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Survival Under Atomic Attack
Description: 1951 goverment defense film narrated by Edward R. Murrow, who instructs Americans on how to supposedly protect themselves against atomic attack.
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Clip #: MF-8
Length: 8:50
Year: 1951
Color: B/W
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1950s
Original: 35mm
1950s, nuclear weapons, atomic bombs, clouds, woman hanging laundry on clothesline stopping to look up with serious expression, man looking up with serious expression, atomic bomb explosion, mushroom cloud, blast, Japan, building ruins and devastation after nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, sturdy buildings near explosions still standing, fires from blasts, people walking on street near ruins from atomic explosion, atomic bomb explosion, soldier pointing out bleach marks on bridge and touching bridge post / rail which has supposedly shielded surface behind it from blast heat damage, doctors and nurses treating patients injured by atomic explosion, radioactivity, radiation sickness, bandaged Japanese people walking outside, Japanese family in traditional clothing eating meal at table, city building ruins after atomic explosion, New York City, Manhattan skyline, cityscape, cars driving on busy multi lane city street, factory, factory workers operating machinery, mid and high rise city buildings, man and woman seated on living room sofa reading "Survival Under Atomic Attack" booklet, man and woman walking down to basement / cellar and inspecting it for use as shelter, man crawling under work bench, man walking down staircase and walking around ground floor hallway, woman closing door to hallway, woman looking at mirror and decorative items in hallway, apartment building tenants reading notice on wall, public shelter signs, people entering public shelter, man gathering newspapers in attic, man putting newspapers into covered trash can, man cleaning up trash in yard, woman removing and examining canned goods in cabinet, woman opening drawer and removing / turning on flashlight, woman opening mirrored medicine cabinet in bathroom and removing first aid kit, woman putting bottle of fresh water on refrigerator shelf, radio, man and woman preparing shelter and putting supplies under workbench, man and woman smiling as young boy dressed in cowboy outfit brings can opener to them, woman kissing boy on cheek, mock atomic attack scenarios, cityscape with mid and high rise buildings, alarm sounding, little boy dressed in cowboy outfit and holding toy gun crouched behind rocks looking up as alarm sounds, adults reading newspapers and girl playing with doll in living room looking up as alarm sounds, adults and girl getting up quickly and preparing for explosion, woman and girl running out of living room, boy running towards house, man pulls down window shades and closing drapes, woman turning off stove burners and disconnecting appliance cord from outlet, woman disconnecting iron cord from outlet, woman shutting window blinds, man giving rolled up mat to boy to carry, woman unlocking and closing side door, woman turning off oil burner, adults and children walking down to basement shelter, adults and children rushing to hide under workbench, man looking at wristwatch, street, clock, men walking down sidewalk, sky lighting up from atomic blast, man dashing into building doorway and crouching down, man falling to street pavement near curb and covering his head with garment, debris falling around men, man and senior woman relaxing in living room as woman sets table, atomic flash from blast seen through window and people falling to ground, window shattering, mirror and debris falling as people cower on ground, mushroom cloud, radioactive material, man covering window, civil defense radiological team, men in protective clothing walking around ruins of collapsed house and checking contamination levels with radiation survey meter, woman adjusting radio dial, man washing boy’s hair in sink, man and woman reading “survival under atomic attack” booklet, patriotic / propaganda slogans and illustrations “if we are prepared, we can come back fighting,” “your vigilance is the price of your freedom,” “volunteer for civil defense now

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