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Wheels Across The Andes
Description: Armand Denis and his son David drive a Dodge Power Wagon through the countries of the Andes Mountains and experience the local culture.
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Clip #: TFA-226A
Length: 29:02
Year: 1947
Color: Color
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1940s
Filmmaker: Armand Denis
Region: South America
Country: Peru
Subject: Traditional Costumes
Original: 16mm
1940s, South America, Armand Denis, car driving on mountain road, snow covered mountains, Andes Mountains, Pacific coast of Ecuador, car and truck caravan driving on paved mountain road and on bridge, car and truck caravan driving on rough road, Dodge Power Wagon driving through river bed, car caravan driving on road towards jungle, rain forest, Colorado Indians, South American Indigenous people, Power Wagon driving off road into jungle, Armand's son David struggling to dig and pull out Power Wagon stuck in mud, Armand Denis shaking hands with Indian man and giving him / lighting cigarette, Indian man's hair plastered down and dyed red with Achiote, Indian man's hands dyed blue, Indian man smoking cigarette and laughing as Armand points to his facial paint and teeth dyed blue, Armand shaking hands with Indian man and son, Armand giving man cigarette and lighting it for him, Indian man laughing as smokes, Armand holding car radio telephone up to Indian man's ear, Indian men holding onto outside of Power Wagon as it drives through jungle, Armand, Indians and members of expedition walking through jungle, tall trees, Armand, Indians and members of expedition walking across simple suspension bridge over river, Armand kneeling on bridge and filming, Indian man and women riding horses across river, expedition riding horses through jungle and across river, Indians watching as member of exhibition peels potatoes, Indian men looking at camera, Indian women doing domestic chores, Indian woman weaving on loom, smiling Indian woman with traditional dress and painted face, Indians using press to squeeze out sugarcane juice, Indian man using machete to chop off sugarcane leaves, Indian woman putting sugarcane stalks into press, Indian man turning press, girl watching as press squeezes out juice, Indian adults and children walking through jungle and carrying marimba, witch doctor opening up Achiote seed and showing how it makes red dye, Annatto, witch doctor looking in hand mirror and painting face with Achiote dye, witch doctor putting matchstick into hole on nose, Indians painting faces with dye, dog colored red with Achiote dye, Indian man painting Armand's face, who smiles and winks, members of expedition recording Indian men playing marimba, Indian man laughing and clapping as he listens to marimba recording, Indian woman looking incredulously at recording equipment, Indian girl, Indian girl with painted face blowing bubbles through wand, Indian children eating sweets, Indian children blowing up balloon, balloon popping as boy blows it up, Indian girls playing with doll, caravan driving through mountain tunnels and on road, Cordillera Negra, snow capped mountain summit, Cordillera Blanca, caravan driving on valley road, Huascarán, Huascaran, snow capped mountain range, sunset and night sky over mountains, horseback caravan climbing mountain, mountain camp, tents covered in snow, horseback caravan ascending mountain, men leading horses past water, edge of glacier, men walking across glacier, man slipping on snow and falling down slope, men ascending glacier and shaking hands as they reach summit, aerial clouds and Amazon rainforest, aerial Andes mountain peaks and mountain passes, herds of llamas, alpacas and Vicuña on mountain plateaus, Vicuna, young Vicuña being led on plateau and drinking milk out of bowl, Armand sitting in chair and feeding / petting young Vicuña, Indian mine workers playing soccer game on high plateau field, association football, car caravan driving on road, Lake Titicaca, ships, canoes, man rowing canoe, Bolivia, La Paz, cityscape, bullfighting, comedy bullfight, Power Wagon driving up hill above La Paz to airport, La Paz airport, taxiing airplane, passengers deplaning PAA airplane, airplane taking off, government medical mission at high altitude, technician measuring lung capacity as Indian man blows into tube, Indian men breaking up hard ground with shovels to test physical capacity, technician measuring Indian men's blood pressure and pulse after physical exertion, Armand making sound recording of Indian man's heartbeat, Indian men racing, Pan American highway, man opening Power Wagon's hood and pouring fluid inside, Power Wagon driving up snow covered mountain road towards summit, man wearing oxygen mask and adjusting Power Wagon carburetor, Power Wagon struggling to drive off road up mountain, Armand taking photograph, Power Wagon driving down mountain, Peru, Cusco, yearly fiesta, religious procession, Indians praying to saints, Indians wearing vividly decorated ponchos and hats, Indians wearing costumes, masks and headdresses performing folk dances, Indian musician playing flute, Indians dressed as characterizations of lawyers, Bolivia, Diablada, people in costumes and masks performing Dance of the Devils, caravan driving on road towards snow covered Andes Mountain

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