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Description: 03:00:12:00 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia LS people running on field, person riding horseback. Emperor Haile Selassie I sitting on throne under cover. Soldiers holding Ethiopian flags. MS cinematographer (Burton Holmes) filming throne. MS Selassie seated on throne w/ son Prince Makonnen next to him. CU Selassie seated on throne (looks into CAM). 03:00:54:06 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia VS horse races on field. Spectators leaning on railing & cheering for horses. Jockeys & horses leaving field. Spectators (including Burton Holmes & Sir Wilfred Thesiger) leaning on railing & talking. Trophy being presented to Selassie. Children bowing before Selassie, who hands them trinkets. Selassie & son Prince Makonnen leave throne, Selassie shakes hands w/ dignitaries. Crowd follows Selassie as he departs field. 03:02:43:17 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Film crews setting up cameras (including Burton Holmes & cameraman, who model their tuxedos for the CAM) VS lion-maned tribal chieftains in native clothing holding rifles & shields (excellent shots, native culture, native clothing, traditional clothing). 03:03:58:23 INT St. George Cathedral, Ceremonial Hall, Addis Ababa Coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie VS foreign dignitaries seated in hall. MS probably Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester (partially obscured by plumage) Procession accompanying Selassie to throne. Coptic Christian priests dressed in robes proceed to throne. MS Selassie seated on throne. Priests & Archbishop Abuna Kyrillos praying. 03:05:54:11 INT St. George Cathedral, Ceremonial Hall, Addis Ababa Coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie Selassie, seated on throne is approached by bishops who dress him in coronation robes. VS dignitaries stand as Selassie is given royal scepter, golden orb (globe) & filigree lances (spears). Dignitaries stand as Archbishop Abuna Kyrillos, flanked by priests, crowns Selassie. MS Selassie wearing crown (slightly blurry). VS foreign dignitaries bowing before Selassie. 03:08:15:16 Addis Ababa VS royal procession outside Ceremonial Hall led by priests & Archbishop. Selassie, wearing coronation robes, crown & holding royal sacraments walks w/ his son, Prince Makonnen. VS dignitaries & bishops walking in procession. International press photographing procession. Diplomats wearing feathered tricorn hats. 03:09:33:00 Addis Ababa Habsburg Royal Carriage drives up to front steps. Selassie walks down carpeted steps to carriage, the train of his robes carefully held up by his aides. MS Selassie seated in carriage. Carriage drives off followed by procession of dignitaries & chieftains. Christians kissing cross held by priest.
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Clip #: AD-30-1
Length: 10.44
Year: 1930
Color: B/W
Sound: Silent
Library: Getty Images
Decade: 1930s
Filmmaker: Andre de la Varre
Region: Africa
Country: Ethiopia
City: Addis Ababa
Original: 35mm
1930s, travelogues, Abyssinia, Africa, Africans, Europeans, Americans, government personnel, military, guns, firearms, horseback riding, musicians, natives, native people, processions, processional, parades, royalty, emperors, kings, Yahager Lebse, Generals, native clothing, national dress, Shamma Shawls, togas, cloaks, tricorns, inaugurations, religious ceremony, ceremonies, diplomacy, ambassadors, Giorgis Cathedral, Catherine Fairbanks, Mrs Jacoby, wives, wife, international, Archbishop His Holiness Abuna Kyrillos, horse drawn carriages, royal coaches, drumming, drums, Azmaris, masenko, masinko, masinqo, massaneqo, minstrels, musical instruments, Prince Makonnen Duke of Harrar, chiefs, tribes, Oriental Orthodoxy, Orthodox Christianity, Oromo horsemen, clergy, Coptic Christian, Greek General Metaxis, Egyptian Prime Minister Muhammad Taqfiq Nasim Pasha, Marshal Franchet d'Esperey, Italian Rear Admiral Prince Udine, cameramen, photographers, filmmakers, fights, crowns, crosses, coronations, handshakes

Travelogue from 1930 filmed in Ethiopia (Abyssinia), which features footage of Addis Ababa leading up to, during, and after the coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie I (which took place on November 2nd, 1930). Various foreign diplomats and dignitaries in attendance at the coronation ceremony and walking in processions. Extensive footage of the coronation ceremony & rituals. Selassie and his son Prince Makonnen watching horse races & riding in royal carriages. Crowds rejoicing on city streets and watching festivities. Excellent shots of people of the region dressed in traditional clothing (shawls, cloaks), some with rifles and shields. Tribal native chieftains garbed in lion manes, carrying lances and shields, and riding horses. Rows of soldiers marching through the streets.

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