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The Spanish Earth
Description: 1937 propaganda film about The Spanish Civil War, directed by Joris Ivens, written by John Dos Passos and Ernest Hemingway and narrated by Hemingway.
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Clip #: TFA-245A
Length: 52:42
Year: 1937
Color: B/W
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1930s
Filmmaker: Joris Ivens
Region: Europe
Country: Spain
Subject: war
Original: 16mm
1930s, Spain, arid landscape, dry soil, men handling pieces of dry soil, lone trees blowing in wind, people riding donkeys near arid crop field, men walking on rural road, Fuentidueña de Tajo, Fuenteduena, smoking chimney, baker kneading bread with hands, bakers stacking and covering racks of bread next to war propaganda posters, woman sweeping street, men leading mule through doorway and removing yoke from hook on outside wall, man harnessing and patting mule as team sets off, man leading mule team through gate, man leading donkey / burro through doorway and attaching saddlebags, men and boys leading and riding donkeys / burros from village to field, women washing and laying out laundry on ground to dry in sun, baker passing loafs of bread to women through window, bread loaf stamped with union label, bread line, men and boys riding and leading burros / donkeys / mules from village and crossing bridge over Tajo River, Madrid-Valencia road, people riding in back of truck driving on road, farmers using mule driven plows to work soil, farmer planting seeds, men planning irrigation of dry field, man removing saddlebags from animal, men and boy carrying supplies up hill, men tracing and digging ditches in field near river, gunfire sound over farmland nestled amongst hills, map showing position ofFuentidueña de Tajo on Madrid-Valencia road, Nationalists, Republicans, soldiers climbing hill, soldiers carrying and setting down supplies outside cave, soldiers hunkered down, gunfire being exchanged from field and building rooftop, soldier using field telephone, soldiers using binoculars and periscopes, soldiers unloading crates of artillery, men firing cannon, map showing front line running west of Madrid, combat, soldiers in trenches, men carrying doors used to reinforce trenches, soldiers eating and reading newspapers, soldiers getting shaves and haircuts in barbershop truck, "Brigada Mixta Jefe Lister Peluqueria," mobile loudspeaker, soldier playing record and piping music through loudspeaker, soldiers in trenches, man instructing new recruits on using rifles, map pointing Northward from West Park to University City, Ciudad Universitaria, cityscape, skyline, campus, academic buildings, palace, clinical hospital, Commander Martinez de Aragón, Commander Martinez de Aragon, Siege of Madrid, Casa de Campo, building ruins, soldier blowing whistle, soldiers carrying guns running up building stairs, soldier firing rifle, combat, broken mirror from gunfire, Nationalists and Republicans exchanging fire from trench and desecrated mid rise buildings, soldier firing from trench, young soldier writing letter to father while gunfire is exchanged, soldiers rolling cigarettes, troop, Republican soldiers gathered near lion statues to select representatives for meeting celebrating uniting of militia regiments into new brigades of People's Army, rally, Republican soldiers applauding and standing with clenched fists raised as they listen to various prominent members of Republican Party give speeches, Commander Enrique Líster talking into microphone, Enrique Lister, Fifth Regiment, Vittorio Vidali speaking into microphone and raising clenched fist in salute, "Comandante Carlos," José Díaz giving speech, Jose Diaz, Gustav Regler speaking into microphone, Dolores Ibárruri giving speech, Dolores Ibarruri, La Pasionaria, speeches being broadcast through loudspeaker to rebels, soldiers in trenches, combat scenes, nationalists firing from trenches at Republican soldiers held up in ruined building, soldier looking through periscope, battalion going on leave, soldiers carrying personal belongings walking on street, building ruins, Liria Palace in ruins, government militiamen salvaging fine art from palace, milia man's hand flipping through Don Quixote, Equestrian Statues of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza at the Cervantes Monument, masons building stone defensive wall on city street, bunkers, soldiers saluting, soldiers standing near defensive walls, defensive wall running alongside buildings including Cinema Europa, street scenes, streetcar, pedestrians, man carrying coffin, horse-drawn cart, soldiers riding on top