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Cities Of North Africa
Description: A tour of Tunis, Algiers and Rabat in the 1930s
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Clip #: AD-23-1
Length: 10:36
Year: 1936
Color: B/W
Sound: Sound
Library: Getty Images
Decade: 1930s
Filmmaker: Andre de la Varre
Region: Africa
Country: Tunisia
Original: 35mm
:00:00:00 Title card: "Andre de La Varre & The Screen Traveler presents: 'Cities of North Africa: Tunis, Algiers, Rabat.' Photographed by The Screen Traveler; Script Collaborator - Paul Devlin." Tunis, Tunisia Statue of Jules Ferry in front of Jules Ferry Avenue. LS tree-lined Jules Ferry Avenue w/ pedestrians, 1930s cars, bicycles. VS Tunis street scenes w/ cable cars, 1930s cars & pedestrians in modern & traditional dress. WS busy Avenue de France. WS Port de France (Bab Bhar, Port of France) w/ people walking through archway. PAN city square w/ Statue of Cardinal Lavigerie. VS old Tunis street scenes w/ Muslim architecture & Muslims in traditional dress. 01:02:00:21 Tunis, Tunisia Tunis cityscape w/ minaret. HA Muslim women covered / wrapped in scarves walking on streets. Baker selling bread in busy area. "Sweet Meat" seller w/ tray of candy made from dates & nuts selling in busy area. Man cooking in "open-air" kitchen. Muslim men sitting at table having conversation & sipping coffee. Roof-covered lanes (markets) w/ merchants at stands, Muslims walking through market. Shoemaker stand in covered market. Cobbler making shoes. Muslim women in traditional dress covered in white robes & black veils. 01:03:49:04 Algiers, Algieria LS WS ocean liner at harbor / port. WS PAN harbor / port & cityscape. Group of Bedouins in traditional dress. VS street scenes along harbor w/ stately houses, 1930s cars, pedestrians. Street scene along Rue de Constantine in European Quarter w/ Parisian style architecture & boulevards. Pedestrians on arcaded sidewalks. Jamaa el-Jedid Mosque (New Mosque) w/ equestrian statue in front. HA packed bus w/ Algerian people sitting on roof. Sheik in traditional dress sitting at outdoor caf� (looks like he is picking his nose!). Muslim women covered in robes & veils. Algerian barber giving shave in city street. CU tray of extracted teeth. 01:05:34:29 Algiers, Algieria Crowded street scenes in Casbah Quarter, Muslims in traditional clothing walking on narrow streets & up & down steps. Donkeys transporting cargo through narrow Casbah Streets. TU adjoining upper stories of houses. 01:06:45:11 Rabat, Morocco Hassan Tower (minaret). PAN old Rabat cityscape along River Bou Regreg. VS Sal� cityscape. Moroccan people walking near walls of Old Rabat. View from underneath archway of "French" Rabat in distance. VS old Rabat street scenes w/ Moroccans in traditional dress. Rabat street market (bazaar) w/ merchants at stalls. Moroccan doctor in traditional dress gives check up to man in street. HA piles of herbs & medicines laid out on ground. VS merchants at stalls, people looking at goods. Spice merchant weighing spices on balance scale. 01:08:34:28 Rabat, Morocco Moroccan men wearing Burnoose (cloaks w/ hoods) (good shot traditional dress). Moroccan man filling large sack w/ water from outdoor fountain & carrying on back. Young boy drinking water from tin can. Sheik-type riding in back of carriage talking & gesturing wildly, putting hand in front of CAM. Crowded bazaar (marketplace) w/ vendors at stalls. VS vendors at stalls. Young boys working at stalls. VS young boy w/ Mohawk hairstyle (Groune). Moroccans in traditional dress outside walls of old Rabat. EXT Palace of the Sultan (Sultan's Palace). Men walking around courtyard of Palace. Soldier standing guard outside Palace (descendent of Black Guard). Title card: "The End

Original nitrate film elements no longer available

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