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The Longest Gangplank Pt 3
Description: Entertaining travelogue from 1926 promoting The French Line, a trans-Atlantic cruise line. This is interspersed with narrative that focuses on a young middle-class couple who takes a trip on the ocean liner and disembarks at Paris. Excellent footage of romantic couples sightseeing around France and POVs of cars driving past prominent landmarks, restaurants, and streets. Footage of socialites at a polo game, passengers on deck of cruise ship staring at ocean vistas, and glamorous people in 1920s formal attire smoking and drinking. Very good ocean liner POV as it approaches a pier w/ crowds waving.
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Clip #: AD-19
Length: 30:51
Year: 1926
Color: B/W
Sound: Silent
Library: Getty Images
Decade: 1920s
Filmmaker: Andre de la Varre
Region: Europe
Country: France
City: Paris
Subject: Famous Buildings
Original: 35mm
1920s, travelogues, 1920s fashion, 1920s style, antique cars, convertibles, bars, bartenders, beaches, cafes, couples, love, friendship, restaurants, steamship, steamboat, steamers, passenger ships, ocean liners, cruise ships, boats, ships, formal attire, formalwear, formal wear, tuxedos, evening dresses, cocktail dresses, sophisticated, sophisticates, socializing, transatlantic crossing, cities, city traffic, country roads, gardens, lakes, crowds, docks, doormen, handshakes, hotels, Belle �poque, tourists, tourism, sightseeing, Europe, International, oceans, parks, sports, �le-de-France, Ille-et-Vilaine, Cite des Corsaires, 17th Century Architecture, ports, Normandy, tourists, tourism, Calvados, Basse-Normandie, gothic architecture, right bank, left bank, French, Europeans 04:00:07:24 PART FOUR Paris, France Couple in wooded area w/ Eiffel Tower in distance which disappears into sunlight (unusual visual effect). MS couple sitting in front seat of convertible looking at sights. LS Palais du Trocad�ro (now Palais de Chaillot) from underneath pillars of Eiffel Tower. 04:01:00:05 Paris, France Couple walking arm-in-arm past Palais du Trocad�ro & through gardens. Romantic couple sitting on grass in park talking & holding hands, gazing into each others eyes (good shot, romance, romantic, romantic couples). 04:02:11:25 Paris, France Bois de Boulogne CU couple sitting in back seat of taxi convertible driving on boulevard through park. Car POV driving on street along park past traffic (1920s cars). Taxi pulls over to side of road & couple gets out. MS couple walking along banks of lake (Lac Sup�rieur). PAN lake w/ people in rowboats. 04:04:17:27 Paris, France Bois de Boulogne VS couple sitting on grass near banks of lake w/ woman feeding swan (good shots, romance, romantic). 04:05:08:29 Paris, France Couple leaves Astoria Opera Hotel & is helped into taxi convertible by doorman, which drives off. Saint Germain-en-Laye (St Germain), France PAN city square, taxi pulls up. MS couple sitting in back seat of convertible. PAN fa�ade Saint Germain Chateau (now Mus�e des Antiquit�s Nationales). Car drives off. 04:06:42:27 Saint Germain-en-Laye (St Germain), France Car POV driving on town road. View from INT, taxi pulls up to Pavilion Henry IV. Couple is helped out by doorman & enters building. WS INT restaurant, couple led to table, waiters buzzing around. OS couple looking at vista of Seine river valley. 04:07:28:10 Versailles, France WS car drives through main gate of Palace of Versailles. WS couple walks on palace grounds w/ Chateau in distance & points to sights. WS couple stands in front of fountain looking at Chateau. 04:08:30:19 Fontainebleau, France Couple walks near lake & on grounds of Ch�teau of Fontainebleau. WS couple, arm-in-arm, walking through gate in front of Ch�teau of Fontainebleau. Taxi stops by & they get in, driving away. 04:09:37:23 Saint Malo, France (Brittany Coast) WS VS busy street scenes (Ville Close). Hotel de France de Chateaubriand & Grand Caf� Continental. VS stronghold of walled-in city. WS people on beach. Men & woman walking on ramparts looking at coastal vista. END OF PART FOUR (Blank from 04:11:42:09 - 05:00:12:16, note TC change) 05:00:12:17 PART FIVE WS LS convertible driving on rural road into distance. Taxi stops along road, couple stands up in car to watch woman washing clothes in river. WS LS car driving through rural area. 05:01:25:02 Mont Saint Michel, France WS LS rocky islet of Mont Saint Michel. Couple standing up in rear of convertible to look at sight, pointing things out. HA TU busy narrow streets. Couple leaning on railing looking at sights. LA EXT Benedictine Abbey church. VS people walking up & down steps around church. 05:03:06:26 Deauville, France WS fa�ade Hotel Normandy. Couple walks through gates into hotel plaza. Couple in swimsuits & robes walk past fountain. WS PAN crowded beach w/ people swimming in water or on sand. Couple in swimsuits sitting on beach underneath tent, man lights cigarette. Children digging in sand w/ shovels. LS couple running into water, wading at shore (good shots, although quick). 05:04:54:07 Deauville, France WS PAN crowds of people sitting at tables at boardwalk cafe. Polo game w/ crowds of socialites. PAN two women in 1920s clothing walking by w/ small dog. VS socialites seated at tables, watching game & socializing. VS polo game. 05:05:58:25 Deauville, France WS fa�ade Deauville Casino (Casino Barri�re de Deauville) lit-up at night. Evreux, France LS car stops in courtyard of inn (Grand Cerf Hotel). LS couple gets out of convertible & enters inn. 05:06:54:19 Paris, France People standing outside & walking in & out of Hotel Ambassador. VS Montmarte street scenes. Arc de Triomphe at sunset, rays of sun shining underneath archway (nice shot). 05:08:24:05 On deck of French Line ocean liner. Couple in deckchairs wrapped in blankets talking. Man greets man sitting in deckchair, they walk off together. The men walk up to bar, order cocktails & roll dice to see who pays. They cheer each other & down drinks. 05:10:52:20 Husband walks along deck of ocean liner searching for wife. He finds her reading in a deckchair & excitedly tells her they are invited to dinner w/ a very important client (he could make a lot of money if get his business). She is overjoyed & he rolls back in his chair from excitement (funny). (Blank from 05:12:11:14 - 06:00:13:11, note TC change) 06:00:13:12 Part Six Couple in 1920s evening attire greets other couples seated at table. Waiter is called over & serves drinks. People in 1920s evening wear sitting around table eating, drinking, smoking cigarettes & talking. 06:02:11:21 PAN people in 1920s evening attire reclining & smoking cigarettes, man lights cigarette for woman (great shots, 1920s style, leisure, sophisticated, glamorous, smoking). MS two men in tuxedos seated at table talking, they shake hands (slightly blurry). 06:03:52:02 Couple in evening attire walk arm-in-arm on deck of ocean liner. Couple sits in deck chairs by railing & holding hands stare into horizon (romance, romantic, love). VS couple holding hands & talking amorously at each other. 06:05:48:06 MS couple in 1920s clothing w/ arms around each other on deck of ocean liner. View from ocean liner going past New York shore. Ocean liner POV approaching French Line pier w/ crowds waving (very good shot). 06:06:40:15 OUT

Transferred from 35mm. Original 35mm nitrate elements no longer available.

The Travel Film Archive reserves the right to pursue unauthorized users of this image or clip. If you violate our intellectual property you may be liable for: actual damages, loss of income, and profits you derive from the use of this image or clip, and, where appropriate, the costs of collection and/or statutory damages up to $150,000 (USD).
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