
MF-29C    The Big Lift      MF-29D    Guidance For Greenhorns
MF-29E    Accident Prevention      MF-29F    John Q Public, Movie Mogul
MF-29G    Propulsion Cans      MF-29H    New Job Creation
MF-29I    Diving Boards      MF-29J    Rubber Manufacturing
MF-29K    Freedom of Choice      MF-29L    Underground Chicken Farm
MF-29M    Science For Youth Program      MF-29N    Outboard Motors
MF-29O    Medical Schools      MF-29P    Largest Power Shovel
MF-29Q    Reclining Chairs      MF-29R    Peabody Awards
MF-29S    Transformers      MF-29T    Distribution
MF-2A    Arthur Rubinstein      MF-2B    Marian Anderson
MF-2C    Jascha Heifetz      MF-2D    Jan Peerce
MF-2E-1    Transatlantic Crossing      MF-2E-2    London
MF-2E-3    Italy      MF-2F    Nadine Conner
MF-2G    Jan Peerce      MF-2H    Jan Peerce & Nadine Conner
MF-30A    Chopin      MF-30B    The Long Road
MF-30C    Home Builders At Work      MF-30D    Farewell To Churchill
MF-30E    What's New ?      MF-31A    Southern Highlander
MF-31B-1    Industry's Island Frontier!      MF-31B-10    Setting The Standards
MF-31B-11    Investing in Business      MF-31B-12    A Share In The Future
MF-31B-2    Reinvesting Capital      MF-31B-3    Push Button Weather
MF-31B-4    Taking The Tuna      MF-31B-5    Inflation
MF-31B-6    Radio Gets a Factory Job      MF-31B-7    The "Solar" System
MF-31B-8    Small Businesses      MF-31B-9    Big Role For Rock
MF-32A    See #1      MF-32B    See #2
MF-32C    See #3      MF-32D    See #5
MF-32E    Thrill of the Thoroughbreds      MF-33A    Landmarks of the American Revolution - Pt II
MF-33B    Enduro: The Metal of Ten Thousand Uses      MF-33C    Jungle Yachts in the Belgian Congo
MF-34A    Olive Growing in the Middle East      MF-34B    Behind the Scenes
MF-34C    Tobacco Supply of the World      MF-35A    Telephone Courtesy
MF-35B    Telephone Courtesy Pays Off      MF-3A-1    Mercury Production In California
MF-3A-2    Capital Formation      MF-3A-3    Assembling Transistor Radios
MF-3A-4    Factory Worker Management      MF-3A-5    Providing Uninterrupted Work
MF-3A-6    Convention Planning      MF-3B    Citrus - The Golden Fruit
MF-3C-1    Airliner Refueling      MF-3C-10    Air France Constellation
MF-3C-12    Airplane Turning      MF-3C-13    Airplane Overhead
MF-3C-2    Boarding an Airliner      MF-3C-3    Taxiing Airliner
MF-3C-4    Unloading Bags      MF-3C-5    Refueling Airliner
MF-3C-6    Tel Aviv      MF-3C-7    Settlements In Desert
MF-3C-8    Chateau Royal      MF-3C-9    Versailles
MF-3D-1    Queen Mary Races Atlantic      MF-3D-2    Bull With Padded Horns
MF-3D-3    New British Airliner      MF-3D-4    First Deauville Grand Prix
MF-4A    Flame of the Pacific      MF-4B    Partner Perkins
MF-4C    How To Undress In Front Of Your Husband      MF-4D-1    Social Security and the Farmer
MF-4D-2    Social Security      MF-4E    Farther Faster Safer
MF-5A    Building The Oakland Bay Bridge      MF-5B    Story Of Our Flag
MF-5C-2    U.S. National Anthem      MF-5C-4    Roosevelt Dies
MF-5C-5    FDR Funeral      MF-5C-6    Truman Addresses Congress
MF-5C-7    Star Spangled Banner      MF-5F    NY Skyline
MF-6A    Body Bountiful      MF-6B    Guam
MF-6C    The Battle Ahead      MF-6D    Life Line
MF-6F    Colonial Williamsburg      MF-7    Her Majesty - The Queen Bee
MF-8    Survival Under Atomic Attack      MF-9    Wire For Sound
RnR-TED    RARTED      SF-10A    The Christ Child
SF-11A    The Lonely Villa      SF-11B    New York Subway
SF-11B-2    Race For Millions      SF-11B-3    Pearl of the Army
SF-11B-4    Bicycle Police      SF-11B-5    A Way To The Underworld
SF-11B-6    Affair At Raynors (excerpt)      SF-11C    Boarding School Girls At Coney Island
SF-11C-2    Her Sister's Kids      SF-11D    There's Good in the Worst of Us
SF-11E    The Call of the City      SF-11F    Square Deal in the Roundhouse
SF-12A    Water Wagons      SF-12B    King of the Pack
SF-12C    There's Good in the Worst of Us      SF-12D    In The Tennessee Hills
SF-13    Silent Comedy - Reel 1      SF-14    Silent Comedy - Reel 2
SF-15    Silent Comedy - Reel 3      SF-16    Silent Comedy - Reel 4
SF-17    William S. Hart      SF-18    Shadows
SF-1A     A Corner In Wheat                            SF-1B    An Arcadian Maid
SF-1C    Fisher Folks      SF-1D    His Trust Fulfilled
SF-1E    A Temporary Truce      SF-1F    With A Kodak                           
SF-2A    The Suburbanite                                  SF-2B    The Untamable Whiskers
SF-2C    Hope, A Red Cross Seal Story                                                SF-2E    The Temple of Moloch
SF-2F    An Accidental Alibi                              SF-3A    Dealing For Daisy
SF-3C    The Pirate's Treasure, Pt 4      SF-4A    The Poisoned Room                       
SF-4B    Silent Serial Excerpts      SF-5A    In Prehistoric Days  (Brute Force)         
SF-5B    The Gilded Cage - Pt 1               SF-6A    The Gilded Cage - Pt 2
SF-6B    Playmates      SF-7A    A Woman's Man
SF-7B    The Coming of Amos      SF-7C    Officer 444
SF-7D    The Garden of Eden      SF-8A    Grandad
SF-8B    A Natural Born Gambler      SF-9A    A Truthful Liar
SF-9B    An Unpaid Ransom      TFA-10-9B-7    Ceylon
TFA-10-9B-8    Ceylon      TFA-105A-1    The Grand Tour
TFA-105A-2    The Grand Rhine Alpine Tour      TFA-105A-3    Switzerland and the Alps
TFA-105A-4    Fabulous Spain & Mediterranean Tour      TFA-105A-5    Grand Tour '70
TFA-105A-6    These States      TFA-105B-1    The Land We Love
TFA-105C    The World At Your Call      TFA-106A    The Grand Canyon of Arizona
TFA-106B    The French Riviera (Villefranche)      TFA-106C    Naples, Pompeii & Vesuvius
TFA-106D    Gibraltar      TFA-106E    Africa
TFA-106F    Fire Safety      TFA-106G    Watkins Glen State Park
TFA-106H    Marrowback, NY      TFA-107A    Perilous Paradise
TFA-107B    Rain in the City      TFA-107C    American Frontier
TFA-108A    My West Indies Cruise      TFA-109A    Caged Fury
TFA-109B    Alaskan Adventure      TFA-109C    A California Tour
TFA-109D    Land of the Free      TFA-10B-1    Taj Mahal
TFA-10B-10    India      TFA-10B-2    India
TFA-10B-3    India      TFA-10B-4    India
TFA-10B-5    India      TFA-10B-6    India
TFA-10B-7    India      TFA-10B-9    India
TFA-110A    New York-The Wonder City      TFA-110B    New York World's Fair
TFA-110C    Airport Activities      TFA-110D    A Place To Live
TFA-111A    Bogota - Capital of Colombia      TFA-111B    Pan American Highway
TFA-112A    Find Philadelphia      TFA-112B    Pacific Island
TFA-112C    New Horizons - India      TFA-112D    New Horizons - Pakistan
TFA-113A    Passage To Bermuda      TFA-113B    Destination Bermuda
TFA-113C    Song of Siam      TFA-114A    Wheels Across Africa
TFA-115A    Wild Life In Africa      TFA-115B    Sahara
TFA-115C    Arabia      TFA-115D    Holy Land
TFA-115E    Beirut and Baalbek      TFA-115F    Eqypt
TFA-115G    Madeira      TFA-115H    In And Around Granada
TFA-115I    Belgium and its Canals      TFA-115J    Glaciers
TFA-115K    In The Andes Mountains      TFA-115L    Fight For Egypt
TFA-115M    Florida Holiday      TFA-115N    Central Park
TFA-115O    Coney Island      TFA-115P    Jamaica Hotels
TFA-115Q    Miami Beach Hotels      TFA-115R    The Black Hills
TFA-116A-1    Bridgetown, Barbardos      TFA-116A-2    S.S. Del Mar En Route to South America
TFA-116A-3    Rio      TFA-116A-4    Montevideo
TFA-116A-4.5    Buenos Aires      TFA-116A-5    Iguassu Falls, Brazil
TFA-116A-6    Tobago      TFA-116A-7    Jamaica
TFA-116A-8    Antigua      TFA-116B-1    Fort de France, Martinique
TFA-116B-10    Curacao      TFA-116B-2    Fort de France, Martinique
TFA-116B-3    St. Pierre, Martinique      TFA-116B-4    Fort de France, Martinique
TFA-116B-5    Barbados      TFA-116B-6    Jamaica
TFA-116B-7    St. Pierre, Martinique      TFA-116B-8    The Citadel, Haiti
TFA-116B-9    Venezuela      TFA-117A    Arctic Thrills
TFA-117B    Arizona, Land of Color & Contrast      TFA-117C    Belo Horizonte
TFA-118A    Singapore - The Lion City      TFA-118B    Sisal
TFA-118C    Tomorrow Television      TFA-118D    Yours Is The Land
TFA-119A    Wings To Ireland      TFA-119B    New Horizons - Thailand
TFA-119C    Royal Scotland      TFA-11A-1    India
TFA-11A-2    India      TFA-11A-3    India
TFA-11A-4    India      TFA-11A-5    India
TFA-11B-1    India      TFA-11B-2    India
TFA-11B-3    India      TFA-11B-4    India
TFA-11B-5    India      TFA-11B-6    India
TFA-11B-7    India      TFA-12-1    India
TFA-12-10    India      TFA-12-11    India
TFA-12-12    India      TFA-12-2    India
TFA-12-3    India      TFA-12-4    India
TFA-12-5    India      TFA-12-6    India
TFA-12-7    India      TFA-12-8    India
