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Plusses in Manufacturing
Description: Glass containers and corrugated shipping boxes are manufactured at Owens-Illinois.
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Clip #: MF-19C
Length: 14:47
Color: Color
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1950s
Subject: Manufacturing
Original: 16mm
1950s, manufacturing, research, development, engineering, glass container industry, scientist testing glass for containers looking through scope, woman’s hand feeding jarred pureed food to baby sitting in high chair, milkman delivering milk and butter to front porch, group of boys sitting on grass drinking from soda bottles, pharmacist pouring liquid medicine from beaker into bottle, bottles of chemicals on grocery store shelves, clerk at counter spraying perfume on woman’s hand, woman using can opener to open lid of jarred food, Owens-Illinois, scientist performing tests in research laboratory, empty glass food container, jarred container full of food rotating on pedestal, scientist looking at periodic table of elements and writing down information on clipboard, scientist talking about the importance of his experiments testing glass strength, past research and development, map on wall of Owens-Illinois plants, scientist holding sign reading “plusses: diversity and flexibility,” male worker using large automatic machine for narrow neck glass containers, flexible flow IAS machine for wide mouth, irregular and not round containers, tumbler press, lynch machine, new G-50 machine that forms stronger and lighter glass containers than many conventional containers, male worker removing glass container from conveyor and inspecting it, scientist holding up glass food containers and talking about positive attributes of G-50 machine, scientist performing experiment heating glass rod to 1000 degrees showing strength of glass when flexible, scientist’s hand turning dials on Load Cell Amplifier, scientist scratching room temperature glass rod that breaks in half, scientist spraying surface lubrication on glass containers, various food and beverages in jars and bottles on shelves, sulfur, vegetable lubricants, vegetable stearate, silicone emulsion, scientist’s hands picking up jar of Duracote, scientist putting down Duracote jar and talking about it, universal surface treating material, production line, glass containers being transferred without risking surface scratches on walking beam transfer system, close up eyes of various male and female inspection team workers, glass containers traveling on automatic electronic inspection machine, machine double checking visual inspections, rejected glass containers being filtered out and deposited on turntable, scientist holding up bottled beverage and talking about applied color label, male worker supervising as labels are screened onto bottles with ceramic paint, color labeling process, female worker’s hand turning bottles traveling on walking beam transfer machine so that labels are facing out, labeled bottles traveling on walking beam transfer machine, worker’s hands picking up bottles from among rows of labeled bottles, production of corrugated shipping boxes, female workers examining and packing glass containers into corrugated shipping boxes, male worker using forklift to transport stacked boxes, glass containers and boxes being carefully engineered, designed and tested, male designer sketching sales minded printing design for box, male worker using machinery making scuff resistant ink, printing dyes, materials being tested for uniformity, scientists inspecting and performing experiments, grocery clerk struggling to open difficult to open carton versus easily opening “openized” carton, male grocery clerk’s hands removing jar from open carton, boxes falling from stack being transported with forklift, forklift being used to successfully transport stacked Wildroot Wave Set boxes, male worker’s hands removing Wildroot Wave Set box with skid resistant perforations on top of bottom from stack, male worker using machine to saw partitions for boxes, male scientist pointing to partitions slotted old fashioned messy way versus newer much cleaner sawed method, grip fork stacking and loading unit system being used to lower and transport stacked boxes without need for pallet, male scientist walking over to laboratory counter and looking at test tube, machines, male worker inspecting glass container, scientist’s hands picking up jar of Duracote, glass containers traveling on automatic electronic inspection machine, rows of glass beverage bottles with color labels, woman using can opener to open lid of jarred food, stacked shipping boxes, Toledo, Kansas, facade Owens-Illinois Technical Center

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