of red cross bus, red cross sign hanging from Metro entrance, pedestrians and civilians exiting and entering Metro entrance, people waiting on line to buy food from store, policeman armed with rifle directing pedestrians to move along, rubble from bombing, dead body of bookkeeper on sidewalk, Municipal Service truck pulling up to body, Servicio Municipal, workers placing dead body in wooden coffin and putting into truck, people looking at poster urging civilians to evacuate Madrid, crowds of civilians on sidewalk and street, man leading horse-drawn wagon loaded with supplies moving through street, women carrying bedsprings past stone bunkers, people standing with personal belongings, men helping women and children carrying belongings aboard truck, Defense Board evacuation and transportation signs, elderly woman, women carrying children, truck carrying women and children driving off, boys sitting on stone defensive wall, men and boy carrying flag marching on street, Republican Army recruits standing on street and marching, Valencia, motorcade surrounded by crowds driving through street, men applauding as Manuel Azaña gives speech, Manuel Azana, men discussing irrigation project necessary for defense of Madrid, man using typewriter to take notes, man drawing irrigation plan showing pump house, workers building pump house near crop field with cement, workers digging trench near water, men working in crop field, man drinking water from jug, soldiers riding in back of truck on road past crop field, soldier getting out of truck, letter written by soldier to father, soldier walking down village street towards house, mother carrying bucket walking out of house and embracing soldier, boy waving and calling out to father working in crop field, man looking up and waving / walking towards son, father and son walking away from crop field, soldier sitting and talking with family, father and son walking towards soldier and embracing him, soldier training village boys carrying rifles to march, military drill, drill instructor, Madrid, military parade, soldiers carrying rifles marching, soldiers saying goodbye to wives and children, soldier departing city in truck, statues on pillars between sandbagged fortifications, barbed wire, shell holes on facade of building, men running across street, Red Cross car driving quickly down empty city street towards smoke, rebel shelling attack, shell explosion, civilians running and falling down during attack, pedestrians walking on street covered in rubble, boys looking for bits of shell fragments in rubble, woman holding child running, shell explosion, dead bodies lying on ground in building, dead boys, victims, German artillery, man wearing uniform and Red Cross armband walking bicycle past dead bodies, village houses, woman exiting house, sound of man shouting as he warns of approaching bombers, bombers in flight above village, Junkers, bomb being dropped from plane, bombing, billowing smoke from explosion, devastated buildings and smoke after bombing, ruins, people in streets after bombing, distraught women with horrified expressions, woman holding baby in house with blown out outside wall, dead bodies, victims, people looking at dead bodies, caved in roofs, woman with solemn expression looking out window, young boys dressed in uniforms playing next to building with shell holes in facade, shot down Junker bomber nose diving and crashing, explosion, people walking amidst plane rubble, German writing on rubble, dead Italian soldiers, corpses, letters written by Italian soldiers, map showing frontline extended to Madrid / Valencia Road and rebel attempt to take Arganda Bridge, soldiers standing around, men irrigating field, soldiers marching through village, tank passing through gate, troops arriving at Valencia Road, Battle of Jarama, trucks carrying Republican soldiers, tanks, frontline, soldiers and tanks advancing in field, soldiers crouched down in field, combat, explosions, soldiers running towards building, bombs exploding, medic tying and wrapping bandage around head of wounded soldier, wounded soldiers being carried on stretchers, medic / Red Cross personnel treating wounded soldiers, wounded soldiers being placed into field ambulance that drives away, combat, explosions near Arganda Bridge, soldiers firing, soldiers riding military sidecar motorcycle, successful counterattack with Republican forces in control of Jarama Valley, military vehicles traveling on Madrid-Valencia road, men successfully irrigating field, Republican soldier aiming and firing rifle, water flowing in irrigated field

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