TFA-12-9    India      TFA-120A    Mysteries of the Magic Vault
TFA-120B    Boy Scout Explorers      TFA-120C    Havana Holiday
TFA-120D    Wings To Yugoslavia      TFA-121-I    Adirondack Holiday
TFA-121A    An Indian Durbar      TFA-121B    Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
TFA-121C    Geysers of the Yellowstone      TFA-121D    Scenic Glacier National Park
TFA-121E    Glacier National Park      TFA-121F    Capturing Big Fish in Pacific Waters
TFA-121G    Whaling in the South Pacific      TFA-121H    Trapping Big Tuna Fish
TFA-121J    Steam Locomotives In Action on the Baltimore & Ohio      TFA-121K    Steam Locomotives In Action on the Pennsylvania
TFA-122A    Swing and Sway Trinidad Way      TFA-122B    Wings to the Bahamas
TFA-123A    Wings To Bermuda      TFA-123B    Wings To Alaska
TFA-124A    Palestine      TFA-124B    Ottawa On The River
TFA-124C    Tahiti - Paradise on Earth      TFA-124D    La Famille Royale Au Spectacle
TFA-127A    Fun In Florida      TFA-127B    Mystic India
TFA-127C    Wings To Germany      TFA-128A    England
TFA-128B    Thundering Rails      TFA-128C    Hold-Up Of The Rocky Mountain Express
TFA-128D-1    Philadelphia Express Jersey Central      TFA-128D-2    Black Diamond Express
TFA-128D-3    West Shore Local      TFA-128D-4    Horseshoe Curve
TFA-128D-5    Working Rotary Snow Plows      TFA-128D-6    Black Diamond Express
TFA-128D-7    Empires State Express      TFA-128D-8    The Ghost Train
TFA-128D-9    Empire State Express      TFA-132B    100 Years of Railroad Development
TFA-132C    Let's Ride The Zephyr      TFA-132D    Windjammer Thrills
TFA-132E    Portugal      TFA-133A    Bermuda - The Holiday Island
TFA-133B    Egypt      TFA-133C    Gateway to the Other Athens
TFA-133D    Danger River      TFA-134A    Ghana New Nation
TFA-134B    Challenge In Nigeria      TFA-134C    Eskimo Summer
TFA-136A    Montserrat, West Indies      TFA-136B    Have Camera, Did Travel
TFA-137A    Alaska      TFA-137B    Southern Italy
TFA-137C    Handel      TFA-137D    Jasper Holiday
TFA-137E    Arizona      TFA-139B    Santa Cruz Sojourn
TFA-139C    Wonders of Miami Beach      TFA-139D    France and Africa - Pt 1
TFA-139E    France and Africa - Pt 2      TFA-13A    Caribbean Playgrounds
TFA-13B    Carnival In Rio      TFA-13D-1    Hunting in Uruguay
TFA-13D-2    Uruguay      TFA-13D-3    Sheep in Uruguay
TFA-13D-4    Cattle in Uruguay      TFA-13D-5    Horses in Uruguay
TFA-13D-6    Cattle in Uruguay      TFA-13D-7    Cattle in Uruguay
TFA-13E    Havana, Cuba      TFA-13G-1    Airplanes
TFA-13G-10    Airplanes      TFA-13G-11    Airplanes
TFA-13G-12    Airplanes      TFA-13G-13    Airplanes
TFA-13G-14    Fishing Boats      TFA-13G-15    Pearl Diving
TFA-13G-16    Fishing      TFA-13G-17    Airplanes Landing
TFA-13G-18    Airplanes      TFA-13G-2    Airplanes
TFA-13G-3    Airplanes      TFA-13G-4    Airplanes
TFA-13G-5    Airplanes      TFA-13G-6    Airplanes
TFA-13G-7    Airplanes      TFA-13G-8    Airplanes
TFA-13G-9    Airplanes      TFA-140A    A Visit To Jordan and Lebanon
TFA-140B    Pan Am Presents - USA      TFA-140C    New Horizons - Australia & New Zealand
TFA-140D    Heritage of India      TFA-141A    New Horizons - Japan
TFA-141B    New Horizons - Philippines      TFA-141C    Opportunity USA
TFA-141D    Venice      TFA-141E    Geneve
TFA-141F    Across Switzerland      TFA-142A    Morocco
TFA-142B    Pearl of the Orient      TFA-142C    Mystic India
TFA-142D    Inside India      TFA-142E    Main Street Defends America
TFA-143A    Work and Play in Belgium      TFA-143B    Holiday Time In Sweden
TFA-144A    Manchuria      TFA-144B    Cairo, Egypt - Land of the Pyramids
TFA-144D    Egypt      TFA-144E    Egypt: Kingdom of the Nile
TFA-144G    The Tiger Hunt      TFA-145A    Good Neighbor Family
TFA-145B    Land of Fair Dinkum      TFA-145C    London's Landmarks
TFA-145D    The Northwestern States      TFA-145E    New York's Central Park
TFA-146-1    Bahamas Cruise      TFA-146-10    Bahamas Cruise
TFA-146-11    Bahamas Cruise      TFA-146-2    Bahamas Cruise
TFA-146-3    Bahamas Cruise      TFA-146-4    Bahamas Cruise
TFA-146-5    Bahamas Cruise      TFA-146-6    Bahamas Cruise
TFA-146-7    Bahamas Cruise      TFA-146-8    Bahamas Cruise
TFA-146-9    Bahamas Cruise      TFA-148A    Forest Conservation
TFA-148B    Sea Going Thrills      TFA-148C    Havana Holiday
TFA-148D    India - The Punjab      TFA-149A    The Holy Land
TFA-149B    The Valley of the Tennessee      TFA-14A-1    Brazil
TFA-14A-10    South America      TFA-14A-11    South America
TFA-14A-12    South America      TFA-14A-2    South America
TFA-14A-3    South America      TFA-14A-4    South America
TFA-14A-5    South America      TFA-14A-6    South America
TFA-14A-7    Rio de Janerio      TFA-14A-9    South America
TFA-150A    Meet Mexico City      TFA-150B    Grenada
TFA-150C    St Vincent      TFA-150D    San Xavier del Bac
TFA-150E    Seal Hunting      TFA-150F    Romance of India
TFA-150G    Desert Nomads      TFA-151A    Modern France
TFA-151B    Over The Andes to Brazil      TFA-151C    Beautiful Buenos Aires
TFA-151D    Patzcuaro      TFA-151E    Paricuin Volcano
TFA-152A    The History of the Helicopter      TFA-152B    Holiday In Holland
TFA-152C    The District of Columbia      TFA-152D    A Guided Tour of Washington, D.C.
TFA-153A    America on the Moon      TFA-153B    The Unknown World
TFA-153C    India      TFA-153D    Heart of the Sierras
TFA-153E    The Holy Land      TFA-154A    Swinging Mallets
TFA-154B    Mallorca      TFA-154C    Modern Rome
TFA-154D    Jamaica      TFA-154E    Transforming Africa
TFA-154F    Rothenburg ob der Tauber      TFA-154G    Freudenstadt
TFA-154H    Heidelberg      TFA-154I    Wiesbaden
TFA-154J    Konigswinter      TFA-155A    Fifth Avenue and the Forties
TFA-155B    Alaska      TFA-155C    French West African Outposts - Morocco
TFA-155D    French West African Outposts - Dakar      TFA-155E    Come To Haiti
TFA-155F    Crossroads of the West      TFA-155G    Jamaica
TFA-155H    Pinehurst      TFA-156A    Ever New...New York
TFA-156B    Marrakech      TFA-156C    A Journey To Normandy
TFA-156D    Rambling In Vienna      TFA-157    The Longest Gangplank
TFA-158    Paris - La Ville Lumiere      TFA-159A    Gateway To The Himalayas
TFA-159B    Jersusalem, The Holy City      TFA-159C    New Horizons: Ireland
TFA-159D    Great Lakes, Highway of Commerce      TFA-15A    Down The Old Potomac
TFA-15B-1    Aftermath of the San Francisco Earthquake      TFA-15B-2    The Phantom City
TFA-15B-3    San Francisco      TFA-15B-4    San Francisco
TFA-15B-5    San Francisco      TFA-15B-6    San Francisco
TFA-15C    Andre de la Varre Filming in Florida      TFA-15D-1    Williamsburg, Virginia
TFA-15D-2    Virginia      TFA-15D-3    Colonial Williamsburg
TFA-15D-4    Movie Set - The Howards of Virginia      TFA-15D-5    Monticello and Mt Vernon
TFA-160A    Cuba      TFA-160B    Panama
TFA-160C    East of Bombay      TFA-160D-1    Duke University
TFA-160D-10    Rice Institute      TFA-160D-11    University of Minnesota
TFA-160D-12    Fordham University      TFA-160D-13    University of Washington
TFA-160D-14    Alabama Poly Institute      TFA-160D-15    Princeton University
TFA-160D-16    University of Michigan      TFA-160D-17    Yale University
TFA-160D-2    Cornell University      TFA-160D-3    Southern Methodist University
TFA-160D-4    University of Pennsylvania      TFA-160D-5    Stanford University
TFA-160D-6    University of Missisippi      TFA-160D-7    Purdue University
TFA-160D-8    University of Oklahoma      TFA-160D-9    Syracuse University
TFA-161A    Seeing Paris - The Champs-Elysees      TFA-161B    Rural Ireland Today
TFA-161C    The Riviera, Nice and its Environs      TFA-161D    Around Paris
TFA-161E    America's Wonderlands      TFA-161F    Ausable Chasm
TFA-161G    Niagara Falls      TFA-161H    Alaska Cruise
TFA-161I    Yosemite - Valley of Waters      TFA-161J    Arawak Hotel, Jamaica
TFA-161K    The Salmon Run      TFA-161L    Bethany in Judea
TFA-162A    Florida      TFA-162B-1    Sun Valley, Idaho
TFA-162B-2    Food For Millions      TFA-162B-3    Children Need Vacation Too
TFA-162B-4    Weeping Rock      TFA-162B-5    Fun Along The Seacoast
TFA-162C    Land of the Shalimar      TFA-162D    Picturesque Denmark
TFA-163A    Tehuantepec, Mexico      TFA-163B    The Two Mexicos
TFA-163C    The Magic of Mexico      TFA-164A    La Loire
TFA-164B    The Story of Oil      TFA-164C    Paris
TFA-164D    Lisbon      TFA-164E    Fjords of Norway
TFA-164F    Cairo      TFA-164G    Egypt
TFA-164H    S.S. Caronia Cruises Norwegian Fjords      TFA-164I    Norwegian Bergermarket
TFA-164J    Capri, Italy      TFA-165A    Let's Look At Florida
