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Life Line
Description: Official war department film about the U.S. Armed Forces capture of Rendova Island in the Solomon Islands from the Japanese and importance of readily available medical equipment to help treat injured soldiers.
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Clip #: MF-6D
Length: 16:48
Year: 1943
Color: B/W
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1940s
Region: South Pacific
Country: Solomon Islands
Subject: War
Original: 35mm
1940s, War Department, Signal Corps, World War II, South Pacific, palm trees, Munda, Rendova Island, New Georgia, Solomon Islands, battle footage, combat footage, American Task Force, U.S. Task Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Japanese forces, U.S. bombers in flight and dropping bombs, mission to occupy Solomon Islands, battleships, subsidiary mission to eliminate Japanese and help victims, U.S. troops disembarking ships and traveling in landing crafts to Rendova beachhead, transport boats, landing parties, amphibious assault, bombers flying over islands, aerial bomb explosions, destroyer, assault on beach, U.S. troops arriving at Rendova and trekking through jungle, U.S. and Japanese troops exchanging gunfire in jungle, combat footage, American soldiers standing over dead Japanese soldiers, dead bodies lying on ground, U.S. troops bringing equipment including artillery weapons and medical supplies ashore to beachhead, soldiers using “Long Tom” 155mm gun to fire on Munda, American troops setting up camp, soldiers lined up and being served food, soldiers hunkered down under cover and looking through binoculars, Japanese counterattack, Japanese bombers in flight, US anti-aircraft troops firing guns at Japanese planes, palm trees, Japanese bomber crashing into water, bombs dropped from Japanese bombers exploding in jungle, fires throughout camp from bombings, dead American soldiers being carried on stretcher and lying on ground, soldiers carrying injured soldiers, medics treating injured soldiers, medical supplies, morphine, blood plasma, quinine sulfate, bandage being prepared, pills being dispensed from bottle, wound being tended and bandaged to prevent infection, soldiers carrying wounded soldiers on stretchers and loading them onto “Ambo Peeps” vehicles, ambulances, Jeeps, soldiers on stretchers being transported on “Ambo Peeps” through jungles, collecting station, soldiers unloading injured from “Ambo Peeps” and carried into medical tents, medic treating wounded soldiers, medic trying to save soldier’s arm, bandaging leg, tending to foot wound, medics sterilizing gowns, blood plasma package from American Red Cross, medics unpacking blood plasma package and preparing it for use, wounded soldier lying on stretcher receiving blood plasma transfusion, wounded soldier on stretcher being carried into tent, medic amputating soldier’s leg using amputation saw, amputation saw being unwrapped and placed into holder with other medical instruments, medical supply factory, female and male workers preparing first aid and medical supplies to be shipped to front line, male workers weighing powder, men pouring powder into canister and mixing it by hand, male workers rolling canister, worker rolling bandage, workers packaging Sulfadiazine pills, chemists preparing medication in laboratory, morphine syrettes, jars of pills, stacked crates of blood plasma, soldiers carrying injured soldier on stretcher and loading onto truck, truck driving through jungle, soldiers boarding and transporting injured soldiers onto landing boat, soldier lighting cigarette for injured soldier on stretcher, landing boat approaching amphibious aircraft, injured soldiers on stretchers being transported onto amphibious aircraft, Navy plane transporting wounded soldiers in flight, VA hospital, doctors and nurses examining wounded soldiers, nurse removing surgical instruments from sterilizer, masked surgeon and nurse scrubbing hands and arms, surgeon assisted by nurse operating on soldier using modern medical equipment, nitrous oxide apparatus, doctor / surgeon talking to smiling soldier sitting in hospital bed, nurses reading to injured soldiers, men diving off float into water, men playing volleyball, USO show with entertainers including Bob Hope and Frances Langford performing on stage for troops, farmers using agricultural machine in field, church, Manhattan skyline with skyscrapers illuminated at night, New York City, cars driving on small town street, baseball and football games in stadium, groom carrying bride over threshold, woman opening oven door and as little girls watch, woman exiting and man entering voting booth, Statue of Liberty at night

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