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The Show Must Go On
Description: Educational film about Bell and Howell film projectors.
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Clip #: MF-13A
Length: 21:55
Color: B/W
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1940s
Original: 16mm
1940s, Bell and Howell, 16mm film projectors, movie projectors, movies, films, reenactment 1920s, woman playing upright piano to audience in movie theater, people finding seats in packed theater, audience applauding pianist at end of piece as she bows head in recognition, theater lights darkening and pianist playing, title cards, intertitles, intertitle “Will the ladies please remove their hats?” female audience members removing their hats with one stubborn woman refusing, title cards “Thank you!” “Wild West Productions presents ‘Revenge on the Range,’” silent films, western film, women sitting at end of aisle leaning sideways to see better, film starting to play but image skipping badly, “One moment please! The operator is in trouble,” intertitle, film starting up again, female audience members applauding as villain is foiled, cowboy galloping off, film skipping again, “One moment please! The operator is in trouble!” intertitle again, male audience member slyly putting his arm around woman seated next to him, film starting up again, audience members leaning forward in seats while watching fight on screen, audience members leaning back and applauding, audience members laughing when boy tries to get in between romantic interlude between main characters, “Finis” intertitle, audience applauding and whistling, projectionist turning off projector and wiping brow, modern day film projector, projectors being used in school, church, for training / technical film, for selling goods and services, various audiences for projected films such as children, church goers, factory workers, businessmen, woman’s event, teenagers, audience in movie theater, family of all ages gathered around projector in darkened room, projector users talking about their problems using projectors, teenage girl in classroom threading film into projector, film traveling through projector, view inside cut-away projector with close up various components, sprockets, ripped perforations on film, safe-lock sprockets, hands putting film in position so that sprockets lock it into position, picture area of film passing over recessed roller, scratching, scratched film, shuttle, man’s hand turning the shuttle drive mechanism, example of steady picture and disturbance, precision gears, clutch, metered lubrication, lubricant flowing down from oiling cups into felt pads feeding filtered oil to all parts in right amount, man’s finger flipping switch for film reversal, man’s finger flipping speed switch, take-up mechanism, take-up reel, rewinding, film movement mechanism, man’s hands adjusting aperture plate to precise fit, aperture plate being optically polished, man inspecting aperture, aperture being hand stoned, woman removing film prints in cans from racks in vault, hands threading film into projector, optical system, example of clear close up of flowers in field versus dark and obscured image of temple, light source, projection lamps, man fitting projection lamp with special base that positions filaments exactly, filaments lighted and image projected on target, lamp being adjusted until image shows filaments are exactly centered, pre-alignment gauge braised onto lamp base, prefocused rhodium reflector, condensers, man’s hand removing parts of optical system including lamp, condensers and lenses from projector with bare hands and without tools, new lamp easily being slid into place without need for adjustment, straight line optical system, sound reproduction, film speed, demonstration of perfect sound reproduction at 24fps, demonstration of distorted sound when film speed varies, wow, uniform speed at 24fps, precision gear drive, governor, perfectly balanced flywheel regulating rotation of sound drum, dynamic balancing of flywheel, man checking flywheel for any amount of unbalance, excess weight being removed from flywheel to bring it into perfect balance, flywheel ready for use after rechecking to meet specifications, flywheel being assembled with sound drum and mounted on roller bearings, slow motion flutter while film moves through gate, Filmosound projector preventing flutter from reaching sound drum because of oscillatory stabilizer, film moving steadily, pianist wearing white tie and tailcoat playing grand piano, testing laboratory, stock Filmosound projectors showing no decrease of performance efficiency or wear after being tested for 2500 hours of nonstop operation, various demographics of audiences watching projections, features for best quality projectors, film easily being threaded into projector, safe-lock sprockets, machined and recessed film handling parts that cannot scratch film, shuttle that guards against film damage and provides steady pictures, optical system with pre-aligned bulbs, controlled film movement providing clear undistorted sound, boy easily carrying projector and setting it onto tripod demonstrating how lightweight it is, hands opening Bell & Howell lifetime guarantee tag hanging from projector, reenactment 1920s theater audience watching film laughing and applauding, “One moment please! The operator is in trouble” intertitle, modern day movie theater audience watching film, family of all ages gathered around projector in darkened room, man operating projector inside church, children watching projected film in classroom, factory workers watching projection, businessmen sitting around table in meeting watching projection using Bell and Howell projector

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