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Body Bountiful
Description: Behind the scenes look at the highly skilled and thorough work of the designers, engineers, craftsmen, inspectors and workers of the Fisher Body division of General Motors in the 1950s.
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Clip #: MF-6A
Length: 25:29
Year: 1957
Color: Color
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1950s
Subject: Automobiles
Original: 35mm
1950s, automobiles, man introducing film, Fisher Body division, General Motors, ape glancing over shoulder and running through field, man diving and doing somersault off platform into swimming pool, ape climbing tree, ape eating, ape picking up stone and hitting stone hammer, Native American man in traditional clothing walking crouched down and shooting arrow, Native American man wearing traditional headdress, Easter Island Moai head statues, Mayan gold ornaments, ancient Egyptian scarab, Egyptian jewelry, Paul Revere silver pieces, reenactment of Paul Revere examining his silver pieces and showing them to customers, dining room table set with silver pieces, Chippendale furniture, chair, craftsman, carpenter working by hand, chair factory, reenactment of Paul Revere polishing silver pot, silverware factory, silver pots traveling on conveyor belt, female workers assembling silver pots, mass production, machine press, automobile factory, workers manufacturing automobile parts, car bodies traveling on conveyor, body production line, Chevrolet Bel Air on display, car roof, car door, woman wearing evening gown and long gloves opening and closing car door, woman seated in driver�s seat opening and closing door, woman�s gloved hand pressing down and releasing door lock, woman�s gloved hand pressing down switch to lower window, window raising and lowering, woman seated in driver�s seat opening door and lowering window, car doors being transported on racks, car door being slammed in laboratory test, designer taking measurements from car drawing, craftsmen fashioning clay scale model of car, body engineers examining clay scale model and engineering body, engineer plotting axis of door�s swing on paper, full size working model, men working on production drawings, man removing blueprint from stacked drawings, craftsmen constructing working models of door parts, man fine tuning door handle, workers testing door latch and lock, window mechanism, weather stripping, men installing rubber bumpers and armrest, man holding duplicate of joint where center post meets rocker panel, men testing car parts and body for durability, man clamping post into fixture, man twisting open shoebox and putting on lid, man holding steel box section, men hand fashioning tools and dyes, men sanding wood dye by hand, man putting fist into cupped hand and then pressing aluminum foil in between fist and cupped hand to show how it forms shape of hand, craftsman working on wooden dye of door, men making plaster cast, plastic form being made from plaster cast, plastic unit being fastened on profiling machine, profiling machine tool sculpting dye for steel body, workers guiding profiling machine, craftsman feeling steel by hand and smoothing out imperfections using hand tool, worker gesturing as dye is lowered to almost touch other dye, worker using hand tool to make dyes match, worker feeding steel sheets into pair of dyes mounted in press, worker touching press safety buttons, machine �fingers� removing finished steel parts from press, worker hanging "door outer� part on conveyor, inspector checking "door outer" part on master gauge, worker hanging �door inner� parts on conveyor transporting hanging �door outer� parts, worker operating machine to weld hinge pillar to inner door and channel support, machine welding window bumpers, sound deadener being applied to inner parts, workers operating machinery to weld together inner and outer door parts, outer door being hemmed to obliterate rough edges, hem being welded, inspector removing finished door from conveyor, inspector testing door welds for durability, inspector checking finished door on master fixture, worker transporting racks of parts, machines assembling parts into bodies, tools, jigs, fixtures, workers presiding over and feeding parts into machines that assemble parts into car bodies, car body being rust proofed, worker removing protective paper around car bodies, lacquer, worker mounting rear view window frame onto car body, car body being sprayed by high pressure jets of water as female worker inspects interior for leakage with flashlight, female inspector putting �ok� sticker on car windshield, craftsman and inspectors checking car parts for imperfections, designer / engineer pointing to drawing of car and talking to other designers / engineers, craftsman smoothing out body by hand, competed cars, �body by Fisher� and Napoleonic coach

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