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Nanook of the North - Pt 2
Description: Part II of the 1922 silent documentary film by Robert J. Flaherty, which follows the lives of an Inuk man, Nanook, and his family as they travel, search for food, and build an igloo in the Canadian Arctic.
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Clip #: TFA-261
Length: 45:42
Year: 1922
Color: B/W
Sound: Silent
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1920s
Filmmaker: Robert Flaherty
Region: North America
Country: Canada
Subject: Native Life
Original: 16mm
1920s, Canada, Canadian Arctic, Quebec, Hudson Bay, Hopewell Sound, Northern Ungava, Inuit, Inuk, Eskimo, Itivimuits, Nanook and clan building igloo within an hour, Rainbow sleeping in Nyla's hood, Cunayou and Nyla carrying baby Rainbow in hood using snow to seal gaps in igloo walls, Nanook cutting out door in igloo and crawling out, Nanook using spear to cut block out of ice which he carries back to igloo, Nanook cutting hole in igloo and putting ice block to serve as window and block of snow nearby to reflect light through window, Nyla using knife to clean ice window from inside, Nyla pushing personal belongings and child riding sled into igloo and sealing it up, Nanook teaching son how to shoot bow and arrow, Nanook rubbing son's hands on his cheeks to warm them, seal oil and moss wick heating stone pot melting snow, Nanook's clan lying next to one another underneath blankets inside igloo waking up and getting dressed, Nyla chewing Nanook's boots to soften them, Nanook and clan eating, Nyla playing with baby, Nyla and Rainbow rubbing noses, eskimo kisses, Nyla using spit to clean baby, Nanook and his family preparing to leave camp and head to sealing grounds at sea, Nanook removing sled from top of eskimo, Nanook glazing sled runners with ice, small igloo Nanook has built for puppies, Cunayou putting puppy in her hood, Nanook trying to break up dog fight, snarling husky dog, dog sled team taking off pulling Nanook and his family in sled across snow, sled traveling across vast ice field of frozen sea, Nanook hunting Ogjuk the big seal, Nanook searching for breathing holes in ice made by seals and using harpoon to stab through ice after waiting for seal to return, Nanook struggling to pull rope with harpooned seal caught under ice, Nanook's family approaching on sled and joining him in pulling rope with harpooned seal caught under ice, Nanook and his clan digging up snow around area with harpooned seal and lifting it out of water, husky dog snarling and barking, Nanook skinning seal, Nanook cutting up seal meat which is eaten by family, Allegoo and friend playing tug of war with seal flipper held in their mouths, boys blowing on their cold hands, Nanook feeding seal meat to dogs, Nanook trying to break up dog fighting over seal meat, dog sled team having to be straightened up before Nanook and his clan attempts to return to shelter, Nanook and his clan struggling to return to shelter in windstorm and forced to take refuge in deserted igloo, family setting up camp in igloo and securing dog team outside, family eating and removing snow from their clothes and boots, dogs secured outside covered in snow, Nanook creating nest inside igloo for puppies, dogs secured outside howling, Nanook and his family undressing and lying next to each other on igloo floor underneath makeshift blankets and going to sleep as wind howls outside, dogs covered in snow curled up outside, sleeping Nanook

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