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Small Milk Plant Operations
Description: A very detailed film about how to run a small milk processing plant from 1946
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Clip #: MF-20C
Length: 22:26
Year: 1946
Color: B/W
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1940s
Subject: Manufacturing
Original: 16mm
1940s, Federal Security Agency United States Public Health Service, Grade A pasteurized milk bottle, milk being poured into jug, children drinking milk, milk being poured over cereal, woman being handed glass of milk and drinking through straw, milkman handing milk bottles to woman from truck, milkman leaving milk bottles on porch and picking up empty bottles, man drinking glass of milk, pasteurization, male milk plant operators putting bottles of milk traveling on conveyor into crates, car driving up to small milk processing plant, milk processing plant floor plan, cold room, utility rooms, receiving room, pasteurization room, bottle washing room, animated diagram showing flow of milk through equipment protecting from contamination, receiving vat, pasteurizer, pump, cooler, filling machine, milk being delivered to receiving room, male milk plant operator removing cover from receiving vat, operator smelling milk can lid for spoilage and pouring milk inside vat, operator using mallet to open milk can, operator stirring milk with stirring rod while measuring temperature, thermometer reading 79 degrees, operator rinsing thermometer and stirring rod and returning to sterilizing solution, operator filling out milk rejection slip checking off high temperature and off odor, operator tying rejection slip to milk can, operator opening and smelling milk can and pouring into receiving vat, operator replacing vat cover and turning on milk pump, sanitary milk piping, pasteurization vat, operator opening inlet valve and turning agitator and water jacket circulator pump on, closed vat cover, thermometers on pasteurization vat, indicating thermometer, air space thermometer, recording thermometer and chart, arrows pointing to air space heater assembly components, steam strainer, control valve, condensation leg, steam trap, auxiliary water trap, steam gauge, animation steam flowing into pasteurizer, agitator motor and shaft connected to vat cover securely to safeguard against dirt getting inside, animations detailing pasteurization vat operation, water jacket formed between space between insulated outer wall and inner wall, water being heated just before entering vat, water jacket filled up to overflow pipe, milk entering vat through inlet pipe, vat filled with milk to level just below water level in jacket, indicating thermometer, recording thermometer, agitator stirring milk so is heated evenly, clean dry steam forced through air space heater into space between top of milk and vat cover, air space thermometer, outlet valve on side of vat, leak protector type outlet valve, milk plant operator turning on steam to water jacket and air space heater, operator turning off inlet valve when vat is full of milk and wiping down vat cover, leak protector type inlet valve, operator turning off steam to jacket when indicating thermometer has showed milk has almost reached pasteurization temperature, indicating thermometer showing milk temperature at 143 degrees reaching pasteurization range, operator adjusting steam supply to air space heater so that air space temperature is at least 148 degrees during entire pasteurization holding time, air space thermometer showing temperature at 148 degrees, operator turning off water jacket circulating pump when milk has reached pasteurization temperature and leaving agitator on during pasteurization holding time, operator comparing recording thermometer temperature to indicating thermometer temperature while during pasteurization, operator writing indicating thermometer temperature and additional information with stamp on recording chart, indicating thermometer, air space thermometer, operator adjusting steam valve to maintain correct temperature, milk now pasteurized after staying at 143 degree temperature for 30 plus minutes, preventing recontamination, operator turning off steam to jacket and air space heater, operator turning on cold water to jacket to start cooling the milk, animation showing cold water entering and mixing with water in jacket and running out through overflow pipe, operator turning on water jacket circulating pump and leaving agitator running, recording thermometer chart recording prompt cooling of milk in vat, 30 minute holding time on chart, animation recording thermometer chart showing milk at pasteurizing temperature during additional time it takes to empty vat and expose thermometer bulb, chart showing 30 minutes holding time and emptying time, operator opening outlet valve on pasteurizer after milk has been properly cooled, operator adjusting valve in line and turning on pump, milk flowing from pasteurization vat to pump, through flow control valve and onto cooler, cooler kept covered while in use, cooler built in two separate sections, coil headers, view inside cooler showing milk flowing over cooler and being chilled below 50 degrees, milk flowing from cooler to bottle filler, supply pipe shield / apron, filler valves protected by diverting aprons, operator washing hands in pasteurization room wash basin and drying with sanitary paper towel, operator removing bottle caps from cabinet and loading capper after discarding first cap, operator loading hooding machine, operator turning on filling and hooding machine switches and loading bottles onto filling machine, bottling, mechanical capper, bottle hoods, operator inspecting bottles after they are bottled and capped and disposing of milk from rejected bottle, operator putting capped bottles into case, operator pushing milk crates on dolly into cold room, man removing milk crate from cold room through door on outside of building and loading into truck with ice cubes keeping it cold, pasteurized and capped milk bottles packed amongst ice for proper transport temperature

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