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Africa Speaks - Pt 1
Description: Part I of a two part documentary that follows explorer Paul Hoefler and as he leads a safari into central Africa and films wild animals, Pygmies and Ubangi women with lip plates.
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Clip #: TFA-252
Length: 30:38
Year: 1930
Color: B/W
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1930s
Filmmaker: Paul Hoefler
Region: Africa
Subject: Explorers
Original: 16mm
1930's, Africa, topographic map of Africa, Colorado African Expedition, village along banks of Niger River, native women pounding rice, girl helping untangle other child's hair, man weaving trousers on foot powered loom, elephant tusks lined up on ground near dock, wood burning sternwheeler, native men paddling canoes loaded with supplies for expedition including gasoline, oil and drift logs, men chopping wood, natives loading supplies into boat by carrying heavy loads on their heads, sternwheeler traveling up Niger River, Malawi, expedition truck crossing Shire River on makeshift raft, Equatorial Africa, forest, explorers filming herd of elephants, Paul Hoefler and Harald Austin bribing Pygmy man with salt, Pygmy village, cleaning in forest, Pygmies walking through forest, family representatives receiving portions of salt, Pygmies carrying clan leader / king and setting him down in clearing, smiling Pygmy clan leader clapping to drum music, drummer playing tom toms as Pygmies dance, drummers, smiling Pygmy Queens sitting together, Ifi tribe, Pygmy boys wrestling, smiling Pygmy boys and men constructing arrows derived from palm trees and iron they have mined and smelted, Pygmy men and boys walking past poison mixer and dipping arrowheads into poison he has mixed, anthill, Pygmy boys and men standing in row and shooting arrows at target, native man sleeping in truck accidentally honking horn and scaring off wild animals, Hoefler and Austin mad at native man and filming wild animals running through clearing, flock of storks taking off, monkeys in treetops, cheetah slinking off, baby foxes huddled together in dugout, herd of ostriches, dazzle of zebras, herd of topi antelopes grazing with zebras, heatwave ripples in background, zebra foal sitting down and getting up, galloping dazzle of zebras, tower of giraffes, Hoefler and Austin fleeing nearby lions and hiding in expedition truck, galloping giraffes, two lions walking together through grass, slow motion galloping giraffe adults and babies, huge flock of flamingos walking through muddy water and marching in line, flock of flamingos in flight over lake, sunset over lake, fish jumping out of waterfall, Nile River beneath falls, Nile Valley, unusual trees on shore, white rhinoceros, Hoefler and Austin filming nearby white rhino, rhinoceroses walking through grass, Hoefler and Austin watching natives looking at expedition truck, Ubangi, bare chested Ubangi women and girls with lip plates clapping hands in time to drumming and walking, musicians playing drum and traditional percussion instrument, Ubangi woman with lip plate smoking pipe, Ubangi girls dancing, Ubangi woman with lip plate holding baby as she claps hands in time to drumming, father with Ubangi women without lip plates, man walking pet hyena and attempting to trade it for wife, man returning home and tying up hyena outside to pole, man carrying marabou stork out of hut and trading for wife, man leading new wife to hut and sending her out to collect water, man sitting down outside hut and taking nap, Hoefler and Austin filming nearby impala herd from expedition truck, Austin firing gun to make impala jump while Hoefler films, slow motion impala jumping, wildebeest herd, wildebeests, gnu

HD master available. This was transferred from a 16mm print, We also have a 35mm print which might be better quality.

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