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Africa Speaks - Pt 2
Description: Part II of a two part documentary that follows explorer Paul Hoefler as as he leads a safari into central Africa and films a swarm of locusts and warriors hunting lions who have killed a native man.
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Clip #: TFA-253
Length: 28:40
Year: 1930
Color: B/W
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1930s
Filmmaker: Paul Hoefler
Region: Africa
Subject: Explorers
Original: 16mm
1930�s, Africa, wildebeest herd, wildebeests, gnu, wildebeests huddling under tree, explorers looking at locusts and hurriedly covering up truck, Paul Hoefler and Harald Austin filming swarm of locusts, Hoefler and Austin carrying camera inside tent, Hoefler and Austin filming swarm of locusts through window in tent, birds and wildebeests fleeing swarm of locusts, locusts descending from sky and settling on trees to eat leaves, explorers exiting tent in morning after locust swarm has devastated landscape, maps showing path being traced from Ripon Falls and around Lake Victoria to Tanganyika Territory, Maasai tribe, Hoefler and Austin filming Maasai manyatta village, Maasai people in traditional attire, manyatta surrounded by wall of thorn bushes to protect against lion attacks, huts, Maasai mother with children, Maasai man with child and multiple wives, Maasai woman and children taking care of calves, Maasai women adorned in copper and iron wire jewelry, cattle being kept inside circle of thorns and turned out at daybreak to graze in plain, boy holding spear as he supervises over grazing cattle, Maasai El Moran lion hunters huts on hillside overlooking village, El Moran outside their huts, Hoefler and Austin hiding within thorn bush as protection and filming lions, lions devouring carcasses, lions eating wildebeest with wildebeest herd still in background, lion climbing tree, lions huddling around straggly tree for shade, lion cub, lion carrying meat in mouth, lions inspecting expedition truck and spare tire, lions in grassy plain, lions killing and devouring animal, Hoefler, Austin and native man carrying camera and equipment as they approach and film lions much closer, explorer ordering native man to return to expedition truck, lion chasing native man as he runs and attacking him, Hoefler and Austin firing guns at lions and killing one, Hoefler and Austin hiding from lion behind thorn bush, lions seemingly devouring native man, Hoefler and Austin hiding behind thorn bush as they wait for lions to depart, lions departing except for one who stays behind, vultures and hyenas waiting for lion to depart, Hoefler and Austin coming out of hiding after lion finally departs, tribal council of elders discussing who to send out to avenge native man�s death, boy running to hillside hut of Massai El Moran lion hunter and notifying him of native man�s death, El Moran putting on ostrich feathered headdress and setting off on hunt with warriors wearing headdresses made from lion manes, Hoefler and Austin filming lion hunt from expedition truck, lion hunters in traditional attire holding spears and shields with faces and bodies painted in lion ashes chanting song of lion and performing ceremonial dance before hunt, lions walking through grassy plain, lion hunter blowing horn, Massai warriors carrying spears and shields running in lines as they advance forward on grassy plain and chase lion, hunters dividing up to form circle around lion, hunters advancing towards lions hiding in weeds, hunters crouching down behind their shields while holding their spears raised as they form ring around lioness and prepare to attack, lioness attacking hunters as they throw spears at it, Hoefler and Austin filming and pointing out another approaching lion, lion attacking hunters as they throw spears and kill it, hunters in frenzy after killing lion and chanting over carcass, hunters lifting up lion carcass as they carry to different location, truck driving on beach along Indian Ocean, Hoefler and Austin walking on beach and looking at Ocean as they shake hands and embrace

This reel is available in HD. It was transferred from a 16mm print, We also have a 35mm print which might be better quality.

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