TFA-165B    Scandinavia      TFA-165C    Land of Invention
TFA-166A    This Is Israel - Jerusalem      TFA-166B    Scotland's Water Supply
TFA-166C    Wheels Across India      TFA-167A    Death Valley National Monument
TFA-167B    St John, Virgin Islands      TFA-167C    Life in Fiji
TFA-167D    Twins on the Ohio      TFA-168A    Snow Harvest
TFA-168B    Fresh To Salt Water      TFA-169A    Frankfurt Am Main
TFA-169B    Lausanne      TFA-169C    Geneva: The International City
TFA-169D    The New York Way Called Broad      TFA-169E    Farming in Bavaria
TFA-16A    Land Of The Pyramids      TFA-16B    The Holy Land
TFA-16C    Palestine, Egypt and India      TFA-16C-1    Palestine
TFA-16C-10    Palestine      TFA-16C-11    Egypt
TFA-16C-12    Egypt      TFA-16C-13    Egypt
TFA-16C-14    Egypt      TFA-16C-15    Egypt
TFA-16C-16    Egypt      TFA-16C-17    Egypt
TFA-16C-18    Egypt      TFA-16C-19    Egypt
TFA-16C-2    Palestine      TFA-16C-20    Egypt
TFA-16C-21    Egypt      TFA-16C-22    Egypt
TFA-16C-23    Shipboard      TFA-16C-24    Shipboard
TFA-16C-25    Shipboard      TFA-16C-26    Bombay
TFA-16C-27    Bombay      TFA-16C-28    Funeral Pyre
TFA-16C-29    Bombay      TFA-16C-3    Palestine
TFA-16C-30    Shipboard      TFA-16C-31    Shipboard
TFA-16C-4    Palestine      TFA-16C-5    Palestine
TFA-16C-6    Palestine      TFA-16C-7    Palestine
TFA-16C-8    Palestine      TFA-16C-9    Palestine
TFA-170A    America - This is the Place      TFA-170B    Yosemite National Park
TFA-170C    Niagara Falls      TFA-170D    The Grand Canyon
TFA-170E    Picture Postcard Panorama      TFA-171A    Wings To Finland
TFA-171B    Wings To Britain      TFA-172A    Farmers and Fishermen of Japan
TFA-172B    Aspen, Colorado, 1960s      TFA-172C    Nassau, Bahamas, 1960s
TFA-172D    A Portrait of Mexico      TFA-173A    Russian Life Today: Inside The Soviet Union
TFA-173B    The Golden Crescent      TFA-173C    Right of Way
TFA-173D    Carnival      TFA-173E    Burton Holmes Sample Reel
TFA-173F    Bali      TFA-174A-1    Mont Saint-Michel
TFA-174A-10    Versailles, 1955      TFA-174A-11    Fontainebleau, 1955
TFA-174A-2    Arch de Triomphe      TFA-174A-3    Pont Alexandre III, Paris
TFA-174A-4    Eiffel Tower      TFA-174A-5    Paris, 1955
TFA-174A-6    Paris, 1955      TFA-174A-7    Paris, 1955
TFA-174A-8    Flea Market, Paris, 1955      TFA-174A-9    Montmartre and Sacre Coeur, Paris, 1955
TFA-174B-1    Notre Dame, Paris 1965      TFA-174B-10    Paris Airport, 1965
TFA-174B-2    Paris, 1965      TFA-174B-3    Paris, 1965
TFA-174B-4    Sacre Coeur and Montmartre, Paris 1965      TFA-174B-5    Paris, 1965
TFA-174B-6    Bateaux Mouches Cruise, Paris, 1965      TFA-174B-7    Eiffel Tower, Paris, 1965
TFA-174B-8    Paris, 1965      TFA-174B-9    Versailles, France 1965
TFA-176A    South Africa's Game Parks      TFA-176B    Sunny Skyway
TFA-176C    Wings To The Caribbean      TFA-177A    The Union of South Africa
TFA-177B    El Salvador      TFA-177C    Indiana
TFA-178A    Fabulous Fishin' in South America      TFA-178B    New Hampshire
TFA-178C    The History of Pan American Airways      TFA-179A    Voici La France
TFA-179B    Wings To South America: Journey Into Springtime      TFA-17A    Morocco
TFA-17C    The Holy Land Pt 1      TFA-180A    Glacier Trails
TFA-180B    Cruising The West Indies: Nassau      TFA-180C    Algeria
TFA-180D    Wings To Germany      TFA-181    Across The World with Mr & Mrs Johnson
TFA-182A    Diana In Africa      TFA-182B    A Tiger Hunt In Bengal
TFA-182C    Borneo      TFA-183A    The Holy Year
TFA-183B    England - This World of Ours      TFA-183C    Portugal - This World of Ours
TFA-183D    Wings To Hawaii      TFA-184A    Focus On Algeria: The Birth of a Nation
TFA-184B    Egypt - This World of Ours      TFA-184C    Czechoslovakia - Pan Am's World
TFA-184D    Niagara Falls      TFA-184E    Autogyro
TFA-184F    Lenoir On The Hudson      TFA-185A    Le Rhone
TFA-185B    Construction of the John Hancock Building      TFA-185C    Denmark - This World of Ours
TFA-185D    Ten Days In Tennessee      TFA-186A    Paris
TFA-186B    Paris and London      TFA-187A    The Treasure of the Tropics
TFA-187B    Japan's Rising Sun      TFA-187C    Focus on Argentina: A Country At The Crossroads
TFA-188A    Colonial Guatemala      TFA-188B    The Holy Land
TFA-188C    Jamaica - No Place Like Home      TFA-189    Chasing The Sun
TFA-18A    The Holy Land Pt 2      TFA-190A    Rio de Janeiro
TFA-190B    Montana      TFA-190C    Illinois
TFA-190D    Ohio      TFA-190E    Canada's High Spots
TFA-191A    Rhode Island      TFA-191B    En Bretagne
TFA-191C    En Basse Provence      TFA-191D    La Seine
TFA-192A    Wyoming      TFA-192B    La Champagne
TFA-192C    En Normandie      TFA-193A    Mohawk Trail
TFA-193B    Valley of the Sun      TFA-193C    TWA World On Parade
TFA-194A    Fairest Cape      TFA-194B    Peru: People of the Andes
TFA-195A    Europe At Your Window      TFA-195B    Vacation in Europe
TFA-195C    En Haute Provence      TFA-195D    Ancient Rome
TFA-196A    The Two Philadelphias      TFA-196B    The Call of Colorado
TFA-197A    Invitation To The West      TFA-197B    Sunshine Shangrila
TFA-198A    Your Holiday Voyage To Europe      TFA-198B    Door to Asia
TFA-198C    Land of the Incas      TFA-199A    Suez Canal
TFA-199B    Holiday Afloat      TFA-199C    North Africa
TFA-199D    The Desert      TFA-199E    Desert Arabs
TFA-199F    Kayak Paddling Thru U.S. & Canada      TFA-199G    Valley of the Shechem
TFA-19A    Paris      TFA-19A-10    Pedestrians, Paris
TFA-19A-11    Pedestrians, Paris      TFA-19A-12    Deliveries, Paris
TFA-19A-13    Street Sweeper, Paris      TFA-19A-14    Pissoir, Paris
TFA-19A-15    French Line Office, Paris      TFA-19A-16    Sacre Cour Cathedral, Paris
TFA-19A-17    Moulin Rouge Cinema, Paris      TFA-19A-18    Shopping, Paris
TFA-19A-19    Sidewalk Cafes, Paris      TFA-19A-2    Train Pulling Into Station, Paris
TFA-19A-20    Louvre, Paris      TFA-19A-21    Street Scene, Paris
TFA-19A-22    Tuileries, Paris      TFA-19A-23    Arc de Triomphe, Paris
TFA-19A-24    Street Scene, Paris      TFA-19A-25    Louvre Interior, Paris
TFA-19A-26    Artist, Louvre, Paris      TFA-19A-27    Luxembourg Gardens, Paris
TFA-19A-28    Gendarme, Paris      TFA-19A-29    Cafe, Paris
TFA-19A-3    Street Scenes, Paris      TFA-19A-30    Street Scenes, Paris
TFA-19A-31    River Seine, Paris      TFA-19A-32    Fishermen on the Seine, Paris
TFA-19A-33    Bridges on the Seine, Paris      TFA-19A-34    Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
TFA-19A-35    Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris      TFA-19A-36    Street Scene, Paris
TFA-19A-37    Park, Paris      TFA-19A-38    Park, Paris
TFA-19A-39    Swans, Paris      TFA-19A-4    Street Scenes, Paris
TFA-19A-40    Flower Shop, Paris      TFA-19A-41    Book Stalls, Paris
TFA-19A-5    Eiffel Tower, Paris      TFA-19A-6    Street Scenes, Paris
TFA-19A-7    Street Scenes, Paris      TFA-19A-8    Street Scenes, Paris
TFA-19A-9    Street Scenes, Paris      TFA-19B    Paris The Beautiful
TFA-19C-1    Holland      TFA-19C-10    Holland
TFA-19C-11    Holland      TFA-19C-12    Holland
TFA-19C-13    Holland      TFA-19C-14    Holland
TFA-19C-15    Holland      TFA-19C-16    Holland
TFA-19C-17    Holland      TFA-19C-18    Holland
TFA-19C-19    Holland      TFA-19C-2    Holland
TFA-19C-20    Holland      TFA-19C-21    Holland
TFA-19C-22    Holland      TFA-19C-23    Holland
TFA-19C-24    Holland      TFA-19C-25    Holland
TFA-19C-26    Holland      TFA-19C-27    Holland
TFA-19C-28    Holland      TFA-19C-29    Holland
TFA-19C-3    Holland      TFA-19C-30    Holland
TFA-19C-31    Holland      TFA-19C-32    Holland
TFA-19C-33    Holland      TFA-19C-34    Holland
TFA-19C-35    Holland      TFA-19C-36    Holland
TFA-19C-37    Holland      TFA-19C-4    Holland
TFA-19C-5    Holland      TFA-19C-6    Holland
TFA-19C-7    Holland      TFA-19C-8    Holland
TFA-19C-9    Holland      TFA-19D-1    Normandy
TFA-19D-2    Mont Saint-Michel, France      TFA-19D-3    Brittany
TFA-19D-4    Farming in Normandy      TFA-19D-5    Normandy
TFA-19D-6    Rouen, France      TFA-1A    Along The French Riviera
TFA-1A-1    French Riviera      TFA-1A-10    French Riviera
TFA-1A-11    French Riviera      TFA-1A-2    French Riviera
TFA-1A-3    French Riviera      TFA-1A-4    French Riviera
TFA-1A-5    French Riviera      TFA-1A-6    French Riviera
TFA-1A-7    French Riviera      TFA-1A-8    French Riviera
TFA-1A-9    French Riviera      TFA-1B    Through The Pyrenees To Lourdes
TFA-1C    Ancient Cities Of Southern France      TFA-1D    Flight to the French Riviera
TFA-1D-1    French Riviera      TFA-1D-10    French Riviera
