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Naked Man and Beast
Description: Commander George Miller Dyott explores the jungles of India on the back of an elephant.
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Clip #: TFA-242B
Length: 46:21
Year: 1929
Color: B/W
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1920s
Filmmaker: George M Dyott
Region: Central Asia
Country: India
Subject: Explorers
Original: 16mm
1920s, India, Commander G. M. Dyott, George Miller Dyott, Commander Dyott reading in study, Commander Dyott putting down book and looking at framed photograph of tiger, train pov tree lined track, train traveling through countryside, train pov men working alongside track, train traveling to Northern India, weigh station, native men unloading baggage from train car, bullock carts, ox carts, government rest house, camp, native man sweeping ground, portrait bearded native man wearing turban, native cook preparing meal on ground, native man pouring water into bucket, native man carrying buckets of water on pole carried on his back, native man unloading wood for campfire from cart, native men keeping warm near campfire, native men riding elephants carrying tree branches on their backs, native men riding pad elephant, native man riding howdah elephant, mahout elephant driver standing next to pad elephant, mahout leading elephant with rope attached to bullhook, mahout hanging bull hook on elephant's ear, elephant's eye, mahout mounting elephant by climbing his trunk and arranging pad to sit behind elephant's ears, hunter handing rifle to mahout sitting on elephant to temporarily hold as he mounts crouching elephant from it's backside, hunter using ladder to mount howdah elephant, hunting party riding elephants setting off into jungle, expedition, elephant riding pov shaky view, elephants wading through swamp water, swamp deer running through water, hunter riding in howdah firing rifle at deer and hunting party on elephants traveling forward, hunters examining deer carcass, mahout ordering elephant to lie down, native men hoisting and securing deer carcass onto elephant's back, hunter sitting outside camp tent measuring deer antlers, hunters traveling in boats punted by native men up Gandak River, punting, punt boats, native men pulling and pushing boats in water, hunters and native men riding elephants through jungle, sunset over Gandak River, native men carrying crate, hunters and native men riding elephants as they hunt tigers in jungle, tigers running into jungle, hunting party chasing tigers, tiger hiding in brush, hunter firing rifle, hunting party venturing towards and crowing around tiger, hunters carrying tiger carcass, hunters shaking hands over tiger carcass, men trying to load tiger carcass onto backs of reluctant elephants, mahout repeatedly hitting elephant on head, tiger walking in jungle, mahout riding elephant carrying tiger carcass, hunting party riding elephants in search of more tigers, native men and hunters in trees, hunters hitting and firing rifles at python in grass, shikari using rope to pul python out of grass by tail, fight between snake and small mammal with mammal the victor, vulture circling in air, native men walking into jungle to collect materials for constructing lean-to, native men using primitive tools and storing them in makeshift belts on their backsides, sickle shaped knife, stakes, native men building shelter, village, native boy wearing turban balancing on one leg, native children, native boy using sickle shaped knife, native boys and girls in traditional clothing, girl holding baby, rhino adult and baby, rhinos, native man pointing to rhino tracks in ground, hunters pursuing rhinos on foot in jungle, man in jungle brush signaling about rhino's approach by raising hat, hunter throwing stick at man in brush, adult rhino followed by baby rhino trotting out of jungle into clearing, Commander Dyott in brush filming with camera, native men walking through jungle trying to drive rhinos out, rhinos stopping in clearing and trotting back into jungle, Commander Dyott cranking camera while filming, vultures flying, hunters measuring rhino carcass, native men in traditional clothing standing in jungle, man holding up rhino foot, man examining rhino's face, hunters ordering native men to turn over rhino, native men covering up rhino with branches and leaves, vultures flying above, hunter walking down grassy slope on edge of jungle, small deer grazing, native men walking through tall grass into dark patch of jungle, native man climbing tree to look out into jungle, elephants walking through grassy patch, native man pointing with chin towards elephants, native man in tree, elephant train led by cow elephant followed by calves, male elephant walking through clearing, cow elephant walking through clearing, tusker elephant walking through grass, tusker elephant running away from gunfire, birds scattering from tree branches, native men and hunters crouching down and walking through jungle, hunters examining elephant carcass by touching tusks and ears, hunter holding up his hand to elephant's foot, hunters and taxidermist measuring elephant carcass, hunter touching elephant's foot and tail, native women skinning elephant, native people in traditional clothing and headdresses performing folk dance, people walking on other side of window screen, city street scenes, pedestrians, ekka horse drawn carriages, street performer singing, women wearing saris watching singer perform, men wearing turbans and women completely covered by veils, bazaar, men carrying litter through street, smiling young woman, boy playing with puppy, brass bazaar, people carrying baskets of items on their heads, flies on elderly man's and boy's heads, man carrying large jar on head, man carrying huge bale of straw on head, young boys, girl wearing traditional clothing and lavish jewelry performing folk dance as musicians play instruments, musician playing sitar, musician playing hand drum, male dancers impersonating women, musicians singing as they play instruments, men giving haircuts on street, beggars, snake charmer, holy men begging, religious devotees with hooks inserted in their skin, Hindu festival, Batu Caves, Thaipusam, religious devotees repenting sins, man who has starved himself being assisted in walking to ceremony, man dancing in circles, shikari holding and petting baby Chital, native men on foot following people riding elephants, man limping as he walks, Chital running through grass, wild boar running through grass, nilgai walking, herd of Chital running and stopping, hunter and mahout riding elephant riding through jungle, elephant clearing branches and trees blocking their path, tiger, crocodile on banks of watering hole, wild boar grazing, jungle fowl, Chital babies and stag cautiously venturing out into clearing, Commander Dyott cranking camera while filming, elephant knocking down tree in path, tiger coming out of brush, man filming from tree, elephant hunting party venturing slowly towards tiger, hunter in howdah gesturing with rifle to mahout, hunter firing at tiger, man pointing to gunshot wound on tiger carcass between his eyes, man examining wound from tiger on elephant's trunk, man holding tiger's mouth open and holding up paw, hunter riding elephant firing at tiger, tiger trying to run away, injured tiger lying in grass, native men getting off elephant near dead tiger in grass, elephants backing away from dead tiger, hunters and native men gathered around tiger carcass, vultures perched on tree branches, Commander Dyott in tree wiping sweat from brow and putting hat back on, man propping up tiger and holding up lip to show fangs, native men hoisting and carrying tiger carcass on litter, native men hoisting tiger carcass onto elephant which transports it back to camp, native people in camp moving away as elephant carrying tiger approaches, vultures gathered, mahout tending to wound on elephant, tiger carcasses on ground, wake of vultures feasting on carcass, palm trees

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