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Wings To Hawaii
Description: Pan American Airways film about travel to Hawaii in the 1950s
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Clip #: TFA-183D
Length: 30:52
Year: 1950
Color: Color
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1950s
Region: South Pacific
State: Hawaii
Subject: Air Travel
Original: 16mm
1950s, New England, Pan American, airplane in flight, church, suburban house, after wedding, newlywed couple, bride throwing bouquet down stairs to group of women, bride blowing a kiss, people raising champagne glasses in toast, excited woman after catching bouquet, man lighting woman's cigarette, senior women talking, portrait painting of man, bride in going away outfit putting on hat with attendants helping her pack, newlyweds running down stairs past happy onlookers and getting into car, happy onlookers throwing rice and waving at newlyweds in car, car driving away on suburban road, San Francisco, California, silhouette of couple sitting and walking in Top of the Mark lounge at top of Mark Hopkins Hotel, passengers boarding Pan American clipper airplane on tarmac via airstairs, passengers sitting down in airplane seats and stowing luggage, airstairs being rolled away from airplane and flight attendant closing main cabin door, flight attendant taking coat and hat box from seated female passenger, pilot adjusting switches in cockpit, seated female passengers removing hats, pilot in cockpit pushing down lever, airplane taxiing on runway and taking off, aircrew in cockpit, clipper airplane in flight over San Francisco International Airport, Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay, mother helping young girl look out airplane window, airplane POV over Golden Gate Bridge, airplane flying over Pacific Ocean, flight attendant offering passengers magazines, flight attendant helping passenger regulate air flow knob above her seat, flight attendant warming milk for baby, men helping female passenger adjusting seat to recline and prop up her legs on footrest, man flirting with female passengers, young girl watching man in seat next to her use typewriter, man giving girl papers to play with, captain shaking hands with passenger and showing them flight course, man's hand pointing with pen to flight course, smiling couple, flight attendant preparing plates of food and placing plates on tray, flight attendant serving meals to passengers, woman taking food off man's plate, man playfully tapping woman's hand, flight attendant pulling curtain around family snuggled under blanket and reclined in seats, senior female passenger sleeping, propeller in flight, cuddling couple sleeping in seats, airplane POV clouds, airplane flying over ocean, navigator plotting flight course and handing it to radio officer, radio officer using Morse code on telegraph key to communicate with landing field, flight crew looking at flight course, clipper airplane on descent over Hawaii, flight attendant waking sleeping couple and handing woman hat box, seated female passenger powdering her nose, airplane landing on runway, passengers deplaning via airstairs onto tarmac and shaking hands with flight attendant, man and woman greeting each other with hugs and kisses, woman introducing man to couple, man putting leis over women's and man's heads and shaking couple's hands, people entering Honolulu Airport terminal, people outside terminal wearing leis, Hawaiian men and women selling leis, Honolulu, couple walking across street, couple looking at lei stand, lei vendor making lei, Waikiki, banyan tree outside Moana Hotel, "Hawaii Calls" radio program, Hawaiian singer Hula dancing and performing traditional Hawaiian song with musicians from stage to audience in courtyard, woman in audience taking photograph, audience applauding, couples slow dancing on outdoor dance floor at Royal Hawaiian Hotel alongside ocean with Diamond Head in background, dancers applauding after song ends, people sitting on lawn chairs near beach, woman doing Hula dance on beach to seated onlookers, surf crashing on beach, people playing beach volleyball, man carrying surf board onto beach, people getting out of canoe onto beach, water rolling over woman sitting on beach, people in swimsuits on beach, people playing in surf, Hawaii Visitor's Bureau, visitor's bureau worker giving couple directions, Haleakalā, Maui, Haleakalā National Park, people horseback riding / trail riding down Haleakalā Crater, clouds over Haleakalā, Silversword, people having picnic in grassy area, man drinking water from jug, park ranger speaking, people eating and listening, Kīlauea, steam rising from volcano, erupting volcano spewing molten lava, countryside, rural house, children chasing chicken, boy handing dead chicken to mother, children holding hands and walking towards water, people walking on beach with water rushing in, surf crashing on rocks, adults and children gathering seaweed and oysters from sea, fisherman casting net out to sea, fisherman biting and using spear to kill squid, people washing and salting pig with seawater, man chopping coconut, people gathering and preparing taro, man making poi by traditional method of pounding it on board, female and male Hawaiians and tourists preparing Luau, men placing hot stones onto pig roasting in imu oven, man chopping down banana leaves, banana leaves being placed on ground, food being placed on leaves, fruit, Hawaiian man giving blessing, people's heads bowed in prayer, Hawaiians and tourists seated on beach eating traditional Hawaiian food, people eating poi, man and women Hula dancing as people sing and play traditional Hawaiian music on ukuleles, smiling Hawaiian man, woman Hula dancing as man chants and plays traditional drum, waterfall in tropical rainforest, fiddlehead fern, woman swimming down waterfall into natural pool, people swimming, Hawaiian woman sitting on rock helping girl out of water, smiling Hawaiian woman, red flowers on trees, palm trees along sea, surf crashing on rocks, airplane flying over Hawaii, coastline, Pali Highway, couple looking out at viewpoint, sugarcane field, fire in sugarcane field clearing rubbish in stalks, fieldworkers cutting and gathering sugarcanes, workers on horseback riding past pineapple field, workers cultivating pineapple field, Paniolo cowboys mounted on horseback lassoing calf, tourists sitting on fence watching cow punching / branding, cowboys herding cattle through open gate, couple in convertible driving on winding road, hukilau communal fishing, cars driving on palm tree lined road, mother and daughter walking across large front lawn and entering house, couple getting into small boat, man playing golf with mountain in background, people playing tennis next to swimming pool, hotel outdoor swimming pool, Hawaiian women in muumuus and leis performing Hula dance with musicians, girl wearing grass skirt performing Hula dance, young girl and boy dressed in traditional clothing performing traditional Japanese dance, Japanese woman instructing man on eating with chopsticks, people dressed in kimonos seated around table eating, Samoan man in traditional clothing performing traditional dance and throwing knife in air to people clapping hands and beating drum, children diving into surf on beach, people on sailboat deck, sailboat in water, smiling woman waving from boat, smiling Hawaiian women, men carrying canoe out to water, woman running through surf, women and men paddling canoe out to sea and riding waves, adults and children playing on beach and in surf, men surfing

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