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Turkey, Key to the Middle East
Description: “This Modern Age” cinemagazine about Turkey.
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Clip #: TFA-313A
Year: 1950
Color: B/W
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1950s
Region: Europe
Country: Turkey
Subject: Government
Original: 16mm
1950s, Turkey, Dardanelles, ruins, fortress along banks of Dardanelles, Hittite king statue, Troy, Temple of Diana ruins, Byzantine churches and palaces, Istanbul cityscape with Hagia Sophia, modern street scenes, pedestrians, Byzantine ruins, mosques, courtyard, indoor bazaar, livestock being herded on Anatolian Plateau, cornfield, orchard, vineyard, agricultural workers, fishermen, shepherds, footage from 1950 general election, People’s Party, President İsmet İnönü, Democratic Party, Celâl Bayar, voters casting ballots, Democratic Party winning election led by Bayar, street scenes, modern buildings, Atatürk Monument in İzmir, cityscape, artwork depicting rise and fall of Ottoman Empire, map of Ottoman Empire under Suleiman the Magnificent, historical footage of prominent 20th Century events related to Ottoman Empire, Italo-Turkish War, First Balkan War, Young Turk Revolution led by Enver Pasha against Abdul Hamid II, Young Turks, map showing extent of Ottoman Empire in 1914, Ottoman Empire becoming part of Central Powers during WWI, breakthrough of Dardanelles by German warships,Gallipoli Campaign, Arab Revolt led by Lawrence of Arabia against Ottoman Empire, General Sir Edmund Allenby leading the Egyptian Expeditionary Force to victory in Palestine and Syria, entry of Allied fleet into Dardanelles and Allied troops into Constantinople, Sultan Mehmed VI signing Treaty of Sevres, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk rejecting treaty and raising revolt against Allies and Sultan, War of Independence, Treaty of Lausanne negotiated by İsmet İnönü, old city street scenes, veiled women, Kemal Atatürk giving speech, map showing new Republic of Turkey, Kemal Atatürk reforms to modernize Turkey, abolishment of fez hats, crowds of men wearing fezzes, women given civil rights, woman casting vote, abolishment of Arabic script and introduction of Roman alphabet, Atatürk watching his child write letters on blackboard, reform of legal system, Swiss Civil code, public court case with women in legal positions, military parade, creation of one party state, Kemal Atatürk funeral, successor İsmet İnönü marching in procession, World War II, Germany represented by Ambassador to Turkey Franz von Papen trying to win Turkey’s favor, Britain, United States and Russia supplying Turkey with war İnönü meeting with Winston Churchill, 1944 Turkey breaking off all relations with Germany, İnönü giving speech, Turkish Army, mounted infantry, soldiers practicing field exercises, teenage boys and girls wearing uniforms marching in formation, girls doing somersaults and calisthenics, children seated at desks in classrooms listening to teachers and writing addition on blackboard, girls and boys being taught religious instruction outside, boys doing sports, wrestling, boxing, basketball, competitive swimming, male and female students studying science and art, men and women drawing nude figures and sculpting busts, academy of music and drama, girls and boys playing violins led by instructor, opera performance, orchestra performance, Turkish folk music and dance performances, traditional instruments, peasants, workers, steel industry, steel mills, coal mining, coal mines, factories, manufacturing, sacks of cargo being loaded into ship hold, female factory workers, agriculture, farming, peasants tending to livestock, villages carved out of rock and hillsides, workers picking crops in field, traditional plows and carts, farming instructor teaching villagers proper agricultural methods, state cultivated farmland using agricultural machines, mechanized agriculture, peasants learning modern agricultural methods, cooperatively used tractors and agricultural machinery, uncultivated land, dams, forests, logging, timber, efforts at afforestation, male and female workers harvesting tobacco and fruit for dried fruits, Village Institutes, men and women being trained to be teachers, men being trained as land workers, builders and blacksmiths, women being trained in spinning, weaving and sewing, road and railway building, defense, tanks, prominent buildings including mosques along Turkish Straits of Dardanelles and Bosphorus, shared frontier with Russia, Kars, Turkish Army, Air Force and Navy, ships

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