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Wheels Across Australia
Description: Armand and Michaela Denis drive through Australia investigating the local wildlife in the 1940's.
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Clip #: TFA-227A
Length: 30:12
Year: 1949
Color: Color
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1940s
Filmmaker: Armand Denis
Region: Australia
Country: Australia
Subject: Animals
Original: 16mm
1940s, Australia, truck driving up hill, Armand Denis talking to Michaela seated in truck, hand tracing path on map of Australia from Adelaide through central desert to Darwin, Dodge trucks and sedan, car pov driving past residential homes, Cape York, gardens, Christmas Bush blooms, Gum Tree Blossoms, Honeyeater bird, water lily pond, man filming lily hopper birds walking on water lilies and feeding on insects, lily hoppers jumping between lilies, various bird species, finches, parakeet, lorikeets, parrots, truck and car caravan driving off, billabong watering hole, flock of birds in flight, flock of sulphur-crested cockatoos and corellas in flight and perched on tree branches, flock of galah birds, galahs, Australian black cockatoo, Armand filming with movie camera, blue mountain parrot on tree branch, Michaela rescuing baby bird fallen from nest and holding it in her hand, Armand and Michaela spoon feeding baby bird, emu, Armand digging up Echidna, Echidna drinking, Michaela feeding baby kangaroo named "Jumpy," kangaroo with joey in her pouch, Michaela calling baby kangaroo, baby kangaroo jumping to Michaela, Michaela putting baby kangaroo inside her apron pocket, central country, car and truck caravan driving through desert and kicking up dust clouds, gibber plain, caxr pov animal carcasses in desert, lizards, male frilled lizards, frilled lizard chasing hat, long-necked turtle, MacDonnell Ranges, Simpsons Gap, monolith domes, Mount Olga, car driving near Uluru / Ayers Rock, man opening car hood and removing seeds and dried grass from radiator, car pov Uluru / Ayers Rock, portraits Aboriginal Australians, truck following Aboriginal hunters running through grass, Aboriginal children, Michaela sitting with Aboriginals and eating long-necked turtle, turtle being cooked by being covered with hot ashes and baked in ground, Aboriginal children eating turtle, Aboriginal hunter shaping and throwing boomerang, elderly Aboriginal woman making bag by hand, Michaela talking to elderly Aboriginal woman, man giving elderly Aboriginal man hair cut using bamboo coal and plucking his beard hairs out, elderly Aboriginal men sitting in circle on ground talking and tracing pictures in sand, Aboriginal man using stone tool to peel bark off paperbark tree, paper bark tree, Aboriginal hunters carrying crocodile carcass on his back, Aboriginal boys running around holding bat carcasses, bats being roasted in ashes, Aboriginal children eating bats, Aboriginal boys practicing spear throwing, Aboriginal boys eating wallaby, Aboriginal boys playing wallaby hunting game, Aboriginal boys constructing clay slide on banks of billabong, Aboriginal boys sliding into billabong, Armand accompanying hunting party on hunt, Armand holding camera walking with Aboriginal hunters through grass, Aboriginal hunters throwing spears at wallaby, Aboriginal hunters carrying wallaby carcasses on their backs, Aboriginal hunters spear fishing, Aboriginal hunters carrying brolgas on their backs, Aboriginal men rubbing together sticks to make fire, Aboriginal men throwing wallaby carcasses on fire to cook, Aboriginal children running into billabong and playing in water, Michaela sitting on banks of billabong near children, Aboriginal children splashing water in unison, Aboriginal children giving freshly picked flowers to Michaela and putting them in her hair, Aboriginal children climbing tree and jumping into water, Aboriginal girls playing Cat's Cradle, baby kangaroo "Jumpy" pestering Armand as he tries to shave, Michaela feeding baby kangaroo as she and Armand eat at table, Armand pushing baby kangaroo away as he tries to eat food from their plates, baby kangaroo eating food from deserted table as border collie watches him, baby kangaroo and border collie playing together, Mangrove Swamp, colony of large flying foxes in flight over swamp and in trees, Armand and Michaela looking through long lenses on cameras mounted on tripods, Armand and Michaela walking across swamp, Armand and Michaela filming from swamp clearing, large flying foxes hanging from tree branches, car and truck caravan driving on road towards sea

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