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Enduro: The Metal of Ten Thousand Uses
Description: The complex and detailed processes used to manufacture "Enduro," Republic Steel Corporation's perfected stainless steel.
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Clip #: MF-33B
Length: 17:15
Year: 1955
Color: B/W
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1950s
Subject: Manufacturing
Original: 35mm
1950s, Republic Steel Corporation, Enduro, stainless steel, close up rain drops on Enduro, man’s hand wiping dust / dirt from surface revealing upside down reflection of women, corrosive agent being applied to Enduro, Enduro on fire, montage of various uses of Enduro superimposed onto roof of “Enduro” skyscraper drawing, rotating globe, natives digging up ore in Rhodesia superimposed over map of Southern Africa, ore mining superimposed over map of Canada, steel plant, raw materials being blended with iron to create stainless alloys, electric furnace, operator loading and distributing materials in furnace, furnace doors sealed and engorged in flames, liquid slag being raked off, furnace doors opening and workers shoveling materials to prevent further oxidation, additional alloys placed in furnace, chromium, worker using sledge to seal furnace taphole with clay plug, furnace being slowly tilted and steam of molten steel gushing out, ladle of molten steel being transported to pouring floor, worker carefully pouring molten steel from ladle into ingot molds, worker removing sample to be tested in laboratory, ingots stripped from molds being transported to and placed into soaking pits, billets, rolled rods of steel passing back and forth through rod mill until reaching desired diameter and being cooled, bars being treated after being annealed and pickled, bars being straightened in machines, wire coiling machine, shafting bars, inspectors using micrometers and gauges to ensure proper size and strength, rolling Enduro strip, interior reheating furnace, slabs have been brought up to proper temperature for rolling into strip, strip slab traveling down conveyor belt and passing through roughing mill until reaching desired width and thickness, strip sent through finishing mill, worker using shears to remove end of strip, strip being coiled, sent to scale breaker and roller level, strip sent through annealing furnace, recoiled with protective paper, and sent to pickling department, workers removing protective paper from coil and inserting splinters, acid bath removing traces of steel, hot rolled strip being cold rolled, cold rolling mill, operator checking thickness of material, strip being sent through annealing furnace, oxide coating removed by pickling, strip being recoiled after being washed and dried, cold rolling, annealing and pickling repeated, strips being cut in machine and coiled with paper, high finish obtained, inspector carefully checking gauge, worker wrapping coiled strip in burlap, strip passing through roller leveler to be straightened and then cut, rolling Enduro plates and sheets, surfaces being ground to remove any blemishes, worker inserting slab into reheating furnace, workers passing slab through jobbing mill, slab passing through finishing mill and being cut by shears, worker blast cleaning sheet bars, sheet bars passing through finishing mills until desired measurements are obtained, normalizing furnace, pickling operations, sheets being scrubbed and dried, workers passing sheets through cold reducing mill, sheets being normalized and obtaining No. 1 finish, additional higher finishes, sheet being roller leveled for normal flatness, sheet being stretched in stretcher machine for utmost flatness, workers trimming sheets to size, worker carefully inspecting sheet and applying Republic Steel Corporation stamp, grinding and polishing Enduro, workers grinding sheets with coarse grip, worker fine polishing sheet and applying grease to obtain luster, oscillating movement of polishing roll assuring smooth surface, grease being applied again, No. 4 finish, operator cleaning sheet with whiting and wiping it clean, workers placing protective paper over sheet, No. 6 satin finish being obtained, operator cleaning sheet to reveal No. 7 finish, worker applying fine polishing compounds to sheet to obtain No. 8 mirror finish, worker buffing sheet with special compounds, worker examining sheet to ensure proper sheen has been obtained

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