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Bits Of France: Brittany
Description: Travelogue from 1936 of towns and historic sites along the French province of Brittany. Village street scenes, shipping ports, landscapes, and ocean vistas. Great examples of French and Breton culture with women wearing coiffe headdresses, Bigouden hats, and traditional European clothing. People relaxing on the beach and tourists sightseeing. Women knitting and crocheting. Cathedrals, religious ceremonies, and various calvaries and ossuaries. Extensive footage of Mont Saint Michel with tourists sightseeing, detailed process of making Madame Poulard omelets, and the high tide rushing in over the sands bordering the islet
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Clip #: AD-31
Length: 30:32
Year: 1936
Color: B/W
Sound: Sound
Library: Getty Images
Decade: 1930s
Region: Europe
Country: France
Subject: Chateaux
Original: 35mm
1930s, France, St. Malo, Ille-et-Vilaine, La Ville Intra-Muros, strongholds, Chateaubriand tomb, seaports, calvaries, ossuaries, quaintness, old-fashioned, Morbihan, criers, announcers, prehistoric, megaliths, standing stones, orthostats, liths, stone alignments, menec, shrubs, thatched roofs, handicrafts, Bigoudennie, headdresses, ocean liners, boats, passenger ships, cruise ships, villages, celebrations, rejoicing, parties, Celtic, Christianity, Catholicism, churches, cathedrals, clergy, religion, religious, religious rituals, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, tidal islands, isles, islets, cannons, tourism, sightseeing, Madame Poulard, fireplaces, food, breakfast, kitchens, French cuisine, playing, instruments, musicians, oceans, coastlines, leisure activities, beaches, bays, bicycles, bridges, country houses, country roads, countrysides, dirt roads, drums, families, fishing, floods, hats, horse-drawn wagons, marinas, marketplaces, milk women, monuments, reflections, rivers, artists, artisans, sculptors, chiseling, wood carvings, shopping, skylines, statues, stores, swimming, towns, Europe, Europeans, castles, architecture, traditional clothing, traditional dress 01:00:00:00 Title cards: "Andre de la Varre presents 'Bits of France - Brittany' Photographed & recorded by Andre de la Varre; Recorded at Reeves Sounds Studios, New York; Released by Compagnie Generale Transatlantique - French Line" 01:01:07:15 Saint Malo WS LS coast w/ walled city across ocean in BG. VS old city walls (ramparts) bordered by beach. People walking along walls looking at vistas. HA PAN beach lined w/ umbrellas & tents next to "risen" Grand Bay Island at low-tide. WS children & adults wading in ocean water. Family wading in surf, middle-aged woman hoists up skirt to avoid getting it wet. Fur salesman peddling to beach goers. WS people wading in glistening ocean water at sundown. WS sailboats on glistening water at sundown. WS cliffs & jutting rocks along coast. 01:03:00:19 Dinan LS WS Bailey bridge over viaduct. TU tower in Chateau de Duchesse Anne (Duchesse Anne's castle). Josselin WS TU from reflection of towers in moat to facade Ch√ɬĘteau de Josselin (Josselin Castle). Calvary at Gu√ɬ©henno VS EXT ossuary w/ crosses & figurines. 01:04:16:02 Gu√ɬ©henno Bretons leaving church & carrying chairs. Women wearing antique dresses & coiffes (head coverings). Women praying in cemetery. Men & women wearing traditional Breton costume. Women wearing traditional Breton dress & lace headdresses (coiffes) bicycling on road past elderly man wearing sabot shoes (good shot, traditional culture, traditional dress). 01:05:17:00 Vannes VS narrow, winding streets w/ medieval, half-timbered buildings. TU Vannes Cathedral tower. Comical figures of Vannes & his wife on roof of building. Town crier playing drum as he walks down street & reads announcements. 01:06:20:20 Sainte Anne d'Auray EXT Sainte Anne d'Auray Cathedral. VS pilgrims partaking in "pardon" ceremony. VS women wearing traditional Breton costume and lace headdresses (coiffes.) VS religious procession led by priest to shrine within Basilica. Pilgrims drinking from spring (fountain). 01:08:19:06 Carnac VS megalithic monuments w/ different types of stone alignments. WS LS tourist walking near rows of upright, standing stones (menhirs). VS dolmen (table stones) (chambers formed by flat stones on top of upright stones). WS PAN rows of Kermario stone alignments. Car POV past rows of Kermario stone alignments. Children running to car of tourists. VS children talking. 