TFA-1D-11    French Riviera      TFA-1D-12    French Riviera
TFA-1D-13    French Riviera      TFA-1D-14    French Riviera
TFA-1D-2    French Riviera      TFA-1D-3    French Riviera
TFA-1D-4    French Riviera      TFA-1D-5    French Riviera
TFA-1D-6    French Riviera      TFA-1D-7    French Riviera
TFA-1D-8    French Riviera      TFA-1D-9    French Riviera
TFA-1E-1    Eiffel Tower      TFA-1E-10    Jardin des Tuileries
TFA-1E-2    Notre Dame      TFA-1E-3    Parisian Idyll
TFA-1E-4    Paris Buildings      TFA-1E-5    Place Vendome
TFA-1E-6    Eiffel Tower      TFA-1E-7    Arc de Triomphe
TFA-1E-8    Place de la Concorde      TFA-1E-9    Champs Elysees
TFA-200A    In Old Monterey California      TFA-200B    Trinidad
TFA-200C    Tobago      TFA-200D    Puerto Rico
TFA-200E    Curacao      TFA-200F    Barbados
TFA-200G    Going Up To Iguazu      TFA-200H    Aerial Trip Over New York
TFA-200I    Camera Cruise - Thames River      TFA-200J    Visiting The Eskimos - Smith Sound Eskimos
TFA-200K    Visiting the Birds & Animals of the Far North      TFA-201A    La Algeria Pittoresque
TFA-201B    A Lincoln Field Trip      TFA-201C    A Last Frontier: Las Vegas
TFA-201D    America's First Frontier      TFA-201E    Trails End: Santa Fe
TFA-202A    Focus On Congo      TFA-202B    Crisis Over Kashmir
TFA-202C    Argentine Primer      TFA-203A    La Province de Quebec
TFA-203B    South Africa      TFA-203C    Zimbabwe
TFA-203D    Bahamas Trip      TFA-203E    Lake Vacation
TFA-203F    Rio de Janeiro      TFA-204A    Vamos A Guatemala
TFA-204B    South Carolina      TFA-205A    Colorado River
TFA-205B    Introduction To Haiti      TFA-205C    Sunjet Caribbean Playground
TFA-206A    Sinister Menance      TFA-206B    Clear Iron
TFA-207A    Chicago      TFA-207B    France
TFA-207C    Egypt and the Nile      TFA-208A    Waterton - Glacier International Peace Park
TFA-208B    Cock Fights      TFA-208C    Tongan or Friendly Islands
TFA-208D    Tutuila Island      TFA-208E    Upolu Island
TFA-208F    Sights of Paris      TFA-208G    The Sugar Trail
TFA-208H    Simba The Lion Killer!      TFA-208I    The Vanishing El
TFA-209A    Club St. Lucia      TFA-209B    Sunshine in St Lucia
TFA-209C    L.A. From The Air      TFA-209D    Toronto
TFA-20A    Paris      TFA-20A-1    Paris Streets #1
TFA-20A-10    Paris Foot Race      TFA-20A-11    Paris Bicycle Race
TFA-20A-12    Paris Horse Race      TFA-20A-2    Model Boats, Luxembourg Gardens #1
TFA-20A-3    Paris Zoo      TFA-20A-4    Eiffel Tower
TFA-20A-5    Paris Streets #2      TFA-20A-6    Paris Street Weightlifters
TFA-20A-7    Paris Streets #3      TFA-20A-8    Model Boats, Luxembourg Gardens #2
TFA-20A-9    Rollerskaters, Paris      TFA-20B    Seeing London #1
TFA-20C    Seeing Paris #1      TFA-20D    Down The Danube
TFA-20E    Greece      TFA-20F    Seeing London #2
TFA-20G    Seeing London #3      TFA-20H    Seeing London #4
TFA-20I    Seeing Paris #3      TFA-20J    Picturesque Salzburg
TFA-20K    Up-To-Date Alpinism      TFA-20L    Alpine Vistas from the Zugspite
TFA-210A    Paris      TFA-210B    Giant Trees - New Zealand
TFA-210C    Majestic Auckland      TFA-210D    Life Among The Indians
TFA-210E    Pioneer Outlaw Haunts      TFA-210F    Niagara's Summer Sorcery
TFA-210G    Niagara's Winter Wizardry      TFA-210H    Niagara Falls
TFA-210I    An Elephant Caravan Thru India      TFA-210J    Panama & West Indies
TFA-210K    Australia      TFA-210L    Canada
TFA-210M    Glimpses of Paris      TFA-211A    Haiti
TFA-211B    Trinidad & Barbados      TFA-211C    Porto Rico
TFA-211D    The Lesser Antilles      TFA-211E    St Lawrence Seaway
TFA-211F    Lumber From Forest To Mill      TFA-211G-1    Horses Loading For The Klondike
TFA-211G-2    Loading Baggage For The Klondike      TFA-211G-3    Poker At Dawson City
TFA-211G-4    Packers On TheTrail      TFA-211G-5    Pack Train on Chilkoot Pass
TFA-211G-6    Rocking Gold in The Klondike      TFA-211G-7    Panoramic View of the White Pass Railroad
TFA-212A    Beatutiful Tyrol      TFA-212B    British Isles
TFA-212C    Southern Crossways - Sydney      TFA-212D    The Irish Isle
TFA-213A    Jackson Hole National Monument      TFA-213B    Mt Rushmore
TFA-213C    Badlands      TFA-213D    Wind Cave National Park
TFA-213E    Wisconsin Dells      TFA-213F    London At Night
TFA-213G    The Eighth Continent      TFA-214A    Great Lakes
TFA-214B    The Living City      TFA-215A    Coney Island
TFA-215B    Highland Doctor      TFA-215C    Cities of North Africa
TFA-216A    From New Lands To Old      TFA-216B    Egypt Today
TFA-217A    Liberia - Africa's Only Republic      TFA-217B    Ticket To Jasper
TFA-218A    Treasures of Thailand      TFA-218B    Our Good Neighbors - Brazil: Rio de Janiero
TFA-219A    Wings To France      TFA-219B    Norway - This World of Ours
TFA-219C    Yosemite National Park      TFA-21A    Singapore - Crossroads of the East
TFA-21B    Singapore      TFA-21C    Bali - Paradise Isle
TFA-21D    Man Against Mount Everest      TFA-21E    The Temple Of Love
TFA-21F    Killing The Killer      TFA-21G    Wild Men and Beasts of Borneo
TFA-21H    Rio de Janeiro      TFA-21I-1    Quilting
TFA-21I-2    Carriage Wedding      TFA-21I-3    Houma, Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana
TFA-21I-4    Beach Home Movies      TFA-220A    A Giant People - Watussi of Africa
TFA-220B    Elephant - Devil or God      TFA-220C    Bring The World To The Classroom
TFA-221A    California      TFA-221B    District of Columbia
TFA-221C    Arizona      TFA-221D    London At A Glance
TFA-221E    Mid Island Plaza, Long Island, NY      TFA-222A    The Green Islands
TFA-222B    Northwest Wonderland      TFA-223A    The Black Hills
TFA-223B    The Cape of Good Hope      TFA-223C    This Was New York
TFA-224A    Kamenna Slava      TFA-224B    Tribute to Caracas by the Indianapolis Symphony
TFA-224C    Premiere of Japanese Play "The Rose & The Pirate at Dartmouth      TFA-224D    Youth Forum Attends Brearley School
TFA-224E    World's Poultry Congress      TFA-225A    In the Heart of the Arctic
TFA-226A    Wheels Across The Andes      TFA-226B    New Trails Through Mexico
TFA-227A    Wheels Across Australia      TFA-227B    Japan
TFA-227C    Patagonian Playground      TFA-228A    On Safari
TFA-228B    Paris....City of Art      TFA-228C    Walter Futter's Curiousities #1
TFA-228D    Shenandoah National Park      TFA-229A    Flight To Gemany
TFA-229B    Flight To New Mexico      TFA-229C    South Pacific Horizons
TFA-229D    Glacier National Park      TFA-230A    Thailand
TFA-230B    Peru's Coastal Region      TFA-230C    India
TFA-230D    Riviera Dream      TFA-231A    Getting There Is Half The Fun
TFA-231B    Ceylon      TFA-231C    Honeymoon Heaven
TFA-231D    Crusing Around Thousand Islands      TFA-232A    Peru
TFA-232B    A Drive to Pompeii      TFA-232C    Nazareth & Jericho
TFA-232D    Up the Wangpoo River to Shanghai      TFA-232E    Panama & The Canal Zone
TFA-232F    Hawaii      TFA-232G    Glimpsing Gondolas
TFA-232H    From Lima To the Top of the Andes      TFA-232I    Hunting Game in Canada
TFA-232J    Peru The Land of the Incas      TFA-232K    Out Wyoming Way
TFA-232L    Pioneer Outlaw Haunts      TFA-232M    We Visit British Columbia
TFA-232N    An Eye Full of Egypt      TFA-232O    Mid Sahara Sands
TFA-232P    Pyramid Land      TFA-232R    Highlands of America
TFA-232S    Cuzco City of the Sun      TFA-233A    Wonders of Oregon
TFA-233B    Peaks Parks and Pines      TFA-233C    Bits of God's Country
TFA-233D    Wonders of Canada      TFA-233E    A Real Rodeo, Pendleton, Oregon
TFA-233F    Hawaii      TFA-233G    Rip Van Winkle
TFA-233H    Hawaiian Islands      TFA-233I    National Parks of the United States
TFA-234A    A Family of India      TFA-234B    Roaming and Sporting in Scotland
TFA-234C    Arctic Hunters      TFA-234D    Ancient Rome In Africa
TFA-235A    The Fallen Empire      TFA-235B    Drums of the Orient
TFA-235C    Mystic Isles      TFA-235D    In the Wake of the Buccaneers
TFA-236A    The City      TFA-236B    Pioneers of the Plains
TFA-237A    Sweden      TFA-237B    Spain - The Land and The People
TFA-237C    Routes of American Airlines - Cleveland      TFA-237D    Routes of American Airlines - San Diego
TFA-237E    Routes of American Airlines - Philadelphia      TFA-237F    To The Pyramids of Giza
TFA-237G    Cairo      TFA-237H    Pan American Highway
TFA-238A    Discover The Different World of Utah!      TFA-238B    The Amazon, Life Along the River in Peru
TFA-239A    Welcome to Southern California      TFA-239B    Puerto Rico - Showcase of America
TFA-23A-1    San Francisco      TFA-23A-10    San Francisco
TFA-23A-11    San Francisco      TFA-23A-12    San Francisco
TFA-23A-13    San Francisco      TFA-23A-14    San Francisco
