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The Long Road
Description: The history of the gasoline engine and discovery of ethyl fluid as a practical, anti-knocking additive to gasoline.
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Clip #: MF-30B
Length: 19:41
Color: B/W
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1930s
Subject: Oil
Original: 16mm
1930s, oil, airplane taking off, U.S. Army plane power diving, torpedo boats skimming water, speeding tanks, cars driving on highway, farmer driving tractor, cars driving through tunnel, cars driving on highway, cars driving on suspension bridge, spinning car wheel, still wheel, still wooden wheels going back in history to primitive man inventing first wheel, native men using oxen driven carts, forest fire, spinning wood cart wheel transposed over forest fire, 1769, reenactment of James Watt smoking pipe and looking at drawing of early steam engine, men looking at drawing of early steam engine, furnace door being opened and wood being thrown into furnace for fuel, steam locomotive in motion, 1865, London, England, Palace of Westminster at night, reenactment Member of Parliament reading Locomotive Act 1865 / Red Flag Act, coal powered locomotive, furnace door being opened and coal thrown into furnace, early steam locomotives, Oregon Pony, Pioneer, animation oil dripping from letters to land below, Edwin Drake, newspaper article excerpt about "Drake's Folly," oil derricks in hills of Pennsylvania, oil lamp being lit, word "gasoline" transposed over gasoline byproduct in water, gasoline engine invented, 1892, women driving antique gasoline driven car on rural road, 1900, photograph first automobile show, New York City, Madison Square Garden, reenactment people looking at gasoline powered antique cars at first automobile show, man demonstrating how to crank and start up gasoline driven car to onlookers, 1912, first electric self starter invented, street scenes, traffic and pedestrians on busy city streets, cars, horse driven bus, motor age, man driving on road, spinning wood cart wheel transposed over rural road and forest fire, internal combustion engine, starter, man's foot resting near foot pedal, view through car windshield driving on rural road, hood, four cylinder engine making rattling sound, city street scenes, many cars driving on busy city street, animation car engine increasing in size transposed over street scenes, engineer sketching drawing of engine, four cylinder engine making knocking sound, engineers gathered around engine and talking about causes of rattling, scientists Charles F. Kettering, Thomas Midgley, Jr. and T. A. Boyd discussing how fuel is cause of engine knocking, scientists performing tests on knocking engine in laboratory, view through quartz window of engine combustion chamber of flame caused by explosion of gasoline changing color from blue during normal combustion to white when knocking occurred, increasing temperature on gauge, pressure time indicator showing different readings from normal combustion and when knocking occurred, animation inside cylinder with gasoline vapor being compressed and remaining vapor igniting causing knocking, scientist's hands pouring iodine into beaker of gasoline and shaking to change it's color, scientist's hand pouring out gasoline mixed with iodine from beaker into engine, engine not knocking when running, scientist performing tests on chemicals in laboratory, spinning globe, animation molecules, Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev, periodic table of elements, finger pointing to elements on periodic table, hand picking up vial from rows of vials grouped like periodic table, superimposed images and montage scientists doing tests in laboratory, hand shaking beaker filled with liquid, vials, chemicals, scientists gathered around engine and talking about search for practical anti-knocking chemical, engine "knocking," scientists looking contemplative and stressed, chemical being tested on engine, temperature gauge lowering, knocking ceasing, scientists looking at engine in surprise, scientists gathered around engine, pressure time indicator graph showing smooth and regular power impulses, tetraethyl lead, hand holding test tube of tetraethyl lead, time lapse view through engine quartz window showing effect of ethyl fluid on combustion of gasoline versus gasoline without addition of ethyl fluid, Indiana, engine not knocking, 1924 Indianapolis 500, cars racing around track, man waving checkered flag as cars cross finish line, winners who have added ethyl fluid to gasoline, race car drivers being given water and receiving acclaim for winning, scientist in laboratory holding up test tube of tetraethyl lead, manufacturing plants, Deepwater, New Jersey, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, ethyl fluid tank car, scientists performing tests in laboratory, ethyl laboratory, animation showing compression ratio and weight of 1920 automobile engine versus modern engine, large wooden doors of stone building opening, rural road, speedboat, airplane in flight, fighter planes flying in formation, bombers, scientist performing test in laboratory, airplane propeller spinning, workers pushing tank in factory, man affixing sign onto army truck, scientists running tests on fuel, tank and aircraft manufacturing factories, plants, factory workers, military police driving jeeps on road, cars driving on highway, smoke coming out of factory funnel, factory workers, automobile designers working at drafting tables, designer drawing illustration of futuristic car, wooden wheels and spinning wheel superimposed over image of rural road, clouds, scientists performing tests on liquids in laboratory, scientist looking through microscope, fighter planes flying in formation

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