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Description: A man with six months to live visits Uganda and experiences the traditional culture of the ancient tribe of Karamojong.
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Clip #: TFA-248
Length: 58:18
Year: 1955
Color: Color
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1950s
Region: Africa
Country: Congo
Subject: Domestic Chores
Original: 35mm
1950s, Africa, Uganda, Karamoja, Karamojong tribe, map of Africa zooming and dissolving in on Uganda, Dr. William B. Treutle, Congo, wildlife in jungle, pride of lions, impala, giraffes, African buffalo, ostrich, mountains, native people, Hammites, Karamojong, Hamitic woman carrying baby, thatched grain storage bins, native warriors wearing traditional attire and carrying spears, Hamitic language, song of greeting, Karamojong people grazing cattle herd, naked Karamojong men, men branding cattle, man getting tattoo / scarification on arm, men removing boy’s two lower front teeth without anesthesia, boy spitting out blood, man preparing instrument used to make hole in boy’s lower lip, man sticking his tongue through hole under his lower lip, men inserting plugs into lower lip holes, man using rock to shape piece of quartz and inserting into lower lip hole, boy spitting out blood after teeth removal, furnace with fire fanned by primitive bellows, Catalan forge, shaving of spear head, ornaments, woman nursing baby wearing multiple beaded necklaces and wearing heavy earrings, man combing hair of man with large pierced nose piece, axe being made by pounding rock upon rock, man using spear to shave his chin, man sharpening man's spear on rock, woman using bowls to transport water from deep hole for cattle to drink, man bathing himself using sand as soap and water in bowl, man brushing teeth using root as toothbrush, men carrying spears and running as they hunt, man using spear to dismember antelope, hunters carrying dismembered body and head, men tying tourniquet around calf's head as it is restrained, man shooting arrow into calf’s neck and draining blood into bowl, men drinking calf blood out of bowl, woman beating calf blood in bowl to remove clots, calf blood being mixed with goats milk, boy milking goat and lapping up milk from hands, men doing woodwork, man using axe to chop wood, man sharpening tool blade on rock, men carving wood bowls, elderly man using wood staffs / walking sticks to help him walk, man’s head resting on wood stool as he lies on ground, men using leafs to sand wood stools, portrait man wearing earrings, lower lip plug and necklaces talking, woman and child wearing multiple beaded necklaces, man wearing multiple earrings in same ear, young girl having ears pierced with thorn, clay being ground and mixed with water to form paste for hairdressing, man removing clay from old headdress, hairdresser applying clay mixture to man’s scalp to form new headdress, hairdress, wire head scratcher, hairdresser painting lines on man’s scalp, smiling man turning around and showing off his new headdress, woman rolling strands of girl’s hair and applying glue paste made from rancid goat butter, women sorting and drying grain, women winnowing grain, women carrying bowls on their heads to storage basket on stilts containing sorted and dried grain, women removing thatch cover from storage basket and using bowl to transport grain, women replacing thatch cover over grain storage basket, beer being brewed, woman wiping sweat from her forehead as she toils, woman picking up millet and putting into bowl carried away by another woman, woman stirring millet flour mixed with water and brewing in clay vessel, woman removing clay vessel from fire and stirring to ferment, woman and children carrying large bales of grain on their heads and setting down in pile, elderly woman exiting hut and talking, baby, children, children drinking water from bowls and spitting it out as they laugh, children walking through doorway in wall made up of wood poles and branches, men talking

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