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Potatoes Unlimited
Description: Gives procedures and suggestions for activities involved with the planting, harvesting, and handling of potatoes, including seedbed preparation, fertilization, planting, irrigation, cultivation, crop dusting and spraying, harvesting, storage, washing and grading, packing, and shipping. Covers the selection, planting, evaluation, and cutting of quality, disease-free potato seed and shows examples of diseased plants with mosaic, ring rot, leaf roll, spindle tuber, and other viruses. Emphasizes careful handling of potatoes at every step, and illustrates with animated graphics the "scientific" method of loading used in Union Pacific Railroad cars. Also introduces the variety of machinery used to plant and harvest potatoes.
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Clip #: TFA-328A
Length: 31:31
Year: 1944
Color: Color
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1940s
Region: North America
Country: United States
Subject: Agriculture
Original: 16mm
1940s, Union Pacific Railroad, agriculture, potatoes, potato fields, male workers using agricultural machinery to prepare soil, harrow following plow being used to condition soil for seed bed, pre-irrigation, plowing, discing, harrowing, alfalfa being plowed under to provide humus, weak plants grown from virus infected seed versus healthy plants grown from good seeds, male and female workers cutting open potatoes traveling on conveyor belt to remove seed piece and assigning numbers to potatoes and corresponding seed pieces, numbered parent tubers stored in boxes, male worker spraying burlap with water to hasten suberization, suberized potato segment next to freshly cut unsuberized segment, female worker placing indexed seed piece numerically on planting boards, male workers planting seed pieces in soil plot rows corresponding to planting boards, plants quickly growing in cloth covered shelter, male worker checking plants and removing diseased one while female worker notes indexed number for future removal of parent tuber, mosaic virus, male worker removing diseased parent tubers from box as female worker crosses numbers off, female workers placing seed pieces together and placed in containers, workers using tractor drawn assisted feed planters, tuber unit planting, indexed planting in greenhouses, roguing field of diseased plant, official inspection with inspector and grower examining crops, test plots, diseased row next to healthy one, reduction of yield shown by size comparison of mosaic infected tubers to healthy ones, plants being grown in greenhouse, disease infected plants compared to healthy ones, mosaic, witch’s broom, leafroll, black leg, Potato spindle tuber viroid, Ralstonia solanacearum, ring rot, Verticillium wilt, man performing laboratory test to determine presence of ring rot and looking at sample slides under microscope, man slicing open potato and pointing to evidence of ring rot with knife, potato thoroughly infected with ring rot, male workers using rotary disc seed cutters, sack of potatoes being emptied and traveling on conveyor to be sprayed with water, disinfectant bath, female workers cutting seed potatoes, male workers removing sacks of cut seed being kept under canvas to prevent drying and using 2-row picker type planter on field previously turned under with alfalfa and manure, 4-row high speed picker planter deposits seed pieces and fertilizers at same time, fertilizer and seed being covered, irrigation, irrigated field, water controlled at front gate, ditches, terracing, row irrigation, abundantly absorbent soil previously plowed with alfalfa, cultivation, duck-foot cultivator being used to control weeds and stirring soil for better water absorption, insecticide spraying, dusting, harvesting, potato harvester, pickers retrieving dropped potatoes into baskets and transferring to sacks, roto beater being used to remove vines from ground level and pulverize them, undercutting, fast picking method using sacks suspended on a two hook belt, workers stacking sacked potatoes onto truck to be transported to storage cellar, high speed two row digger retrieving early potatoes, pickers quickly picking up tender potatoes, vines dead from frost, peg tooth harrow with teeth slanted back, single row potato digger and sacker, 2 row digger and elevator, potato truck with conveyor in bottom, potatoes traveling on conveyor from truck to hopper, bottom of bins equipped with conveyor that moves potatoes to various parts of building, bulk storage, cleaning process, grading, underground and half subterranean storage cellars, cement type of above ground storage cellar, truck transporting stacked potato sacks driving alongside Union Pacific Railroad to storage cellar, bulk storage cellar with trucks able to back into the bins, sacked conveyors emptied onto conveyor / piler, workers unloading sacked Bliss Triumph potatoes from hand truck to washer and grader, trough floating potatoes from storage rooms through being washed and carried via conveyor onto grading table, workers sorting and sacking potatoes, male and female sorters, sackers, graded potatoes sacked and moved to weighing platforms, barrel washer feeding directly to elevator to grading table, grader, potatoes being waxed to preserve moisture content, paper bags being used for sacs, revolving circular table from which sacks are filled, open mesh cotton bags, workers using modern equipment to quickly sort and sack potatoes, Union Pacific Railroad freight train, potato railway, animation showing how sacks are carefully stacked in railroad cars to prevent damage, railroad cars delivering directing to wholesale market, man buying potatoes in grocery store, cooked potato topped with butter on plate

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