TFA-23A-15    San Francisco      TFA-23A-16    San Francisco
TFA-23A-17    San Francisco      TFA-23A-18    San Francisco
TFA-23A-2    San Francisco      TFA-23A-3    San Francisco
TFA-23A-4    San Francisco      TFA-23A-5    San Francisco
TFA-23A-6    San Francisco      TFA-23A-7    San Francisco
TFA-23A-8    San Francisco      TFA-23A-9    San Francisco
TFA-23B-1    S.F. Skyline      TFA-23B-10    Street Scene
TFA-23B-11    Marina      TFA-23B-12    S.F. Bridge Views
TFA-23B-13    Cable Car      TFA-23B-14    Street Scenes
TFA-23B-15    San Francisco Pan L to R      TFA-23B-2    S.F. Overlook
TFA-23B-3    S.F. Hilltop View      TFA-23B-4    Chinatown Shops
TFA-23B-5    Street Scenes      TFA-23B-6    Alcatraz
TFA-23B-7    S.F. City Pan L to R      TFA-23B-8    San Francisco Pan R to L
TFA-23B-9    Union Square      TFA-23C-1    Chinatown
TFA-23C-2    Chinatown Dancers      TFA-23C-3    Chinatown Dragon
TFA-23C-4    Chinatown Playground      TFA-23C-5    Chinatown Playground
TFA-23C-6    Making Kites      TFA-23C-7    Chinatown Marching Band
TFA-23D    The 9th State - New Hampshire      TFA-23E    New Mexico
TFA-240A    Shortest Way Home      TFA-240B    A Visit To Poland
TFA-241A    Wonderful World      TFA-241B    Singapore, A Study of A Port
TFA-242B    Naked Man and Beast      TFA-243A    Ethiopia
TFA-243B    New England Shrines      TFA-243C    Camera Over Russia
TFA-243D    Haifa, Nazareth, Tiberia, Sea of Galilee      TFA-243E    Bryce Canyon
TFA-243F    Capturing Lions by Aeroplane      TFA-243G    Around The Fair
TFA-244A    Squaretails of Drowning River, Northern Ontario      TFA-244B    Boats and Fishermen of the Arctic & The Tropics
TFA-244C    Fish & Totem      TFA-244D    The Silver Harvest
TFA-244E    Iberian Peninsula      TFA-245A    The Spanish Earth
TFA-246A    Japan- An Independent Nation      TFA-246B    March of the Movies
TFA-246C    Routes of American Airlines - Plymouth      TFA-247    In The Land of the Head Hunters
TFA-248    Karamoja      TFA-249A    Yugoslavia
TFA-249B    Ein Tag auf einer fraenkischen Dorfstrasse      TFA-249C    Fang Und Zahmung Afrikanischer Elefanten
TFA-249D    Eine Fahrt Zum Wetterwart Auf Der Zugspite      TFA-24A    Scenes in Pygmyland
TFA-24B    Incidents in the Furlong East Africa Expedition      TFA-250A    Invitation to the Nation
TFA-250B    New Jersey      TFA-251A    Michigan State University Report of the Year 1959-60
TFA-251B    Auf Einer Deutschen Hacienda In Mexico      TFA-251C    Vulkanische Erscheinungen auf Island
TFA-252    Africa Speaks - Pt 1      TFA-253    Africa Speaks - Pt 2
TFA-254A    Around East Africa      TFA-255A    Wonderful Wyoming
TFA-255B    Bryce Zion Grand Canyon      TFA-256A    Savage Flame
TFA-256B    Passport to Snowmansland      TFA-257A    Ethiopia - Empire on a Mountain
TFA-257B    Together For Children      TFA-258A    Glimpses of Australia - The Playground of the Sea Folk
TFA-258B    Glimpses of Australia - Mountain Pastures      TFA-258C    Mirrors of Nature
TFA-258D    Glimpses of the Canadian Wilderness      TFA-258E    The Georgetown Loop
TFA-258F    Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life      TFA-258G    London's Food Markets
TFA-259A    North to the Sun      TFA-259B    Design For Africa
TFA-259C    Food For Thought      TFA-259D    Dual Purpose
TFA-259E    Columbia River, Economic Lifeline of the North      TFA-25C-1    Caribbean Cruise
TFA-25C-2    Martinique      TFA-25C-3    Martinique
TFA-25C-4    Martinique      TFA-25D-1    Martinique
TFA-25D-2    South America      TFA-25D-3    Jamaica
TFA-25D-4    Rio de Janeiro      TFA-25E    Holiday In The Caribbean
TFA-25F    Mexico      TFA-260    Nanook of the North - Pt 1
TFA-261    Nanook of the North - Pt 2      TFA-262A    Big Trains Rolling
TFA-262B    Skiing Through Maine      TFA-263A    The Norfolk Broads
TFA-263B    America's Capital      TFA-263C    Summertime in Yosemite National Park
TFA-263D    Canadian National Railway      TFA-264A    Primitive People - Australian Aborigines
TFA-264B    Dominica      TFA-264C    Children of the Balkan Mountains
TFA-264D    The Victoria Falls      TFA-264E    Havana
TFA-265A    Copenhagen      TFA-265B    Winter Holidays in Switzerland
TFA-265C    English Castles      TFA-265D    Canterbury Cathedral
TFA-265E    London      TFA-265F    Lake District
TFA-266B    The Heart is the Highland      TFA-266C    Camera Thrills in Wildest Africa
TFA-267A    Great Britain      TFA-267B    Bernese Oberland Switzerland
TFA-267C    Watkins Glen Grand Prix      TFA-268A    Geiranger
TFA-268B    A Family of India      TFA-268C    The Channel Queen
TFA-269A    Yellowstone National Park      TFA-269B    New Mexico
TFA-269C    Wyoming      TFA-269D    New Zealand Splendor
TFA-26A    Hawaii      TFA-26B    Belles of the South Seas
TFA-270A    Switzerland - Land of Contrasts      TFA-270B    On The Road to Switzerland
TFA-270C    In Maori Land      TFA-270D    Royal New Zealand Journey
TFA-270E    Haiti, Jamaica, Nassau & Curacao      TFA-270F    Niagara Falls In Winter
TFA-271A    Antigua      TFA-271B    Baltic Coast
TFA-271C    Gateway to the Pacific      TFA-271D    Sun-Skiing in Grindelwald Switzerland
TFA-272A    Escape In Canada      TFA-272B    Puerto Rico - This World of Ours
TFA-272C    Inside Russia: Moscow & Leningrad      TFA-272D    Russia
TFA-273A    Lima      TFA-273B    These Are South Africans
TFA-273C    Caribbean Holiday      TFA-274A    Scandanavia: Norway, Sweden, Denmark
TFA-274B    The Mediterranean World      TFA-274C    Come Back to Ireland
TFA-275A    The Battak of Sumatra      TFA-275B    South American Vista
TFA-275C    The First Glidden Tour      TFA-275D    Come Back To Ireland
TFA-275E    Historic Galilee      TFA-275F    North-East Corner
TFA-276A    Mining Centre Johannesburg      TFA-276B    Jungle Yachts in the Belgian Congo - Pt 2
TFA-276C    South American Vista      TFA-277A    Crofters
TFA-277B    Exploring Old St Augustine      TFA-277C    Jamaican Harvest
TFA-277D    Gibraltar      TFA-278A    The Friendly Virgins
TFA-278B    Bright Future: The Story of Freeport      TFA-278C    Wheat, The Staff of Life
TFA-279A    The Heart of England      TFA-279B    Queen of the Border
TFA-279C    Paris The Ageless City      TFA-279D    Winter Wonderland
TFA-27A    Pan Am's World      TFA-27B    Beautiful Lancaster County
TFA-27C    Lancaster County Heritage      TFA-27D    Wings Over The Golden Gate
TFA-280A    The Cape, The Cod & The Constant Sea      TFA-280B    Mexico, Giant of Latin America
TFA-281A    Beyond The Andes      TFA-281B    Going Places
TFA-281C    Florida - This Land of Ours      TFA-281D    Endless Caverns
TFA-282A    Treasure of Lucaya      TFA-282B    Let's Visit Finland
TFA-282C    Colombo, Ceylon      TFA-283    Paris
TFA-284    England      TFA-28A    Martinique, 1938
TFA-28B    Trinidad, 1938      TFA-28C    Venezuela
TFA-28D    Curacao, 1938      TFA-28E    Shipboard, West Indies, 1938
TFA-28F    Martinique      TFA-28G    Barbados, 1930c
TFA-28H    Trinidad, 1930c      TFA-291    Paris
TFA-297A-1    Festival In Naples      TFA-297A-2    Teacher Overboard
TFA-297A-3    Horseshoe Forge      TFA-297B    Pygmies of Africa Pt II
TFA-297C    Sawdust and Spangles      TFA-297D    Those Sporting Scots
TFA-297E    Pele Comes Back To Puma      TFA-297F    Pele Goes Wild at Puma
TFA-297G    Pele on a Rampage at Puna      TFA-297H    Pele's Destructive Rivers
TFA-298A    Clearing The Way      TFA-298B    Israel
TFA-299A    The Ohio Country      TFA-299B    Flatboatmen on the Frontier
TFA-299C    Life in Stockholm      TFA-299D    Massachusetts
TFA-29A-1    Burton Holmes in Vienna      TFA-29A-2    Austrian Family Villa
TFA-29B    Beautiful Bruges      TFA-29C    Nine Glories of Paris
TFA-29D    Great Waters of Versailles      TFA-29E    Glorious Versailles
TFA-29F    Fjords of Norway      TFA-29G    Seville In Fairtime
TFA-29H    In Old Granada      TFA-29I    Bits of Life In Japan
TFA-29J    Cataracts of Iguassu      TFA-29K    Kangaroos in Australia
TFA-29L    Lakes and Streams of Glacier National Park      TFA-29M    Century of Progress Exposition
TFA-29N    The Streets Of Paris      TFA-29O    The Fair At Night
TFA-2A    Continental Holiday      TFA-2A-1    Paris/Venice
TFA-2A-10    Arezzo      TFA-2A-11    French Riviera
TFA-2A-12    Monte Carlo      TFA-2A-13    Pamplona
TFA-2A-14    Grand Tour      TFA-2A-2    Mont Saint Michel
TFA-2A-3    Omaha Beach      TFA-2A-4    Paris Life
TFA-2A-5    Alps      TFA-2A-6    Skiing
TFA-2A-7    Lake Traun      TFA-2A-8    Lourdes
TFA-2A-9    Venice      TFA-2B    Oberammergau
TFA-2B-1    Arriving At Station      TFA-2B-10    Laughing Bicyclist
TFA-2B-11    Happy Parents      TFA-2B-12    Ka-Boom!
