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Peoples of the Soviet Union
Description: A documentary film by Julian Bryan about the Russian people shot in the 1930s and revised in 1952. A survey of the many different nationalities that make up the people of the USSR, from the city dwellers of Moscow and Leningrad to the primitive but proud tribes of the Caucasus and Siberia. Photographed in the 30's when unrestricted travel was still permitted in Russia, this film contains invaluable material available nowhere else and probes into areas of Soviet life the Communists have neglected- or refused- to film
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Clip #: TFA-345A
Length: 37:56
Year: 1952
Color: B/W
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1950s
Filmmaker: Julien Bryan
Region: Europe
Country: Russia
Subject: Street Scene
Original: 16mm
1930s, Russia, Soviet Union, street scenes, pedestrians, portraits of people of Russia, Lakh, Laks in the North Caucasus, Avars in Dagestan, Turco Tatars in Azerbaijan, Khevsur, Khevsurians in Georgia, Georgians, Buriat-Mongolians on border of China, Buryats, Uzbeks in Central Asia, Finno Ugrian, Finno-Ugric peoples in Republic of Karelia, Crimean Tatars, Crimea, Ukrainians living near Black Sea, Russians, Soviet Union outlined on globe, peoples of border countries to Soviet Union highlighted on globe, Arctic Ocean, Finland, Europe, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, China (Sinkiang, Mongolia and Manchuria) arrow pointing to United States from where Siberia just outward to Bering Strait, outlined maps of Russia and Alaska almost touching with Soviet Union and United States flags, map showing locations of peoples within Soviet Union, people of Caucasus between Caspian and Black Seas, Mongolians in Siberia, five separate groups in Central Asia, White Russians and Ukrainians living on European border, Russians located through 3/4 of Soviet Union, Moscow, Kremlin skyline, pedestrians, street scenes, traffic, flower vendor, Russian people, people buying newspapers from newspaper vendor, Institute of Mechanics and Technology, international Writer’s Congress held in Moscow, Suleiman Stalsky giving speech, Maxim Gorky, Bolshoi Theatre, opera / ballet performance with male and female performers dancing together, Moscow State Jewish Theatre, Solomon Mikhoels applying makeup and putting on crown for role of King Lear, Habima Players performing version of Hebrew dance, Leo Tolstoy State Museum, Moscow Zoo visitors from all parts of Soviet Union, Court of Justice with judges as sole arbiters of case, male and female industrial factory workers, equipment produced for tractor and machine stations serving large collective farms, farmers using tractors and agricultural machinery, large and smaller collective farms, collectivization, male and female peasants drinking vodka and eating black bread, villages, traditional customs, women washing laundry in body of water, arrow pointing on map to Leningrad, Saint Petersburg, St. Petersburg, horse sculptures on Anichkov Bridge, street scenes, traffic, trams, pedestrians, horse-drawn carriages, carts, largely Russian population but also non-Russians from surrounding regions, children spinning around in park, government operated nurseries for children of working parents, Church of the Savior on Blood, Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Saint Petersburg Mosque, International Physiological Congress, physiologists, Ivan Pavlov giving speech, Pavlov pointing to flowers with cane, dogs following woman carrying food bowl, arrow pointing to Karelo-Finnish Republic on map, Karelians, White Sea–Baltic Canal, Karelian churches, old man chanting Kalevala saga on canal steamer, lumber, woodsmen returning to village after work, woman carrying babies, smiling children, arrow pointing to Ukraine on map, map showing South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas superimposed over outlined map of Ukraine showing relative size, map showing cities of Kiev, Kharkov and Rostov, Kiev, sightseers standing at viewpoint and walking down hill sloping down to Dnieper River, cityscape with many buildings destroyed by Germans in war, Kiev Pechersk Lavra monastery, sightseers being told history of churches, open air market, children’s bookstore, Ukrainian textbook for learning English, adults and children watching moving illustrations of fairy tale in window display, countrywoman selling bunches of water lilies to children from baskets balanced on carrying pole, gypsy-run collective farm, gypsy women working on farms and sorting apples after being picked, map showing industrial section surrounding Donets Basin and arrow pointing to Dnieper Dam, restored Dnieper Dam, Donbass region, iron and coal mining, miners, foundry, Rostov, street scenes, pedestrians, Russians, photographer taking photograph man posing through large painted cutout of cossack mounted on horseback, men drinking glasses of beer on street, map showing Siberia, fertile land, log cabin, Russian settler’s wife cutting large mushroom on porch, girl sitting in window reading textbook on American geography, Buryat Mongol instructor teaching Russian woman working as apprentice cook at work camp on how to make cabbage soup, map pointing to shores of Lake Baikal on border of China, Buryat Mongolians, Buryat Mongols, Buryats, Buriat, Buryat men and women smoking pipes, shaman medicine man performing ceremony at tribal meeting, buddhism, lamas performing ancient religious rites and turning prayer wheel, Buryat woman mending clothing on American-made sewing machine, Buryat adults and children, boy using American-made cream separator, sanitarium established by Buryat government for Tubercular children, boys resting outside sanitarium including listening to portable phonograph and playing chess, primitive agricultural methods including horse-drawn agricultural machines, wheat and oat fields, farmers, map showing industrial areas across Siberia, factories, plants, Central Asiatic Republics highlighted on map with Lake Aral, Lake Balkhash, Tashkent, Samarkand, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz people, Kazakhs, Turkmens, Tajiks, people of various ethnicities carrying luggage boarding ship on Caspian shore, portraits of Turkmenians, Turkmens, Kazakhs, Kalmyks, Uzbek men and women in traditional dress performing folk dance while musicians sing and play traditional instruments, folk dancing, arrow pointing to Transcaucasia on map with Georgia, Tbilisi, street scenes, pedestrians, Georgian people, horse drawn carriage, trams, modern post office building, store signs in both Russian and Georgian, man buying newspaper from newspaper stand with newspapers in various languages, bookstore, sailor buying Georgian book, female clerk showing man poster of Stalin, children’s book section, children reading books, men smoking near posters in both Russian and Georgian advertising local dance festival, folk dancers of various Caucasian groups performing folk dances, Kurds, Kurdish boy dancing while men gathered around him clap in unison, Cherkess, Circassians, Cherkess man dressed in traditional attire performing folk dancing and intermittently falling on his knees, Adjars, men dressed in traditional attire performing circle dance, Georgia, Caucasus, Khevsurs in traditional attire, pack horse, horse wagons, Ossetians wearing hats and capes, shepherds, Svans, Svanetians, oxen-drawn sledge, Armenia highlighted between Black and Caspian Seas on map, Yerevan cityscape with Mount Ararat in distance, mosque, Catholicos of All Armenians, architects looking at building model and discussing plans for new government building, Khachkar stone carvers, building under construction, Azerbaijan highlighted on map, Baku, oil fields, playground near modern buildings, street scenes, pedestrians, Turco Tatars, sidewalk cafe, day nursery for children of oil workers washing hands in outdoor sink, Daghestan highlighted on map, Dagestan, mountain village, Muslim women wearing hijabs, men of Avar race wearing Papakha hats sitting against wall talking and smoking, craftsman making fine copper pieces, woman weaving Dagestan rug, government supervised reading room, men reading newspapers, books and political pamphlets in Avar language, man reading Soviet constitution on display, babies playing on Daghestan rug in nursery, Daghestan boy dressed in national costume mounting horse, boys playing volleyball, electricity being carried to remote village, power station, power station worker teaching boys about engineering / scientific principles as related to power station, army recruits and soldiers marching, men and women watching fireworks display over Kremlin

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