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The Univited Guest
Description: A film about how to deal with hotel fires from the early 1970s
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Clip #: TFA-96C
Length: 23:02
Year: 1972
Color: Color
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1970s
Region: Europe
Country: England
City: London
Subject: Hotels
Original: 16mm
1970s, England, London, fires, hotels, Strand Hotels Limited, Albany Hotel, housekeeper reading fire safety notice tacked onto bulletin board, man holding cigarette and touching maid's rear end, man squeezing off lit end of cigarette, housekeeper opening fire door to reveal smoke filled hotel hallway, woman and man exclaiming in horror, people trying to pass through smoke filled hallway, woman sitting and drinking by open fireplace and warming her hands on fire, kettle boiling on stove, woman lighting cigarette from candle and exhaling smoke, lit cigarette, building consumed in fire, Albany Hotel sign on building facade, Cumberland Hotel sign on awning, Cumberland Hotel facade and street scene, facade inn, facade Albany Hotel, Windsor Hotel entrance, hall porters giving directions to hotel guests, "please do not disturb" sign on hotel door handle, hotel guests getting into elevator, maintenance man polishing generator, lit cigarettes burning in ashtray and falling onto newspaper with article about fire hotel, photographs of hotel fire with people jumping out of window, man lifting up carpet to reveal cord underneath, people entering Cumberland Hotel, Fire Precautions Act 1971, firemen trying to put out hotel fire and rescue guests, guests struggling to pass through smoke filled hallway, smoke passing in front of exit sign, flames coming from television near curtains, woman opening fire door and entering hallway, woman opening cabinet to reveal fire extinguisher, man's calm expression changing to fear and panic, manager pointing out fire alarm and exit sign to housekeepers, firemen spraying roaring fire with fire hose, building consumed in flames, spinning diagram showing how fire creates convection current, illustration showing how smoke and gasses spread and rise through hotel floors, hotel consumed in fire, newspapers with articles about hotel fires, diagram showing percentages of hotel fire causes, fires caused by smoking, prevention, control, escape, manager walking down hallway and moving fire extinguishing from being used to prop open door, manager inspecting room under construction and moving wood boards from being used to prop open door and shutting door, patrolman inspecting hotel lounge and finding lit cigarette butt in chair cushion, patrolman disconnecting television plug from outlet, housekeeper removing shirt from space heater, housekeeper discarding trash from hotel room and separating smoking waste from other trash, housekeeper putting bundles of waste into trash chute, housekeeper smoking and putting lit cigarette into trash chute, woman putting out and disposing lit cigarette in ashtray receptacle, housekeeper carrying tray leaving service room and walking up stairs, kettle boiling on hot plate, housekeeper removing bed linens / towels from shelf and putting on cart, housekeeper carrying garbage bag filled with waste up stairs and putting in service room, tea towel drying on line falling onto plugged in hot plate, woman warming feet on space heater next to turned on television, kettle boiling on table near lamp, circuit overloaded with plugs, one appliance plugged into each circuit, cleaning equipment and supplies, housekeeper putting rubber gloves and cleaning supply in covered metal bin, housekeeper lifting up burnt towels / sheets resting on pipes, housekeeper inspecting supply room, chef burning tea towel on stove flame as he cooks and putting out / affixing it to his jacket, kitchen vents, flames igniting in fryer, controlling fire, diagram showing compartmentation of hotel divided by fire doors and exits, closed fire doors and fire exit signs, fire alarm sounding and fire doors closing automatically, housekeeper pushing cart of supplies through fire doors, sprinkler system in storage room, man holding lit cigarette next to smoke detector, man's reflection looking through fire door window, man striking match and lighting women's cigarette, fast motion people walking through hotel lobby, guidelines on how to react to hotel fire, person's hand breaking glass over fire alarm glass and sounding alarm, person's hand dialing rotary phone and dialing emergency number, alarm going off in switchboard, switchboard operators calling fire department / fire brigade, man unfurling fire hose from cabinet, man using water fire extinguisher to put out curtains on fire, man using carbon dioxide fire extinguisher to put out fire in fryer and on electrical panel, man using foam fire extinguisher outside to put out oil / gas fire, man using foam fire extinguisher to put out curtains on fire near television, man removing asbestos blanket from holder and wrapping around mannequin on fire dressed in chef outfit, man covering and smothering fire in pan on stove with asbestos blanket, housekeeper opening hotel room door and seeing space heater fire, housekeeper exiting room and shutting door, housekeeper smashing glass over fire alarm and sounding alarm, housekeeper removing foam fire extinguisher from holder and putting out space heater fire, hotel personnel arriving as housekeeper has extinguished fire, smoke seeping through hotel room door, housekeeper locking door and dialing emergency alarm on rotary phone, housekeeper alerting switchboard operator about fire, chef seeing fire igniting in fryer and yelling at chef to sound alarm, man's hand smashing glass over fire alarm, chef removing carbon dioxide fire extinguisher from wall and spraying fire, man's hand turning off heat switch, man covering extinguished fire in fryer with asbestos blanket, man examining fryer vent, fire extinguishers and blanket hanging on walls, man examining fire hose, man holding lit match, firemen struggling to spray raging fire with fire hose, fire escape in modern building, staircase in older building, balcony fire escapes, fire exit sign, time lapse staircase landing being used for storage and items vanishing, electrician / maintenance man screwing lightbulb into ceiling and putting fixture back on, hotel engulfed in flames, manager knocking on hotel room doors and alerting them about fire, hotel guests waking up and fleeing hotel down staircase, calm hotel manager directing guests through fire exit, fire drill notification, meeting with woman instructing hotel personnel on fire prevention guidelines, woman instructing housecleaner on how to properly dispose of waste in trash chute, sign with instructions on how to react once discovering fire, hand pointing to fire alarm, man opening cabinet and showing fire hose to hotel personnel, housekeeper pushing vacuum walking through fire door, exit sign, maintenance man clearing supplies from staircase landing, fire drill with hotel personnel descending staircase, firemen spraying fire with fire hose, housekeeper opening fire door to reveal smoke filled hallway, woman and man exclaiming in horror and hurrying in opposite direction, person's hand breaking glass and sounding fire alarm, man opening cabinet and unfurling fire hose, man carrying fire hose into room as manager knocks on hotel room doors, switchboard operator alerting fire department / fire brigade about fire, calm manager directing guests through fire exit, hotel guests descending staircase, newspaper article about fire office commending hotel staff

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