TFA-2B-13    Entering the Theatre      TFA-2B-14    Crowds
TFA-2B-15    Apres Theatre      TFA-2B-16    Leaving the Theatre
TFA-2B-2    Life in Town      TFA-2B-3    Laundry Day
TFA-2B-4    Three Sisters      TFA-2B-5    Procession
TFA-2B-6    Jaunty Men      TFA-2B-7    Actors Emoting
TFA-2B-8    Woodcarver      TFA-2B-9    Greetings
TFA-2C    Switzerland Sportland      TFA-2D-1    Siena
TFA-2D-2    Siena      TFA-2D-3    Siena
TFA-2D-4    Siena      TFA-2D-5    Italy
TFA-2D-6    Italy      TFA-2D-7    Italy
TFA-2D-8    San Marino      TFA-300A    Margarita, Venezuela
TFA-300B    Fairest Eden - Pago Pago      TFA-300C    The Story of Rubber
TFA-300D    Coffee From Brazil To You      TFA-301A    Holiday In Holland
TFA-301B    Montauk      TFA-301C    Europe on $5 A Day
TFA-302A    Pan Am Clipper      TFA-302B    Seven Falls
TFA-302C    Yellowstone National Park      TFA-302D    Grand Teton National Park
TFA-302E    Northwestern Mexico      TFA-302F    Rocky Mountain National Park
TFA-302G    Dinosaur National Monument      TFA-303A    Coast To Coast in 48 Hours
TFA-303B    Palestine      TFA-303C    Let's Visit Lancashire
TFA-303D    Death Rapids - Columbia River      TFA-303E    France Home Movies
TFA-303F    Middle East Home Movies      TFA-304A    Touareg
TFA-304B-1    Mount Tamalpais R.R.      TFA-304B-2    A Trip Down Mount Tamalpais
TFA-304C    Madeira - Pearl of the Atlantic      TFA-304D    Mexicana
TFA-304E    Samoa-Tahiti      TFA-305A    Flight To Italy
TFA-305B    The Fabulous Mystery of Modern Turkey      TFA-305C    India
TFA-306A    The House on the Desert      TFA-306B    A Day Among Berbers
TFA-306C    According To Plan      TFA-307A    New Ways For Old Morocco
TFA-307B    Freighter At Sea      TFA-307C    Highway Mania
TFA-308A    Lago de Guri - Operacion Rescate      TFA-308B    Biggest Little City In the World
TFA-309A    Berlin, Germany and Vienna, Austria      TFA-309B    Holland
TFA-309C    Rouen, France      TFA-309D    Split, Croatia
TFA-309E    Croatia      TFA-309F    London
TFA-309G    Bosnia      TFA-30A    Manila, Queen of the Pacific
TFA-30B    Castillian Memoirs - Manila      TFA-30C    Ghosts of Empire - Peking
TFA-30D    Shanghai      TFA-310A    Alaska - The Last Frontier
TFA-310B    Land and Freedom      TFA-310C    Onondaga Cave
TFA-311A    This Is Poland      TFA-311B    They Planted A Stone
TFA-312A    People of the Chad      TFA-312B    Yosemite National Park
TFA-312C    Niagara Falls      TFA-312D    Grand Canyon National Park
TFA-312E    Pack Trip in Glacier National Park      TFA-312F    Crater Lake
TFA-312G    Mount Rainier National Park      TFA-312H    Lassen Volcanic National Park
TFA-313A    Turkey, Key to the Middle East      TFA-313B    The Bridge
TFA-314A    Furlong Expedition Rl 4 & 5      TFA-314B    Furlong Expedition Rl 6
TFA-314C    Dance of the Nandi      TFA-315A    Cite Fantome
TFA-315B    The Southwestern States      TFA-315C    British Columbia
TFA-315D    Strength From The Soil      TFA-315E    New Product Development
TFA-315F    Craft Therapy      TFA-315G    Housefly's Nemisis
TFA-315H    Inflation      TFA-315I    World's Best Known Baby
TFA-316A    Penney's Ski Happy      TFA-317A    Mohawk Valley
TFA-317B    Venice (Italy)      TFA-317C    Spain
TFA-317D    San Marino      TFA-317E    Africa, Land of Contrast
TFA-318A    Rivages Lointains      TFA-318B    Windward Way
TFA-318C    Panama Interior      TFA-318D    Yellowstone National Park
TFA-318E    Sunopee, NH      TFA-319A    Haile Selassie Coronation
TFA-319B    Korea      TFA-319C    Seville Dancer
TFA-319D    Washing Clothes, Italy      TFA-319E    Camping, Yosemite
TFA-319F    Lower Broadway, New York City      TFA-319G    Flagellants, Philippines
TFA-319H    US Army in France      TFA-319I    Peking and Yangtze River, China
TFA-319J    Nikko Temples, Kyoto, Japan      TFA-319K    Royal Meetng, London
TFA-31A    Tropical Ceylon      TFA-31B    Glimpses of Picturesque Java
TFA-31C    Gateway to the Himalayas      TFA-31D    Teak Logging With Elephants In Siam
TFA-31E    Rubbing Noses in New Zealand      TFA-320A    US Navy World War I
TFA-320B    WWI US Army Victory Parade in London      TFA-320C    Queen Mary Launches Ship
TFA-320D    British Royal Family      TFA-320E    Fountains, Royal Palace of Caserta, Italy
TFA-320F    Lavender Production, France      TFA-320G    Burton Holmes at Banquet
TFA-320H    Lunch Wagon at Estate Auction, Hollywood      TFA-320I    Cruising Hollywood
TFA-320J    Burton Holmes Visiting Movie Stars, Hollywood      TFA-320K    Burton Holmes with Movie Lions
TFA-320L    Men Doing Calesthenics      TFA-320M    Hitler
TFA-320N    Building a Bridge      TFA-320O    Farming in Germany
TFA-320P    Burton Holmes in Italy #1      TFA-320Q    Ocean Liner Rex Leaving NYC
TFA-320R    Burton Holmes in Italy #2      TFA-321A    Rolling Down To Mexico
TFA-321B    Zion Canyon National Park      TFA-321C    Yellowstone National Park
TFA-321D    Glacier National Park      TFA-321E    Maine
TFA-321F    Corinth Canal      TFA-322A    Journey Through Tokyo
TFA-322B    A Bridge Is Born      TFA-322C    Monorail Test
TFA-322D    Franz Joseph Glacier      TFA-322E    Kandy
TFA-323A    Up and Down the Autobahn      TFA-323B    Traveling Through France
TFA-323C    Cote D'Azur      TFA-324A    Morocco
TFA-324B    A Journey Through Northern Italy      TFA-325A    Norway-Denmark
TFA-325B    The World We Live In      TFA-325C    Decouverte de la France - Est et Sud Est
TFA-328A    Potatoes Unlimited      TFA-328B    Corn
TFA-328C    Children of Switzerland      TFA-329A    Seeschlacht Im Nordmeer
TFA-329B    Heldengedenktag      TFA-329C    Entscheidung auf dem Balkan II
TFA-329D    Sturm auf Rostow      TFA-329E    Luftangriff auf Malta
TFA-329F    Kampfe ander El-Alamein Front      TFA-329G    Kaukasusfront Elbrusbesteigung
TFA-329H    Kampfe zroischen Donez und Don      TFA-329I    From Moscow To The Baykal
TFA-32A    London      TFA-32B    Paris
TFA-32C    Normandy, Brittany, Chateaux      TFA-32E    Romantic Italy
TFA-32F    Rome: The Eternal City      TFA-32G    Beautiful Brussels
TFA-32H    Paris #2      TFA-32I    Paris #1
TFA-32J    The French Riviera      TFA-330A    Switzerland
TFA-330B    A Journey in a White and Blue Balloon      TFA-331A    Fruit Express
TFA-331B    Tree Spraying      TFA-331C    Glider Pilot
TFA-331D    Havoc - Flood Wind and Dust Whip West      TFA-331E    Austria- Europe Alarmed
TFA-331F    Sky Giant: Super Plane      TFA-331G    Sled Boat - Air Driven Amphibian
TFA-331H    Regatta - Opening the 1938 Season      TFA-331I    Defense - U.S. Navy Expanded
TFA-331J    Rescue Tank - Mechanical Alligator      TFA-331K    Pick-A-Back - Carrier Plane
TFA-331L    Speed: Outboards in Battle Royal      TFA-331M    Bob Run - Sled Racers Cheat Death
TFA-331N    Mainline USA      TFA-331O    Magic Isle - Barbados
TFA-332A    Caribbean      TFA-332B    La Province de Quebec, Canada
TFA-332C    Picturesque Nova Scotia      TFA-333A    Alaska, The 49th State
TFA-333B    France With A French Accent      TFA-334A    California
TFA-334B    Life Under The Sun      TFA-335A    The Magic Vault - Black Giant
TFA-335B    Dancing Nations      TFA-335C    Cleveland
TFA-335D    San Diego      TFA-335E    Philadelphia
TFA-335F    Colombia & Venezuela      TFA-335G    Chez Les Nomades
TFA-336A    Safari to Asia      TFA-336B    The Blue Coast
TFA-336C    Roumania      TFA-337A    Kayaks Down The Nile
TFA-337B-1    Vatican Visitor      TFA-337B-2    Loire Valley Gardens
TFA-337B-3    Coupe de France      TFA-337B-4    Work Under Water
TFA-337B-5    Forty Years of Flight      TFA-337B-6    Emile Cohl Animator
TFA-337C    Swiss Riviera - Lake of Geneva      TFA-338A    The Song of Ceylon
TFA-338B    The New Oregon Trail      TFA-339A    Blades of Green
TFA-339B    Desert Horizons      TFA-33A    New York: The Wonder City
TFA-33B    Coney Island      TFA-33C    New York City 1959
TFA-33D    Flight To New York      TFA-33E    Burning of S.S. Normandie
TFA-33F    Atlantic City Boardwalk      TFA-33G    New York World's Fair
TFA-340A    The Hawaiian Islands      TFA-340B    Alaskan Glacier
TFA-340C    Rocky Mountain National Park      TFA-340D    Mt Rainier National Park
TFA-340E    Okefenokee Swamp Park      TFA-340F    Painted Desert and Cliff Dwellings
TFA-340G    Gettysburg National Battlefield      TFA-340H    Colonial Willimasburg
TFA-340I    Howe Caverns      TFA-340J    Isles of June
TFA-340L    Petrified Forest      TFA-340M    San Francisco
TFA-340N    The Isle of Trinidad      TFA-340O    Around and About the Marienplaz in Munich
TFA-341A    Command of the Seas      TFA-341B    New England
TFA-342A    The Second Time Was Best      TFA-342B    Brazil
TFA-343A    East Anglian Holiday      TFA-343B    St Louis, Gateway to the West
TFA-344A    New Look In Potatoes      TFA-344B    Last Clear Chance
TFA-345A    Peoples of the Soviet Union      TFA-346A    University of California at Los Angeles
TFA-346B    New York City      TFA-347A    The High Plain
TFA-347B    Bavarian Holiday      TFA-347C    Nassau, Pleasure City of the West Indies
TFA-348A    Gold City      TFA-348B    Aborigines of Arnhem Land, Australia
TFA-348C    Down Under We Go      TFA-348D    The Kremlin, Moscow
TFA-349A    Around the World in New York      TFA-349B    Hawaiian Native Life
TFA-349C    Poultry on the Farm      TFA-349D    First Paradise
TFA-349E    Two Weeks With Play      TFA-349F    Banff
TFA-34A    The Golden West      TFA-34B    California Picture Book
TFA-34C    Hollywood By Helicopter      TFA-34D    Golden Gate City
TFA-34E    San Francisco World's Fair      TFA-34F    Golden Gate International Exposition