02:00:00:00 Brittany (Pt. 2) WS PAN picturesque landscape divided into separate fields. Fields separated by walls of stones covered in turf w/ flowers & shrubbery. Quaint / picturesque farmhouses. Woman standing in doorway of farmhouse. CU thatched roof. Pont Aven VS street scenes in picturesque European village. Elderly woman selling milk from cart (milkwoman). 02:01:43:00 Concarneau PAN shipping port / harbor. VS women wearing coiffes knitting & crocheting outdoors. MS woman doing needlework. Woman knitting w/ four needles. VS Breton women wearing coiffes (good shots, Brittany culture). 02:02:50:05 Pont l'Abbe WS car driving down road near row of houses. Woman wearing Bigouden headdress bicycling down street. VS woman wearing Bigouden washing clothes in communal washing area (laundry, laundering). Young girl in pigtails doing laundry. WS LS farmer leading horse-drawn cart. Breton women wearing Bigouden sitting by field sewing lace for coiffes. VS women wearing Bigouden smiling at CAM. (good shots, village culture, Bretons, Brittany culture) 02:04:48:18 Douarnenez WS Bay of Douarnenez. VS shipping port / harbor w/ fishermen working on boats. PAN shipping port / harbor, man wearing sabots, fishermen standing at pier. VS fishermen unloading fish from rowboats & onto trucks for delivery. Horse-drawn cart carrying fresh fish. 02:06:38:01 Douarnenez HA men wearing sabots. VS fishermen & sailors wearing sabots & berets standing at pier (good shots, Bretons, Breton culture, fishermen). Saint-Nazaire WS sailboat on Loire River. VS Normandie ocean liner steaming on river & at port. WS LS white sails from fishing fleet. WS cliffs by shore. 02:08:14:11 Locronan VS wedding party dancing in village streets, dancing in circle holding hands. Headshots Breton women wearing coiffes. MS women wearing coiffes & traditional dresses. Couples dancing in village streets (waltzing). (great shots, dancing, celebrating, Breton culture). 02:09:44:03 - 02:10:48:29 Locronan WS PAN across village square. VS crowd looking at sculptures displayed at stand. VS sculptor carving wood figurines & saints. VS hand-crafted wood figurine carvings of saints. 03:00:00:00 Guimiliau WS countryside landscape (scratched). VS calvary in Church cemetery w/ crosses & religious figurines. Saint-Thegonnec VS calvary in open churchyard. VS religious figurines & crosses. Plougastel VS large calvary w/ crosses & religious figurines. TU crosses of Golgotha. 03:02:09:08 Brittany Funeral procession through village streets w/ crowds dressed in black, some wearing hooded robes. Le Mont Saint Michel WS PAN sheep grazing on "salt meadow" field (pr√ɬ©-sal√ɬ©) to mount of Le Mont Saint Michel in BG. LS rocky islet of Le Mont Saint Michel across bay. VS cars parked on causeway & on sands below front gates at low-tide. TU buildings along side of island. 03:03:21:11 Le Mont Saint Michel Tourists passing through gateway & walking past wrought-iron bombards. CU stone balls in mouth of bombard cannon. VS tourists walking through narrow streets of Mont Saint Michel. HA row of houses along narrow street. Shopkeepers selling on street & soliciting tourists. VS stands of trinkets & souvenirs (chachkas). 03:04:41:13 Le Mont Saint Michel TD tourists passing under archway. INT kitchen, La Mere Poulard. VS cooks preparing Poulard omelets. Cook beating eggs & pouring mixture into frying pan. Cook cooking omelet in fireplace, occasionally stirring eggs. Children & adults standing in doorway watching omelets being made. Cook carefully pours omelet onto plate. CU butter being added to frying pan, which is then warmed over fireplace. VS eggs being cracked open into bowl, pinch of salt added, eggs beat. Egg mixture being poured into frying pan. VS omelet being cooked over fireplace. Omelet carefully poured onto plate. 03:06:57:08 Le Mont Saint Michel Young boy watches street musician playing guitar near cafe table. VS people standing by stone walls looking at vistas at low-tide. HA WS PAN parked cars on sand (at low-tide). VS old city walls (ramparts) around Mont Saint Michel. TU buildings along Mount to Benedictine Abbey at summit. Tourists at flooded entrance of Mont Saint Michel at high-tide. Women being carried to rowboats. People wading through feet of water. 03:08:34:15 Le Mont Saint Michel HA WS LS PAN horse-drawn carts galloping across sands at low-tide. VS water quickly rising over sands at high tide, mount becoming island. VS reflection of moonlight on water at night (dark). VS LS WS from across field Mont Saint Michel disappearing into distance. Title card: "Finis." 03:10:15:20

The first 10 minutes(reel 1)of this subject is available for transfer from the 35mm original print. It is identical to TFA-71A from a 16mm print. Reel 2 and 3 are only available from a Beta-SP master.

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