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A Flight To North Africa
Description: Air France promotional film about flights to Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco in 1951
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Clip #: TFA-7B
Length: 32.:16
Year: 1951
Color: Color
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1950s
Filmmaker: Andre de la Varre
Region: Africa
Country: Tunisia
Subject: Air Travel
Original: 16mm
13:34:06 - 13:38:11 >>> Air France Constellation flying, POV out cockpit window, out over propellers to sky, plane landing in Tunis, taxiing, fez wearing men, travellers unloading from plane. Various Moslem men and women in native dress, CU man. Various plane being refuelled. Various streets in Tunis, cars, trolley, tree lined main street named after the French man who established the city. Various in the narrow streets, the minarets, the old wall that surrounds the city, many people in the streets, various stores and their wares. Good HA PANs the ruins of Carthage. American flag flying over soldiers’ graveyard from World War II, PAN French soldiers’ graveyard. 13:38:13 - 13:43:56 >>> Roman ruins, a grand Arch, stone aqueduct, stone structure ruins, an amphitheatre ruin. PAN walls surrounding Kairouan, various in the streets in the city. LS white Mosque of the Baba, various inside the mosque, the columns, the tiled walls. Various other old famous mosques, Sidi Oqba mosque, its outer and inner courtyards. The walls of the city Sfax, an archway thru the wall, various in the city, streets, man loading bread onto cart, other market scenes, man with donkey cart loaded with tree branches as wide as the street. Various in Tunis, the clean buildings and hotels, the sponge anchorage, a small boat unloading sponges, men working in a enclosure filled with sponges, sponge fishermen bring up a sponges. Various in a spice and pepper market, stacks of red peppers, the vendors and buyers, stacks of pottery, various camels. 13:43:58 - 13:48:34 >>> Various herds of camels, goats and sheep. Various camels and cattle pulling plows, a donkey loaded with wood, MS veiled women at a wedding procession, the bride hidden in cloth on a camels back, men dancing with guns, a flute and drummer. PANs Matmata where people live in caves deep underground, Medenin where people live in ancient storehouses and build dwellings one on top of the other. LS the white mosque on the island of Jerba, various on the island inhabited by Berbers, a muzzled camel, dying cloth in the open, man hangs Berber wool, a display wool, Camel drawing water from a deep well, women wearing straw hats, ceramic jugs, men stomping clay with bare feet. Island native pass on road riding on mules. Synagogue of La Ghriba, CUs Jewish men, girls sewing, women embroidering, CUs. 13:48:36 - 13:50:32 >>> Girls working at sewing and weaving on hand looms. Various at an oasis, woman and men washing clothes, ZI dates in tree, men harvesting dates, sorting dates o the ground. Group of Bedouins walking and on camels passes. 13:50:34 - 13:54:43 >>> Various Algiers, PAN from the sea, streets, trolley, various the people, some in western clothes and others in Arabic clothing, veiled women carrying children walking. Sign “Rue De La Casbah”, shot down narrow street on hill, busy with people, the windowless buildings, women in veils in old Algiers. Modern buildings in new part of city, hotels and parks. Plane landing at airport in Casablanca, travellers debarking. HA PAN over Casablanca. Various, a tree lined street, new building construction, building lined street, various large buildings, the Moorish styled government building, EXT Bank de Etat Morocco, people riding on bicycles. 13:54:46 - 13:59:34 >>> Various, walls around Marrakesh, HA the busy town square, date market at base of Koutoubia tower, donkey used to crush olives as in old days, man shovelling from a large pile red peppers into a basket, men crushing red peppers by hand operated machine, people walking in shadowy streets in marketplace, a water carrier with sack on his back. HA town square in afternoon with many various entertainers performing to crowds. CUs, man singing, men watching snake charmers, cymbal and flute players. Various a lush hotel and its gardens, CUs its flowers. LS PAN Meknes, Morocco, various the walls of the city used to confine Christian prisoners. LS Oujda, HA PAN over city. Various Roman ruins recently excavated, PAN, CUs the beautiful and well preserved mosaic tiling. 13:59:36 - 14:05:30 >>> HA PAN Fes, the capital of Morocco. Various, the wall surrounding and gateways thru, streets and people walking, women with full veils. Various and CUs, artisans working on leather engraving and painting, elaborate decorated articles, copper and decorated urns, hand painted ceramic dishes. Various ZIs Moroccan adorned walls and architecture. Various, crowds and men playing drums in a holiday celebration. Temple ruins in the city of Rabat, PAN city from top of the old minaret tower, the walls surrounding the old Kasbah, the ornate entry gate thru the wall. Various, the modern French built part of Rabat, buildings, hotel, church. Various, the Sultan’s Palace, the ornate Moroccan entry. Various the sultan and his guards parading near small white mosque near the palace. Air France Constellation takes off from runway and flies away.

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