TFA-351A    India Speaks - Pt 1      TFA-351B    India Speaks - Pt 2
TFA-351C    India Speaks - Pt 3      TFA-352    Crossover
TFA-353A    United Nations Screen Magazine No 9      TFA-353B    The Fifth Freedom
TFA-354A    By-ways of Enchantment      TFA-354B    Across The Seven Seas
TFA-354C    The Dutch in Latin America      TFA-355B    Fishing in the Fjords
TFA-355C    Journey Through Mexico      TFA-355D    Ngiri, The Land of the Water People
TFA-356A    Manitoba      TFA-356B    Rugged Road to Cape Horn
TFA-357A    Borneo - Pt 1      TFA-357B    Borneo - Pt 2
TFA-35A    Garden of Allah      TFA-35B    Palestine
TFA-35C    Damascus      TFA-35D    Pyramid Land
TFA-35E    Egypt & Malta      TFA-35F    Life In Morocco
TFA-35G    Gibraltar      TFA-360A    Screen Pictorial
TFA-360B    Tanjong Karang      TFA-360C    African Safari
TFA-360D    Glimpses of Britain      TFA-360E    The Alaska Highway
TFA-361A    Arizona      TFA-361B    Moorish Spain
TFA-361C    The Wheat Farmer      TFA-361D    Silver Springs Swim Capades
TFA-368A    Colombia      TFA-368B    Tahiti, Islands Under The Wind
TFA-36A    The Nation's Capital      TFA-36B    Washington
TFA-36C    New England Holiday      TFA-36D    The Development of Transportation
TFA-370A    New Guinea      TFA-370B    Transportation Unlimited
TFA-370C    Austria      TFA-370D    Moscow Metro
TFA-372A    Ancient Petra      TFA-372B    Heritage of India
TFA-372C    Sports Around The Globe      TFA-372D    Gilmore Brothers - Aviation Pioneers
TFA-372E    Tibet/Russia      TFA-372F    The Navajo Indian
TFA-372G    Sky-Riders      TFA-373A    Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica
TFA-373B    West Indies      TFA-373C    White Mountains, New Hampshire
TFA-373C    White Mountains, New Hampshire      TFA-373C    White Mountains, New Hampshire
TFA-373D    California Home Movies      TFA-373E    Agua Caliente et Environs
TFA-373F    San Francisco Cable Car & Tobogganing      TFA-373G    Nassau, Bahamas
TFA-374A    NY Harbor, Nassau, Austria      TFA-374B    Yosemite National Park In Winter
TFA-374C    National Park Lodge      TFA-374D    A Trip West
TFA-374E    Off To The Lake      TFA-374F    Cabin Cruiser, Cuba, Europe
TFA-375A    Royal Edinburgh      TFA-375B    Bread
TFA-375C    Rugged Norway      TFA-375D    Cincinnati Flood
TFA-375E    Airplane Emergency Exit Tests      TFA-375F    A Camera Journey To Hollywood
TFA-375G    A Camera Journey to New York      TFA-376A    True Adventure - African Dances
TFA-376B    Hunting Animals of the Past      TFA-37A    Down the Colorado River in a Rowboat
TFA-37B    The Grand Canyon of the Colorado      TFA-37C    Carslbad Caverns
TFA-37D    Glacier National Park      TFA-37E    Bryce-Zion-Grand Canyon
TFA-37F    Fascinating Yosemite      TFA-381A    Thrill River
TFA-381B    Rice Growing in Fujiyama      TFA-381C    Oregon
TFA-381D    City of Venice      TFA-381E    More Than A Ticket
TFA-381F    Coal      TFA-382    Grass: A Nation's Battle For Life
TFA-383A    The Mother of Rivers      TFA-383B    Scandanavia
TFA-383C    A Dog's Life in the North Woods      TFA-384A    Free Europe - Steps Toward Unity
TFA-384B    Indian Summer      TFA-386    An African Adventure With Attilio Gatti
TFA-387A    Night Mail      TFA-387B    The Nile In Egypt
TFA-387C    Rescue From Shangri-La      TFA-388    Pearls and Savages
TFA-389    The Big Game Hunt (1935/1952)      TFA-38A    Girls' School
TFA-38B    Hill's Society Circus      TFA-38E-1    Mountain Shadows Swimming Pool #1
TFA-38E-2    Mountain Shadows Swimming Pool #2      TFA-38E-3    Scottsdale, Arizona
TFA-390A    Fresh From The West      TFA-390B    In Partnership With Nature
TFA-391A    Jackpine Journey      TFA-391B    Jersey
TFA-392A    The Plow That Broke The Plains      TFA-392B    Report From Texas
TFA-392C    La Peninsula Iberique      TFA-393A    The Great Rhine Way
TFA-393B    Australia in New Guinea      TFA-394    In Old French Canada
TFA-397A    Edward Steichen      TFA-397B    Kiev: Capital Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
TFA-397C    The Gulf Coast: The South's Land of Opportunity      TFA-397D    La Colombie et Le Venezuela
TFA-398A    Havana      TFA-398B    Head Hunters of Ecuador
TFA-398C    With Sealers in the Arctic      TFA-398D    Wilderness Lives #5
TFA-398E    Wilderness Lives #3      TFA-398F    Wilderness Lives #4
TFA-398G    Invitation to Europe      TFA-398H    United Nations: Organization For Peace
TFA-399A    Pan American World Traveler German Edition #7      TFA-399B    French Children
TFA-399C    Montreal      TFA-399D    Travelers Checks TV Commercial
TFA-399E    Pan American World Traveler German Edition #1      TFA-39A    Beautiful Banff and Lake Louise
TFA-39B    Nipigon Trails      TFA-39D    The Moose Country
TFA-39E    Prairie Provinces of Canada      TFA-3A-1    Rome
TFA-3A-2    Rome      TFA-3A-3    Rome
TFA-3A-4    Rome      TFA-3A-5    Rome
TFA-3A-6    Rome      TFA-3A-7    Rome
TFA-3A-8    Rome      TFA-3B-1    Venice
TFA-3B-2    Venice      TFA-3B-3    Venice
TFA-3B-4    Venice      TFA-3B-5    Venice
TFA-400A    Children of Holland      TFA-400B    Pan American World Traveler German Edition #2
TFA-400C    Pan American World Traveler German Edition #3      TFA-400D    The Heart of the Nation
TFA-402A    Pan American World Traveler German Edition #4      TFA-402B    Pan American World Traveler German Edition #5
TFA-402C    Pan American World Traveler German Edition #6      TFA-408A    Look At Greece
TFA-408B    Islas Canarias      TFA-408C    Life In Northern Lands
TFA-408D    Lowlands of Europe      TFA-40A    Wings Over World Wonders
TFA-40B    Tin Can Tourist      TFA-40C    Around The World In Four Minutes
TFA-40E    Our Shrinking World      TFA-40F    Greek Glory
TFA-40G    The Russian Riviera      TFA-40H    Guinea Gold
TFA-40I    Forbidden City      TFA-41A    Fly American!
TFA-41B    Wings To The West Coast, USA      TFA-420A    Jacare - Pt I
TFA-420B    Jacare - Pt II      TFA-422    On The Routes of Intourist
TFA-423    Riga      TFA-425A    Alaska's Silver Millions
TFA-425B    Tiger Fangs      TFA-425C    Jolo, Land of the Moros
TFA-426A    Circus Day In Our Town      TFA-426B    The Haitian Primitives
TFA-426C    Cornish Valley      TFA-428A    This Is New England
TFA-428B    New York's Waterfront      TFA-428C    Australia
TFA-429A    Switizerland - Land of Contrasts      TFA-429B    Belgium
TFA-429C    The Glory of Spain      TFA-429D    European Stopovers
TFA-429E    Elephant Caravan Through India      TFA-429F    Vesusius By Plane
TFA-42A    Gliding      TFA-42B    Pan Am To South America
TFA-430A    Montreux      TFA-430B    The Rock of Gibraltar
TFA-430C    Nias and Sumatra      TFA-430D    Flood!
TFA-434A    Damascus      TFA-434B    Sweden's Future Artisans
TFA-434C    Acapulco #1      TFA-434D    Acapulco #2
TFA-434E    Acapulco #3      TFA-434F    The City of London
TFA-43A    Native Africa      TFA-43B    Camera Thrills In Wildest Africa
TFA-43C    Zulu Hulu      TFA-43D    Wild Elephant Round Up
TFA-43E    The Flaming Jungle      TFA-43F    Snap, The Gingerbread Man in Wildest Africa
TFA-43G    Battling A Lion For Life      TFA-442A    Barbados
TFA-442B    Beacon of the East      TFA-442C    Crossroads of the Orient
TFA-44A    Bermuda Holiday      TFA-44C    A Visit To Paradise Island, Bahamas
TFA-44D    Caribbean Clipper      TFA-44E-1    Panama Canal
TFA-44E-2    Panama Canal      TFA-44E-3    View From Ship
TFA-44E-4    Caribbean Harbor      TFA-44E-5    Girl with Can on Head
TFA-44E-6    Washing Women      TFA-44F    The Caribbean
TFA-45A    Eruption Of Mt Vesuvius      TFA-45B    Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawaii
TFA-45C    Mauna Loa In Action      TFA-45D    Mauna Loa Erupts
TFA-45E    Eruption of Kilauea Iki      TFA-45F    Riding Hawaii's Biggest Surf
TFA-45G    Lurline Arrival In Hawaii      TFA-45H    Rainbow Island
TFA-45I    Kauai      TFA-45J    Maui
TFA-45K    Scenic Hawaii - The Big Island      TFA-45L    Hawaiian Hula Show
TFA-45M    The Hukilau Hula      TFA-45N    Manuana of Tahiti
TFA-45O    Hawaiian Shores      TFA-46A    Caronia Mediterranean Cruise
TFA-47B    Dutch Girls Dancing      TFA-47C    French Carnival
TFA-47D    Paris      TFA-47E    POV car on French country road
TFA-47F    Speed Walking Race      TFA-47G-1    Body Twirling
TFA-47G-2    Pole Balancing      TFA-47G-3    Green Bikini
TFA-47G-4    Middle Eastern City      TFA-47G-5    Modern Building
TFA-47G-6    Outdoor Cafe      TFA-47H    French Cows & Horses
TFA-47J    Portable Kayaks      TFA-47K    Spain
TFA-47L    Sailor Circus      TFA-48A    The Grand Canyon
TFA-48C    A Glimpse Of Connecticut      TFA-49A    Sunny Iceland
TFA-49B    Norway      TFA-49C    Russia
TFA-49D    Rural Life In Sweden      TFA-4A-1    Venice, Italy
TFA-4A-2    Verona, Italy      TFA-4A-3    Venice, Italy
TFA-4A-4    Venice      TFA-4A-5    Venice, Italy
TFA-4A-6    Murano, Venice, Italy      TFA-4A-7    Lido, Venice, Italy
TFA-4B-1    Norway      TFA-4B-2    Norway
TFA-4B-3    Norway      TFA-4B-4    Norway
TFA-4B-5    Norway      TFA-50A    Iran
TFA-50B    Pakistan      TFA-50C    Africa Untamed
TFA-50D    From Damascus South To Jerusalem      TFA-51A    London & Paris By Day And By Night
TFA-51B    Paris Traveling Shots      TFA-51C    21 Days in Europe
TFA-52A    Cruising In The South Seas      TFA-52B    Fiji and Samoa
TFA-52C    Bali, The Island Paradise      TFA-52D    Colorful Ports of Call
TFA-52E    Over The Sea To Honolulu      TFA-53A    The Island Empire
TFA-53B    Japan In Cherry Blossom Time      TFA-53C    Siam To Korea
TFA-53D    Tibet - Land of Isolation      TFA-53E    Home Sweet Home The World Over
