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Poultry - A Billion Dollar Industry
Description: A United States Department of Agriculture film about the poultry industry in the 1930s.
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Clip #: MF-23L
Length: 27:26
Color: B/W
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1930s
Region: North America
Country: United States
Subject: Agriculture
Original: 16mm
1930s, United States Department of Agriculture, Departmental Poultry Committee, poultry, flocks, grazing, chickens, hens, turkeys, ducks, geese, pigeons, doves, farms, hatcheries, produce plants, woman herding gaggle of geese, mother bird sitting on top chicks in nest, breeding, hatching eggs, poultry improvement plan, trap nesting, man reading numbered tag on chicken's foot and writing it down on egg, man weighing egg, man's hands uncovering crate and moving eggs underneath brooding hens, modern hatchery, male workers putting eggs in trays, modern incubators, male workers pulling carts with trays, male worker opening incubator door and pulling out drawer of chicks, man lifting chicks out of tray, female workers sorting baby chicks based on sex and putting into crates, chick sexing, chick sexer, male worker removing baby chicks from incubator, turkey baby chicks, different varieties of turkey poults, brooding chicks, heating, reinforced wire mesh floor, wire runways, free range chickens, chickens eating from troughs, shelters, chickens segregated according to age, farm flocks, man carrying pail walking towards chicken flock, large commercial broiler production, men feeding chicken flock food from pails, broiled poultry farming, large scale commercial egg farm, male worker collecting eggs and putting in wire baskets, poultry apartment complex, layer chicken cages, chickens in individual cages stacked on tiers with food and water in troughs in front of cages, hens in confinement fed special rations supplemented with vitamins, male worker putting eggs on conveyor as mechanical egg grader sorts eggs based on size, commodity exchange trading eggs, cooperative egg auction, auctioneer, men loading boxes of eggs onto trucks and transporting on hand carts, production center, truck transporting stacked boxes of eggs, Chicago, Illinois, meatpacking district street scenes, Fulton Market Cold Storage Company, men transporting boxes of eggs on hand cart and stacking in cold storage room, male workers dividing 30 dozen egg case into one dozen egg cartons, production line, female workers breaking open eggs and separating whites from yolk to be sold in liquid, frozen and dried forms, male and female workers smelling containers of liquid eggs before being poured into cans, male worker's hand tapping frozen liquid egg, liquid egg white being preserved by being poured into sheet pans on racks to be dried at high temperature, male worker removing racks from dried liquid egg whites, fermentation, male worker removing broken up dried liquid egg white from tray, albumen, albumin, male worker scooping dried egg white shards, fermenting process, male worker spray drying albumen, male worker reading machine gauge and processing liquid egg yolks into dried form by using high pressure, dried egg yolks traveling through equipment to packaging room, female worker using stand mixer to performing chemical whipping test on albumen, men loading chicken crates on to back of pickup truck to be transported from farm, stacked crates of chickens, poultry merchant transferring chickens from crates to battery cages, railroad cars especially designed for transporting chickens to market, railroad workers feeding chickens in poultry cars, kosher trade, terminal market, male workers putting chickens into crates and stacking onto back of truck, New York City, Washington Market, buyers inspecting chickens as they shop, producing area, produce house, male worker pouring milk and grain mixture into troughs for chickens in feeding battery cages, milk fed chickens, turkey farm, turkey ranch, turkey pens with sun porch and wire mesh floors, male worker feeding turkeys in pens, free range turkeys, turkey dressing plant, turkey processing plant, male worker hanging up turkeys suspended by legs on conveyor, male workers killing and removing feathers from turkeys traveling on conveyor, conveyor carrying turkeys through hot water bath to loosen feathers, wax coating being applied to carcasses, male workers removing hardened wax coating from carcasses and majority of remaining feathers, female worker finely inspecting turkey carcasses for any remaining feathers, male worker transferring turkey carcasses with heads wrapped in waterproof paper from conveyor to racks to be properly cooled, male workers sorting turkey carcasses according to size and grade and carefully packing in boxes, chicken processing plant, male worker hanging chickens by legs to be dressed, chicken carcasses traveling on conveyor and coated in wax, female workers removing feathers from chicken carcasses, male worker weighing chicken carcasses, chickens being carefully packed into box, female workers cutting up poultry carcasses to be frozen, male veterinarian inspecting cut up poultry carcass, male worker dipping poultry carcasses into high pressure water bath and hanging, female worker wrapping poultry carcasses in cellophane and packing in boxes, United States Department of Agriculture, 4-H poultry club members demonstrating egg grading standards and practices, NBC radio program broadcast with man giving instructions on carving turkey, woman opening oven and spooning gravy from pan onto cooked turkey, man carving turkey for family seated at dining room table, boy eating turkey with hands and smiling, woman's hands putting sunny-side up eggs and bacon onto plate, woman's hands slicing open and spooning out boiled egg into cup, woman beating eggs with hand mixer, woman using spatula to transfer whipped egg whites into mixing bowl and stirring to combine with other ingredient, woman's hands spreading frosting onto layered cake, woman's hands spreading meringue onto pie, woman's hands removing lid and using tongs to adjust chicken pieces being fried in pan, baby in high chair eating with spoon

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