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New Look In Potatoes
Description: A Union Pacific Railroad film about the humble potato.
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Clip #: TFA-344A
Length: 24:20
Year: 1962
Color: Color
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1960s
Region: North America
Country: United States
State: Idaho
Subject: Agriculture
Original: 16mm
1960s, Idaho, potato fields with Grand Tetons in background, Teton Mountain Range, tractors being used in spring to plow and till soil for seed bed, tractor plowing under alfalfa plants to improve soil, eyes of seed potatoes showing first signs of new life, man cutting open sacks of tested certified blue label seed stock onto conveyor belt, female workers putting potatoes onto escalator cups to be cut by blades, larger potatoes ready for planting, seed cutter machine sizing potatoes automatically, truck load of seven tons of seed potatoes being positioned for elevator to transport it into planter bin, two-row planter being used to plant seed pieces in soil, four-row planter being used to plant commercial fertilizer and seed potatoes, cultivation, rows of potatoes being cultivated, irrigated field, sprinkler irrigation, crop dusting, tractors pulling bedders and heavy rollers to prepare for early harvesting, potato harvester, truckload of potatoes being covered by canvas cover and transported to grading shed / storage, large rotary-type digger using large rubber buckets to elevate newly dug potatoes into truck, potato storage cellar being constructed with heavy timber and concrete walls, roof being insulated with layer of baled straw, Quonset hut potato storage cellar being constructed, finished quonset cellar covered with metal sheeting, good ventilation provided by air intakes and outlets, heated air maintaining proper temperature of insulated cellars during winter, potatoes treated with sprout inhibitor contrasted with untreated tubers, workers using machine to dig potatoes out of storage bins to be transported to packing sheds, trucks transporting potatoes to grading plant, potatoes being thoroughly washed, male workers removing undersized or bruised potatoes from sorting belts, lot destined for fresh market receiving thin coating of wax and being polished by large brushes before ascending on rubber elevator to automatic sizing machine, machine reserved for uniform large potatoes, potatoes passing over weighing device, machine weighing potatoes passing along belt with hidden plungers pushing smaller ones aside, choice potatoes making way to sacks designated “US No. 1,” potatoes graded according to size and appearance, female workers packaging 10 pound bags of potatoes, polyethylene bags used for 5# class, Simplot russet potatoes being packed into fiberboard cartons and transported on conveyer belt into Union Pacific Fruit Express refrigerator cars, Southern Pacific Lines, Union Pacific Railroad, male workers stacking boxes inside refrigerator car, “aristocrat” potatoes being stamped with “Grown in Idaho” while passing underneath rubber rollers, packages of “four giant bakers” displayed behind clear plastic window, female workers peeling less visually desirable potatoes which come out of cutter in form of french fries, female worker removing off-colored pieces, french fry pieces falling off drum into frying oil to produce partially cooked french fries which are frozen and packaged into cartons for restaurants, worker stacking boxes of Blue Goose french fry potatoes, Pacific Fruit Express refrigerator car exterior and empty refrigerator car, forklift being used to quickly transport stacked cases from cold room into refrigerator car, male workers stacking cases inside refrigerator car, movable steel doors being pushed into slots to ensure protection and division from other stacked boxes, workers rolling door shut and sealing car, male worker securing metal seal to ensure security of cargo, railroad man checking fuel and temperature gauges and adjusting temperature to proper frozen food level, Union Pacific Fruit Express traveling to destination, processing plant, french fried potatoes being browned more than ones for restaurant trade and being weighed and packaged and boxed for home use, dehydrated potatoes being processed into flakes for mashed potatoes, large cans of mashed potato powder for restaurants, envelopes being filled for two servings of mashed potatoes, sliced dehydrated potatoes being boxed for “Minute Sliced Potatoes,” partially fried nuggets coming out of hot fat ready to be quick frozen, diced potatoes in dehydrated and semi-dehydrated form, machine with searching eye that removed off-colored diced potatoes, female workers using vacuum tube to pick up any stragglers that have eluded the “eye,” varieties of potato chips, potato chips being packed into multi-walled envelopes with eye catching labels, female workers testing potato products such as potato chips and mashed potatoes in potato processing plant quality control laboratory, stacked bags and individual bulk potatoes, varieties of potato chips on shelves, various packaged potato products including french fries, hash browns and tater tots, woman selecting packages of potato products from freezer and adding to shopping cart, boxes and cans of various potato products on shelves, individual stacked potatoes, butter melting on top of baked potato

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