TFA-54A    Colorful Jaipur      TFA-54B    Gateway To India - Bombay
TFA-54C    Benares and the Ganges River      TFA-54D    The Imperial City
TFA-54E    Java - The Fragrant Isle      TFA-54F    Charming Ceylon
TFA-55A    Alaskan Adventures      TFA-55B    Eskimo Hunters
TFA-56A    Dutch Guiana - Land of the Djuka      TFA-56B    Romantic Argentina
TFA-56C    Rio The Magnificent      TFA-56D    Southern Brazil
TFA-56E    Peru - People of the Mountains      TFA-57A    Citadels of the Mediterranean
TFA-57B    Norway - Land of the Midnight Sun      TFA-57C    Glimpses of Erin
TFA-57D    The British Isles: The Land and The People      TFA-57E    Modern France, the Land and It's People
TFA-57F    Madeira, A Garden in the Sea      TFA-58A    Picturesque Sweden
TFA-58B    Along the Life-Line of the British Emire - Suez-Malta-Gibraltar      TFA-58C    Schoolmates at Scutare
TFA-58D    Beneath the Snows of Mount Argeaus      TFA-58E    Highlights of Village Life
TFA-59A    Skyline New York      TFA-59B    The Colorado River
TFA-59C    Railroad Story      TFA-59D    Inland Waterways in the Development of America's Transformation
TFA-5A-1    Denmark      TFA-5A-2    Denmark
TFA-5A-3    Denmark      TFA-5A-4    Denmark
TFA-5A-5    Denmark      TFA-5A-6    Denmark
TFA-5A-7    Denmark      TFA-5A-8    Denmark
TFA-5A-9    Denmark      TFA-5B-1    Denmark
TFA-5B-2    Denmark      TFA-5B-3    Denmark
TFA-5B-4    Denmark      TFA-5B-5    Denmark
TFA-6-5B-6    Denmark      TFA-6-5B-7    Denmark
TFA-6-5B-8    Denmark      TFA-60A    Americans All
TFA-60B    Sao Paulo      TFA-60C    La Paz
TFA-61A    Overnight To Nassau      TFA-61B    From Ocean To Ocean (Thru the Panama Canal)
TFA-61C    South Seas and Oriental Cruise      TFA-62A    Flight To California
TFA-62B    Edelweiss Ski Film      TFA-63A    Immigration
TFA-63B    Influence of Geography and History on the Port of New York      TFA-63C    Florida High Spots
TFA-63D    Look To The Land      TFA-64A    Deutsche Gronland-Expedition Alfred Wegener
TFA-64B    Lausanne, Rendez-vous of the World      TFA-64C    Old Spain
TFA-64D    Report From The Near East      TFA-65A    The River
TFA-65B    Bip Goes To Town      TFA-65C    Steel Town
TFA-65D    Historic Quebec      TFA-66A    Pennsylvania, Keystone of the Nation
TFA-66B    Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons      TFA-66C    Nevada and its Natural Resources
TFA-67A-1    Northern Pacific Overland Express      TFA-67A-2    Northern Pacific Fast Mail
TFA-67A-3    Union Pacific Overland Limited      TFA-67A-4    Union Pacific Sherman Hill Tunnel
TFA-67A-5    Santa Fe California Limited      TFA-67A-6    Southern Pacific Overland Mail
TFA-67A-7    Southern Pacific Sunset Limited      TFA-67B-1    Street of Forgotten Men - The Bowery
TFA-67B-3    Nature - The Detective      TFA-67B-4    The Sky Car
TFA-67C    Greenland Arctic Expedition      TFA-67D    Modern Voyagers
TFA-67E    Circus Set-up      TFA-67F-1    St Petersburg, Florida
TFA-67F-2    At The Lake      TFA-68A    Top Liner
TFA-68B    Town Settlement      TFA-68C    Jungle Bound - Angkor Cambodia
TFA-68D    Egypt      TFA-69A    Glacier Park and the Canadian Rockies
TFA-69B    Northland Tour      TFA-69C    Adventure Album #6
TFA-69D    Adventure Album #7      TFA-6A-1    Brussels World's Fair
TFA-6A-2    Brussels World's Fair      TFA-6A-3    Brussels World's Fair
TFA-6A-4    Brussels World's Fair      TFA-6A-5    Brussels World's Fair
TFA-6A-6    Sabena Helicopter      TFA-6B-1    Spain
TFA-6B-2    Spain      TFA-6B-3    Spain
TFA-6B-4    Spain      TFA-71A    Bits of Brittany
TFA-71B    Connecticut      TFA-72A    Idaho - Nature's Wonderland
TFA-72B    See More of America      TFA-72C    Mackinac Island
TFA-73A    Utah      TFA-73B    This Is New York
TFA-74A    Washington, The Evergreen State      TFA-74B    Peoples of the Indies
TFA-74C    Life in the Sahara      TFA-75A    Alaska
TFA-75B    Introducing Portugal      TFA-76A    California
TFA-76B    Falling Waters of Yosemite      TFA-76C    The Passenger Train
TFA-76D    Glimpses of Picturesque Java      TFA-76E    Coal from the New Zealand Alps
TFA-77A    Manchukuo (Manchuria)      TFA-77B    Hong Kong - Franconia Around the World
TFA-77C    Ceylon and Southeast Asia      TFA-77D    Wedding of the South Seas
TFA-77E    Lion-Tiger Fight      TFA-78A    Niagara Falls
TFA-78B    Cannibals of the South Seas      TFA-78C    Rekijavik - Capital of Iceland
TFA-78D    Rocky Mountain National Park      TFA-78E    Croton Resevoir
TFA-78F    Egypt 1930s      TFA-78G-1    Mississippi River Flood 1927
TFA-78G-2    Veterans Day Parade 1927      TFA-78G-3    Racing Season Opens 1927
TFA-78G-4    Wild West Show Parade 1927      TFA-78H-1    Adelaide, Australia 1930s
TFA-78I    Pig Iron To Steel      TFA-79A    How To Make a Hubschrauber
TFA-79B    Ethiopia - Africa's Ancient Kingdom      TFA-79C    African Pigmy Thrills
TFA-79D    The Steam Engine      TFA-79E    D.J. Morton African Expedition
TFA-79F    South Pole Or Bust      TFA-7A    Flight To Israel
TFA-7A-1    Flying To Israel      TFA-7A-10    Settlements
TFA-7A-11    Jordan Valley Development      TFA-7A-12    Diamonds and Shoes
TFA-7A-13    Kibbutz Life      TFA-7A-14    Refugee Children
TFA-7A-15    Haifa Life      TFA-7A-16    Arriving In Haifa
TFA-7A-17    Acre Scenes      TFA-7A-18    Roman Aqueducts
TFA-7A-19    Beach Day      TFA-7A-2    Arriving In Tel Aviv
TFA-7A-20    Galilee Farming      TFA-7A-21    Druze Life
TFA-7A-22    Northern Israel      TFA-7A-23    Hula Valley
TFA-7A-24    Sea of Galilee      TFA-7A-25    Degania
TFA-7A-26    Kibbutzim      TFA-7A-27    Hydroelectric Power Plant
TFA-7A-28    Kafr Kana      TFA-7A-29    Nazareth
TFA-7A-3    Downtown Tel Aviv      TFA-7A-30    Jezreel Valley
TFA-7A-31    Mount Zion      TFA-7A-32    New Jerusalem
TFA-7A-33    Yeshurun Synagogue      TFA-7A-34    Leaving Israel
TFA-7A-4    Tel Aviv Growth      TFA-7A-5    Jaffa Growth
TFA-7A-6    Tel Aviv Buildings      TFA-7A-7    Tel Aviv Outdoors
TFA-7A-8    Weizmann Institute      TFA-7A-9    Orange Groves
TFA-7B    A Flight To North Africa      TFA-8-7C    Rabat
TFA-80A    Oregon      TFA-81A    Hong Kong - Gateway To China
TFA-81B    Beyond All Barriers      TFA-81C    Roamin' In Scotland
TFA-82A    Travel Into The Past      TFA-83A    Grand Canyon
TFA-83B    Ohio      TFA-83C    The World We Live In
TFA-83D    New Hampshire      TFA-83E    Washington In Wartime
TFA-84A    Voyage of the Mayflower II      TFA-84B    Dover
TFA-84C    London      TFA-84D    Nassau In The Bahamas
TFA-84E    Magicians of India      TFA-84F    Switzerland
TFA-85A    You're a Person First In Jamaica      TFA-85B-1    Colonial Williamsburg
TFA-85B-2    Beach Bar, Virginia      TFA-85B-3    AAA Motor Patrol
TFA-86A    To Milwaukee on the Christopher Columbus      TFA-86B    Our India
TFA-86C    Atlantic City      TFA-87A    The Imperial City
TFA-87B    A Day In Venice      TFA-87C    Ireland: The Melody Isle
TFA-87D    Mendelsohn      TFA-87E    Johannes Brahms
TFA-87F    Franz Liszt      TFA-88A    In The Hands Of Professionals
TFA-88B    Blue Holiday      TFA-88C    Free At Sea
TFA-89A    New Horizons - New York      TFA-89B    New Horizons - Hawaii
TFA-89C    New Horizons - National Parks      TFA-89D    New Horizons - Fiji, New Caldonia
TFA-89E    Morocco and Kenya      TFA-8A-1    Tunisia
TFA-8A-2    Tunisia      TFA-8A-3    Tunisia
TFA-8A-4    Tunisia      TFA-8A-5    Tunisia
TFA-8B    Tunisia      TFA-8C    Along The Life-Line of the British Empire
TFA-8D    Ethiopia      TFA-90A-1    Jim and Lesley FitzPatrick #1
TFA-90A-2    Aboard The S.S. Del Norte      TFA-90A-3    Jim and Lesley FitzPatrick #2
TFA-90B    Zurich      TFA-90C    Geneva
TFA-90D    Family Sojourn In Hawaii      TFA-90E    Caronia World Cruise - India and Egypt
TFA-91A    Picturesque Portugal      TFA-91B    Caronia World Cruise - Malta, Rhodes, Athens
TFA-91C    Santa Barbara      TFA-91D    Israel
TFA-92A    Boston Common And Proper      TFA-92B    Vermont - This Land of Ours
TFA-92C    Hawaii, The 50th State      TFA-92D    Utah - This Land of Ours
TFA-92E    The Hawaiian Islands      TFA-93B    Damascus and Jerusalem
TFA-93C    Cyprus Is An Island      TFA-93D    Famous Authors - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
TFA-94A    Alaska Interlude      TFA-94B    Hebron - The Ancient
TFA-94C    The Good Samaritan      TFA-94D    Tombs & Temples of the Pharaohs
TFA-94E    China & The Chinese      TFA-94F    Ancient Rome
TFA-94G    A Dutch Treat      TFA-94H    Glimpses of French Country Life
TFA-95A    New England - Yesterday and Today      TFA-95C    Royal Visit To Fiji and Tonga
TFA-95D    Trinidad      TFA-96A    Wild River Safari
TFA-96B    Wings To Scandinavia      TFA-96C    The Univited Guest
TFA-97A    Hawaii-The Island State      TFA-97B    Gracious Heritage
TFA-97C    Crater Lake, Oregon      TFA-97D    Yellowstone National Park
TFA-98B    Beverly Hills Real Estate Tour      TFA-98C    Spectacular New York
TFA-98D    Mexico      TFA-98E    How To Buy A Car
TFA-99A    Across The World With Mr & Mrs Johnson      TFA-99B    Land of Islam
TFA-99C    Sacred Elephants of India      TFA-99D-1    S.S. Santa Rosa Through The Panama Canal
TFA-99D-2    North Pole Flight      TFA-9A-1    Glimpses of Picturesque Java
TFA-9A-2    Glimpses of Picturesque Java      TFA-9A-3    Cities Of Netherland India
TFA-9A-4    Cities Of Netherland India      TFA-9A-5    Cities Of Netherland India
TFA-9A-6    Indonesia      TFA-9A-7    Ceremonies In Bali
TFA-9B-1    Ceylon      TFA-9B-2    Ceylon
TFA-9B-3    Ceylon      TFA-9B-4    Ceylon
TFA-9B-5    Ceylon      TMYLTH    TMYLTH

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