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Principles of Cooking
Description: Various ways of cooking food are explained scientifically.
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Clip #: MF-19A
Length: 10:31
Year: 1938
Color: B/W
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1930s
Subject: Cooking
Original: 16mm
1930s, cooking, woman’s hand adding garnish to cooked meat on plate, laboratory studies, female scientists studying scientific principles of cooking, water boiling in glass pot on stove, spoon scooping uncooked rice in bowl, whole grain cereal, microscopic views cell structure when heated, heat penetrating cell walls, starch granules swelling and softening, cell walls partially disintegrating under continuous heat, starch particles swelling further and made more easily digestible, steamed rice in bowl, raw meat with arrows pointed to muscles, fat and connective tissues, microscopic views muscle tissue made up of groups of small elongated cells, cross-section view cell groups held together and connected to other muscles by connective tissue, large and small deposits of fat found around and embedded within tissue, fat melting when heat is applied, white connective tissue softening and changing it to digestible gelatin, cooked meat, water boiling in glass pot on stove, woman’s hand peeling potato with knife, cross section potato showing highest concentration iron and vitamins next to skin and starch in outer parts, woman’s hand peeling potato with knife and putting in pot of water, woman’s hand using slotted spoon to transfer potatoes to pot of boiling water on stove, woman’s hand turning stove dial to reduce pot of potatoes to gentle boil and covering pot with lid, fast motion clock changing from 6:00 to 6:30, woman’s hand using fork to test potatoes for doneness, woman’s hand revealing water boiling in lower part of double boiler on stove, woman’s hands preparing white sauce in top part of double boiler, double boiler cooking on low heat, woman’s hands pouring white sauce from top part of double broiler over food on plate, steamer cooker, woman’s hands seasoning and cooking vegetables in pot with steamer insert, large pressure cooker, woman’s hands liberating steam from pressure cooker and turning knobs on cover, small pressure cooker, woman’s hand safely removing cover from small pressure cooker revealing cooked meat within, deep fat frying, woman’s hands drying off potatoes and putting into deep fryer, food dipped in egg mixture being rolled in bread crumbs before being placed in deep fryer, woman’s hand using slotted spoon to remove cooked food from fryer and placing on towel, bacon and egg being pan fried, woman preparing young chickens and putting into broiler, woman’s hands slicing tomatoes on cutting board, fast motion clock changing from 6:00 to 6:20, woman adding salt to chicken on broiling rack woman using tongs to turn chicken over, woman’s hands using fork to put bacon on top of tomato slices on plate, woman’s hands adding bacon and tomato to chicken in broiler and salting, woman’s hand adjusting thermostat, woman’s hand holding oven thermometer, vegetables and meat too tough to roast being braised in oven, large cut of meat being baked / roasted in oven using meat thermometer, beef roasting time and temperature chart, cover being removed from potatoes boiling in pot on stove, potato being deep fried, large pressure cooker, steamed rice, woman’s hands adding garnish to cooked meat on plate, woman’s hands putting plate of food onto tablecloth covered table

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