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March of the Movies
Description: Film producer J. Stuart Blackton narrates this history of the motion picture, which incorporates clips from early silent and sound movies as well as first attempts at animation.
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Clip #: TFA-246B
Length: 20:33
Year: 1933
Color: B/W
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1930s
Subject: Performers
Original: 16mm
1930's, 1600 B.C., Egypt, reenactment ancient Egyptian 'first movie idea,' guards sounding trumpets outside temple, shadow play, shadow puppetry, temple built by Ramses II dedicated to Isis, procession through temple, people dancing, people bowing, figures of Isis carved on pillars, relief, animation showing how images of Isis on columns seemed to 'move' to passing by chariot, spinning Zoetrope, 1452 A.D., Italy, Leonardo da Vinci invents the camera obscura, reenactment Leonardo da Vinci looking at blank canvas on easel in his studio and looking at window, women walking through garden and waving at da Vinci, da Vinci closing curtains and looking at ray of light cast onto canvas through glass window, reflection of women being displayed upside down onto canvas, wooden pointer pointing to diagrams illustrating da Vinci's observations and camera obscura methodology, 1640 A.D., Germany, Athanasius Kircher invents the Magic Lantern, man using Magic Lantern to project images of skeleton and goblin, two hands being used to project animated image of man eating mouse as he sleeps, 1804, England, Dr. Roget demonstrates "Persistence of Vision," man's hands pointing to image of bird and cage on either side of card and rotating card quickly to show how bird appears to be inside cage, 1850, France, Louis Jacques Daguerre invents the Photographic Wet Plate, Daguerreotype, portraits, reenactment Daguerre photographing bride and groom in his studio using daguerreotype, printed portrait, 1860, United States, Philadelphia, Coleman Sellers illustrates synthetic motion by photographic poses, images of man in different poses revealing motion, 1875, California, Edward Muybridge demonstrates action by instantaneous photographs, Eadweard Muybridge portrait, Leland Stanford portrait, multiple photographic images showing galloping / jumping and trotting horses with all four feet off the ground simultaneously, pointer pointing to diagram of Muybridge photographing trotting horse in motion, 1886, New Jersey, Thomas A. Edison builds his first moving picture talking machine, man gesturing to and using phonograph cylinder, 1889, Rochester, New York, George Eastman invents flexible celluloid film base, man's hands holding up film strips, 1890, East Orange, New Jersey, Edison's first movie talkie demonstrated, Kinetoscopic, door to room "5" opening, W. K. L. Dickson talking, 1893, the world's first motion picture studio "The Black Maria," The Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze, Fred Ott's Sneeze, spinning globe, montage early films using Edison's camera and Eastman's film, the Mutoscope, an early rival of the Edison Kinetoscope, Biograph Company, man cranking and looking through Mutoscope, Mutoscope reel showing 1910 meeting of motion picture producers, producers shaking hands, J. Stuart Blackton, Albert E. Smith, Thomas Edison smiling, 1906, chalk-talk plus camera makes first animated cartoon, J. Stuart Blackton describing the methodology behind his Humorous Phases of Funny Faces silent cartoon, first animated film recorded on standard picture film, man's hand using chalk to draw picture of man, animated chalk drawings of man and woman with man blowing cigar smoke into woman's face, animated chalk drawing of clown getting poodle to do tricks, early animation, cartoons, motion becomes s-l-o-w, or fast, by changing camera speeds, slow motion women diving into swimming pool, fast motion marching band on city street, microscopic filming of the eye of a fly, Louis Tolhurst, extreme close up fly, man looking through microscope at slide of fly�s eye, man�s fingers holding pencil up to camera lens to show how thousands of lenses in fly�s eye are similar to camera lens, man's hand cranking toy of man sawing wood, reflections of toy man in lenses on fly's eye, clips of silent film starring Mildred Harris, 1928, the movies talk, montage early talking films, sound films, talkies, 1934, sound quality improves, Irene Dunne singing "The Last Rose of Summer" in "Stingaree," cathedral, stained glass windows, early animation in space, dedication to memory of Thomas Edison, inventor of the motion picture, sunlight behind clouds, portrait Thomas Edison

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